Thursday, September 30, 2010

Money Hungry- episode 9- "Once it's ours we'll have fun touching it."

I couldn't help but notice that Money Hungry is categorized as "reality/health" on my TV's channel menu.  One out of two is not bad.

We are down to the final four!  Mission Slimpossible, The Regulators, Slenderellas, and Grading Curves are in the running for the final $100,000 prize.  What are they going to do with all that money?  Slimpossible says they are going to take it to Vegas and gamble.  The Regulators will use it to get out of debt.  Everyone is mad at Slimpossible for being so cocky-- but they are professional gamblers.  I mean, c'mon.

It is time for this week's challenge!  "Rock me, baby" star Dan Cortese meets the contestants on a bridge covered with cars.  Name of the challenge:  Spare Tire.  The contestants must run through a maze of cars, in them and around them, to get to a stack of spare tires.  They must grab the tires and run back through the maze and put the tires in the trunk of a van.  Whichever team gets all their tires and the trunk door shut first wins and gets to be the Big Heavies and gets a guaranteed spot in the finals.  Engines ready?

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Grading Curves win and Tricia gets a goose egg on her noggin from over excited partner Missy and a trunk door.  Mission Slimpossible cries and wails, asking for a photo finish.  Curves still takes the win.  The Regulators are the last team to finish and now must worry about who will be voted in with them in the bottom.  Will it be Slimpossible or the Slenderellas?

There is a lot of drama on whom should vote for whom.  The Slenderellas try to convince Grading Curves that they should vote out one of the guy teams so a big competitor is eliminated and a female team has a better chance at the win.  Curves don't trust the Slenderellas, and go to Mission Slimpossible to tell them that maybe they should vote themselves in.  The Regulators want to vote for the Slenderellas because they can beat them and Mission Slimpossible has been playing the water gain game.

All that worry translates to more time in the gym and more camera time for Trainer Richard and his molded plastic abs.  It's like 300 under that shirt, people.

After a creepy bubble bath between Joe, Jackie, and Kaitlin, it is time for the house vote and the weigh in.  Who is going against The Regulators and who will be in the finals with Grading Curves?

Grading Curves:  From 436 lbs to 433 lbs- 3 lbs lost- .69% BW

Regulators:  From 735 lbs to 718 lbs- 17 lbs lost- 2.31% BW  Now there is some concern. . .

Mission Slimpossible:  From 443 lbs (but water gain so really) 438 lbs to 422 lbs- 16 lbs lost- 3.65% BW  If they were voted in then it is curtains for The Regulators!  Dan reveals they were not voted in, which means they didn't vote for themselves.  "We'll never vote for ourselves!"  Grading Curves is pissed.

Slenderellas:  From 549 lbs to 540 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 1.64% BW  Their numbers are not great enough to beat the mighty mighty Regulators, and they are sent home.  Kaitlin did take away something great from the program, and realizes "it's time to live!"  I sure hope she sticks with the program because she seems like a great, funny girl.

Next episode is the big finale and the winner will be crowned the hungriest.  It looks like it will be BRUTAL!

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