Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Money Hungry- episode 5- A Valuable Lesson

SO. . .I thought that when A Pair of Nuts was gone that that was going to be it. I mean, I know they have their own website and YouTube channel and all that jazz. I meant I wouldn't have to watch them anymore. I turn on Tosh.0 this week and lookie who's on there!

I hope they know that Gayo is a high fat food.

The Family-- comprised of The Regulators, Double Chocolate, Flabulous, No Excuses, and the Slenderellas-- now have the upper hand in the house over the quickly diminishing Orphanage. But instead of focusing on the weight loss, The Regulators are starting to notice that their band of misfats (Huh, misfats? Pretty good!) are resting comfortably on their plus size laurels and depending on their alliance to get them through. Especially the VERY lazy Phillip. The Orphans realize they need to leave it all in the gym, so Mission Slimpossible, Chicago Deep Dish, and Grading Curves spend most of this episode recumbent on bikes and getting elliptical.

Trouble maker Josh has a whole 'nother issue to think about besides losing weight and keeping his mouth shut long enough not to get eliminated: He now has a crush on Flabulous Stephanie. The barrier to true love is his "just friends" partner Melissa who likes Josh. Supposedly. Melissa, I don't see it! But Josh says it's so. Heck, he is the self proclaimed "cutest guy in the house". Being cute leads to all sorts of problems (believe me, I know. :) ) and Josh discovers that "Women complicate things. I wish this house was filled with ugly women." Because then he would really be focusing on that weight loss, right Josh?

Before that question can be answered, it is time for this week's challenge. The contestants are driven to "a motherf*&kin' cookie shop" says Phillip to meet "Locusts: the 8th plague" star Dan Cortese. Their challenge: to hold a tray of cookies the longest. Each cookie has a 1 1/4 pound weight underneath it. The teams must decide who will hold the tray and who will possibly eat cookies to lighten the load. Regulators Po decides to eat all 12 of the cookies so teammate Dave only has to hold an empty tray. None of the other competitors are willing to eat so much, and none of the other competitors can hold their trays as long. Dave wins, Po pukes, and they are crowned this week's Big Heavies. Dan explains there is a catch this week-- No house vote. That means no alliances. Only Dave and Po can choose one other team to join them in immunity. The rest of the teams must actually lose weight to stay in the house. I hope it was worth the 3,600 calories eaten.

Back at the house, Josh is feeling tongue tied and gooey around Stephanie, so Po and David offer him some dating tips and tricks like ladies like to feel small and make physical contact. Josh decides to go the old school route but stupidly tells his partner that he is going to order Stephanie flowers. Now is teammate is pissed and doesn't want to work out.

But work out she must: The teams all meet Trainer Richard at the beach for some boot camp in the sand. Phillip is lazy and mouthy as usual, choosing to flap his mouth instead of his arms and ends up spending much of the time on the sidelines. He isn't afraid to just flat out ask for immunity from the Regulators, either. He claims he deserves to be there. I like him being there because he is funny, but not because he is losing weight or inspiring others. He carries around a fake plastic microphone and does a great sea lion impression! What's not to love?

Phillip's request is a snow ball effect for the other teams who all plead their case to The Regulators as to why they should stay. The Regulators are confused as to who they should chose, and when it comes to the immunity vote they still have no idea who they should pick.

Meanwhile, Josh does order flowers. And gives them to Melissa for being a great partner. Now they make it to the gym before the weigh in commences.

At the weigh in Dan reveals that The Regulators chose no one for immunity because they didn't feel anyone in The Family was taking the weight loss seriously and they wanted a level playing field. Everyone is pissed, especially Flabulous and the Slenderellas. So how did everyone stack up?

The Regulators: From 780 lbs to 773 lbs- 7 lbs lost- .90% BW (immune)

Grading Curves: From 467 lbs to 457 lbs- 10 lbs lost- 2.14% BW

Mission Slimpossible: From 456 lbs to 447 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 1.97% BW

No Excuses: From 590 lbs to 579 lbs- 11 lbs lost- 1.86% BW

Double Chocolate: From 422 lbs to 417 lbs- 5 lbs lost- 1.18% BW

Slenderellas: From 572 lbs to 567 lbs- 5 lbs lost- .87% BW

Flabulous: From 609 lbs to 606 lbs- 3 lbs lost- .49% BW

Chicago Deep Dish: From 419 lbs to 417 lbs- 2 lbs lost- .48% BW

Dan points out that "it IS about the weight loss" (what?) and by a sliver of a percentage point the Deep Dish ladies lose the weigh in and another team from The Orphanage is sent home. Dave and Po are happy that The Family was sent a message. . .but by the looks of next week's clips it doesn't seem like Phillip is going to forgive and forget.

Josh finally tells Stephanie he like her, giving her one flower out of Melissa's bouquet. Love in the air? I would show it but VH1's site is being dumb and I can't upload any videos. Lucky for us Money Hungry comes on about 50 times a week. I'm sure you can catch it.

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