Monday, May 31, 2010

Biggest Losers Have Bigger Issues. . .

. . . and not just the beatings from Bob and Jillian, either. I have written about previous Loser Erik Chopin who won The Biggest Loser and gained all of his weight back. I have watched other former contestants yo yo back and forth and I have thought to myself that these shows need to emphasize working on your insides (your brain) as well as the outside chub.

I found this article on The Huffington Post titled "Why Kirstie Alley and the Biggest Losers Will Gain the Weight Back". The author goes under the name A Compulsive Overeater- she has made peace with compulsive eating and goes to Over Eater's Anonymous meetings. Her point in the article is the way they show the contestants and participants on these reality shows eating is NOT normal. Fixating on food all the time, eating the quantity and quality of food that they are eating is NOT normal. Gaining weight that quickly is NOT normal.

I used to be heavier. I weighed over 200 lbs, was a size 18, and am only 5'4". I never am sitting on my pedestal of judgement as a thin person, believe me. When I see the obesity epidemic on all the reality shows I watch, I always wonder what the underlying issue is. I was normal sized until college and I had the "Freshman 15", and then I had some serious issues. I was very concerned that everyone was watching me, judging me, keeping tabs on my waistline and the food going in my mouth (I am an actress, and weight is a BIG issue). I so desperately wanted to be "normal" that I even tried stupid things like Slim Fast, the cabbage soup diet, and Metabolife. I ended up heavier as a result, and started not to care.

"Maybe I am MEANT to be this way," I thought. That freedom of thought led me to gain and gain and gain. I met a guy that didn't care about his health either, who had SEVERE alcohol issues, and he enabled me to get bigger. September 11 happened and I was so scared that I just went to work and home and ate in the waking hours. I didn't feel like being healthy. I didn't feel like being happy. And after my sister passed away almost a year after September 11 (on September 14) I really lost it. I medicated in a big way. After 3 months, I knew I had to change.

My weight came off very slowly. I have been working on it for over eight years, and I always feel like I had to come to an AHA moment before the weight would release. I had to work on the inside, and I AM STILL working on the inside. I am now trying to be happy with the body I have- as my hero Patricia Moreno says, "Live a life that you love in a body that you love right now!"

I know that a lifetime of issues can't be patched up in one season of a reality based weight loss show. These contestants have to look within and see why they got to that point. It isn't just the food. I joke that Jillian Michaels has "mind bullets" that she uses on the contestants to make them see WHY they were so heavy. It is often fear, depression, latent feelings that they were covering up by food that was a friend, that wouldn't judge. I watched an episode of Intervention where the kid wasn't a drug user- he was a food abuser. He was HUGE. When he went into treatment, he came out of the closet as gay. He said he ate because if he was fat, then he wouldn't have to worry about being attractive and no one would know.

It isn't the aesthetics of weight loss that compel me to write this blog and have a career in the fitness industry. It is the ability to reach others and touch them and let them know that they can heal themselves. It isn't about how many squats you can do or how many miles you can run. It is the freedom to release your mind! And the weight will follow. It isn't an easy journey. But it will happen.

I promise. But you have to put the work in. And you have to go deep to get results.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Funday!

Memorial Weekend is the official start to summer. If you are going swimming. . .be careful out there.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Can you believe that Memorial Day is this weekend? My GOD. I feel like we just celebrated the new year! With the change in seasons and the major finales of many of our favorite television programs, it is time to say HOLA to the new shows I will be blogging about this summer!

LOSING IT WITH JILLIAN: Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels doesn't take many vacations. The BL just wrapped up on Tuesday, and this Tuesday (June 1st) Jillian goes out on her own to travel America and move in with one "lucky" family so she can transform them. It isn't just about working out, either. It looks like she tackles everything from family relationships to hoarding. It sounds like all my favorite reality programs wrapped up into a neat, six-pack abs package. NBC: Tuesdays at 10/9 c.

DANCE YOUR ASS OFF: Controversial but incredibly entertaining, Dance Your Ass Off kicks it into high gear Monday, June 7th at 9/8c on the Oxygen Network. I LOVED THIS SHOW! Last season I watched as some overweight guys and gals put it all out there and left it on the dance floor. It was really inspirational to see people working out, doing something that they LOVE to do. Dancing is a calorie scorcher, and the results for some of the contestants was jaw dropping. New for the season: Mel B (aka Scary Spice) will now be hosting instead of Marissa Jaret Winokur, the chubby little star of Hairspray on Broadway.

HUGE: ABC Family, which in my mind makes some of the most questionable family programming out there (Tell me why Pretty Little Liars exists), has a new show about fat kids at fat camp called Huge. I don't know how I feel about this, but I won't know until I watch it. I'm assuming it's about kids coming to terms with themselves and others. I'm okay, you're okay. ABC Family: Mondays starting June 28th at 9/8 c.

BRIDAL BOOT CAMP: Leave it to super reality television vehicle VH1 to put on a show that combines all the cattiness of Rock of Love with the intensity of Harvey Walden IV on Celebrity Fit Club. Two teams of ladies compete to lose weight and win their dream wedding. The show may be hosted by a transsexual. Tell me if I am wrong, but shim sounds manly. VH1: Premieres Wednesday, June 9th 10/9 c.

Watch with me, tweet with me, read my blog. This summer is going to be hot and sweaty, with a 45% chance of some chaffing.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BL9- THE FINALE!- We have a new Loser!

Italian Stallion Mike is the new Biggest Loser! He went from over 500 pounds to a little over 200 pounds. He won my heart over the season with his charm and humor, and he was a good game player when the time was right (hear that, Koli and Melissa?) His decision to pack the Blue team with heavy hitters and all the ladies and Sam on the Black team kept him in the competition for weeks longer, giving him the time it took to catch up with the other smaller players.

The at home winner WAS Koli, but the contest for America's vote was won by my fellow Oklahoman Daris, who looked adorable and NOW has a girlfriend. Mission Accomplished!

Ashley looked amazing and actually beat Daris, and her mom Sherry almost beat every competitor for the at home prize. Everyone looked great- here's hoping that everyone keeps it off and we don't see Koli on a very special episode of the Biggest Loser two seasons from now. . .

To see all the amazing transformations, click on this link:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BL9- week 18- LOST a ton of weight: THE FINAL FOUR

18 weeks ago, a group of strangers came together on an island (okay, a ranch) to meet with 2 opposing forces of light and dark (Bob and Jillian) to find the secret of the island (weight loss) and not let the Smoke Monster (weight gain) off of the island.

I can get anything to tie into Lost. I just can't let go!

I hope you like montages and flashbacks, because this episode was chocked full of them. The show may have run at under 45 minutes if the extra footage had been cut out.

MONTAGE ONE: The final four, striking poses in front of a screen that shows their individual journeys. Koli: Fat and alone. Ashley: Wants to get married. Daris: Fat kid walking. Mike: Life passing him by. Cut to Bob and Jillian riding the contestants both literally and figuratively. Curiously absent: Footage of Ashley falling off the treadmill.

Ali tells the Losers they will be leaving the ranch for thirty days, heading back home to try out "real" life, and then will return for a final weigh in BEFORE the FINAL weigh in.

Group hug.

MONTAGE TWO: The final four heads back to their homes in stretch limos. Koli: California. Ashley: Tennessee. Daris: Oklahoma. Mike: Chicago. It's time for homemade signs, fans, cheers, tears, and leis. Each contestant weighs in in public to show their families and friends how much weight they have lost since they have been on the ranch.

Daris: 151 pounds

Mike: 204 pounds
Ashley: 143 pounds
Koli: 172 pounds
Impressive numbers and even more impressive are the records that have been shattered. Mike is the first Loser to lose over 200 pounds on the ranch. Ashley has lost more weight than any other woman on the ranch. It is amazing that those two are the record holders, because in the beginning you would NEVER have thought they would have made it this far.

The cheering only lasts for so long before Ali pops up and tells the contestants they will be running in a marathon at the end of the thirty days. Time to start training!

The first week at home proves to be a challenge for all four contestants. They are assaulted by text messages, phone calls, social obligations, and the struggle to find the balance between the person they have become and the person that they were. Some solutions are easy, like substituting Jenni O turkey for regular beef in meatballs. Other solutions require moving from California to Las Vegas to train in your fortress of solitude. Right Koli? Ashley and Mike vow to run the marathon together and finish as a team, while Daris and Koli are lone wolves in their single guy wolf pack.

Daris takes a break from running long enough to meet Chef Curtis Stone at his local watering hole Budro's. It doesn't get more Oklahoma than Budro's. If we all remember, Curtis came to visit Danny in Oklahoma last season in Broken Arrow. He loves the 'Homa! I'm sure it reminds him of the outback. More like Outback Steakhouse. . .and it doesn't have as many dingos running about. He creates a healthy Daris section on the menu which includes a smoked trout dip. That is a far cry from chicken fried steak, my friends.

Koli has a mini meltdown at the bar with Sam and decides to pack up his knives and go. . .to Las Vegas. LAS VEGAS? Home of the all you can eat buffet? I would move to Montana or Wyoming. He is focused on the confetti cannons and can't see them over all the love and support and leis around his neck at home. He gots to go.

On the other side of the coin we see Daris drunk dialing his home video camera and eating his emotions with cereal and other 4 am treats. The 18 weeks away hasn't been long enough for Daris to reprogram his old "I don't have a girlfriend" mindset.

MONTAGE THREE: Bob and Jillian traveling via plane, train, and automobile to visit the final four. Jillian flies a chopper because Ardmore doesn't have an airport. Okay- this is true, but Ardmore really isn't THAT country. I swear. Bob is concerned about Koli regaining the weight after the finale. Jillian is concerned that Daris is internalizing. What they both agree on? They all need a good old fashioned ass kicking.

MONTAGE FOUR: Bob and Jillian working out each contestant in their respective gyms. The Losers remember what it feels like to get a beating.

MONTAGE FIVE: The contestants are gearing up to return to the ranch. They are feeling stressed out, sick, worried, nervous, etc. They are battling temptation left, right, and center. Will all their hard work show?

Then it is time for the marathon. The day begins cold and rainy, only to open up to sunny skies by the time they hit mile three.

MONTAGE SIX, SEVEN, and EIGHT: The marathon interspersed with clips of the contestants being fat and unhappy. Along the way we pick up Matt Hoover, season two winner, Sione from season seven, Ali Vincent, season four winner, and Mike Morelli from season seven. Ali and Mike look great and about the same as I remember, but Matt and Sione have gained a bit. That's got to be tough to know that you will forever be living under the scrutinizing eyes of the public . . .see Erik Chopin. Daris smokes everyone, finishing the race in 4 hours and 2 minutes. Koli finishes in 6 hours and 8 minutes, and Mike and Ashley finish together as promised at 6 hours and 26 minutes. Everyone wins $10,000 towards a charity of their choice.

Then it is time for the final weigh in before the FINAL weigh in.

Mike: From 322 lbs to 299 lbs- 23 lbs lost
Koli: From 231 lbs to 218 lbs- 13 lbs lost
Ashley: From 231 lbs to 213 lbs- 18 lbs lost
Daris: From 195 lbs to 197 lbs- 2 lbs GAINED

WHAT?!?! Daris has sabotaged himself with his late night cereal booty calls and Bob and Jillian call bullshit. My worse case scenario has emerged: Koli and Daris are in the bottom two and now must plead with America to put them in the top three with Ashley and Mike.

Me? I am TEAM DARIS all the way. We will see all the triumphs and tears at the finale. . .and may the best Loser win.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I was running!

There must have been some crossed wires, but I did not get to do the boxing class tonight I was going to review. I sat inside the entrance to Central Park stated in an email for about 20 minutes after the class was supposed to start and didn't see anyone even remotely resembling a group of boxing students. I did see a dad playing catch with his son and thought about horning in. . .but then realized the kid was better at baseball than me.

So the review will be at a later date.

What I wanted to blog about was how awesome it felt just to get outside and RUN. I thought in my infinite wisdom (and awesomeness) that I would run to the class seeing as I live on 96th and CPW and the class was on 76th and 5th Ave. Just 1.5 miles according to Google Maps. I put on the Couch to 5k app on my Iphone, inspired by last week's episode of The Biggest Loser where they run a marathon.

It felt SO GOOD to run with the other "professional" runners, seeing all the different shapes and sizes and ages merging together to just sweat. I felt exhilarated! I got to the class, which didn't happen, and thought, HELL, let's run back home. And I did.

The lung capacity that I earned through doing Insanity definitely helped, and it also helped that it wasn't January in New York. Running in the cold was really hard for me. I felt like a champion. Now to parlay that feeling into an actual race!

If Koli can run a marathon- HELL, if MIKE can run a marathon- I can run a marathon. Let's start with the 5k, though. K?

Nose to the Grind. . .

Happy Monday, y'all! What a week and it has only just begun. . .

My parents came to visit last week, throwing my usual "Rain Man" like discipline right into the toilet. How can I sit in my apartment and write when there is a whole city out there to explore!? Plus, I absolutely adore my parents and wanted to spend as much time with them as humanly possible.

I'm sorry I didn't make more time for you all too but I still have my day job to attend to as well and blah blah blah. In short, I missed you. I MISSED YOU ALL!

But it's going to be a great week! Tonight I am trying out a boot camp style boxing class courtesy of VFitness in Central Park (detailed blog forthcoming) and we have the SEASON FINALE of The Biggest Loser tomorrow night! That is always so much fun.

Keep checking in with me because I have a lot in store!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BL9- week 17- The Biggest Competitor

You all know how I feel about Loser Koli. I feel he has turned into one of the biggest game players of the season, even bigger than the wicked Melissa! Maybe he isn't quite to last season's Trazy status, but he is getting there.

Face it, folks. The sweet teddy bear Koli that joined the show is no longer. He is leaner and meaner.

After the elimination where Sam goes home, Mike thanks Ashley and Daris for saving him. Koli immediately meets with Sunshine, his only remaining ally, and starts trash talking the remaining contestants. I believe Sunshine uses the terms "stupid" and "delusional" to describe the others for voting off Sam. Koli is feeling "kocky" and says they should have eliminated Mike because he is the bigger threat. Koli knows that he is going to be #1 and Sunshine will be #2- and how accurate he ends up being!

Ali greets the contestants on the veranda and lets them know that there are no longer any alliances- only a red line. Whoever falls below the red line will be sent home immediately with no vote. It's every man for himself! Since it's the last week on the ranch, two former winners have come to speak to the Losers and check up on how they are feeling. Helen, season 7 winner (and a mom who didn't save her daughter from elimination), and Erik Chopin, season 3 winner who lost it all and almost gained all of it back have come to offer encouragement and support. They have been through it all before- and one of them is going through it again. The number one message they have is that it's not about the finish line and the confetti but the long term, life long journey of healthy weight management.

After the meetings, the Losers get to the gym and tell Bob and Jillian about all the latest buzz. Bob notices that there is some tension in the room and when he asks what is up, Koli has a mini-explosion. "There is no animosity here," he says, and when Daris mentions that Koli may be feeling sad about Sam going home he spits "Don't guess what I am feeling. Right now I don't give a f*%k. Sam's gone, whatever."

Reer! Hiss hiss!

Since the contestants are "frothing at the mouth for a beating", Jillian and Bob oblige, laying into them with some good old S & M: sweat and machines. Bob focuses his mind bullets on a sensitive Mike who breaks down old school style. Last week's makeover episode upset him because he still had to go to a specialty store for his clothes unlike the other guys that got to shop in a regular store. Bob reminds Mike to look at the big picture: Look at how far he has come! He has lost almost 200 pounds, made himself healthier, built more confidence! At the end of the day, the scale is just a number. It's the way that you feel about yourself that really counts. "It's all about you," Bob advises.

The challenge is one we have seen before on season 7: The contestants must carry their own weight metaphorically and literally in jumbo size lunch bags with their before pictures printed on them. They carry the weight over 16 hills, each one representing the weeks on the ranch. At each hill they drop off the weight that they lost that week. Whoever wins gets $10,000. It is great to watch the contestants see their real journey in such literal terms. Carrying all that weight on their bodies, and how unhealthy they really were is hammered home when hill after hill they can reach into their bags, pull out a huge chunk of weight, and just throw it on the ground.

Daris easily takes the lead, and sprints to the finish line. After winning, he turns around and helps Mike and Ashley who are struggling with their great burden. Sunshine and Koli also help after they finish, and everyone walks the finish line together. Ali announces that Daris can take the $10,000 or he can opt for a one pound advantage. He takes the one pound- CRAZY! I'd go for the money.

After the challenge, Bob takes the Losers out on a shopping spree that goes against almost everything he talks to Mike about earlier. They go to Wal-Mart since now they "don't have to go to specialty stores!" (What?) Then football star Tony Romo shows up and tells the contestants that it isn't all about them but about the team. Why do Bob and Jillian tell the contestants that it is just about them? This was the most confusing plug ever!!!

Then it was time for home movies with Bob and Jillian. This is my favorite part of the journey! I love when the contestants can watch how far they have come. And the best part is when their old heavier selves talk to their new selves. The number one piece of advice? Don't give up!

After a last chance workout montage and watching Ashley fall off the treadmill three times in one episode, it was time for the weigh in and the moment of truth.

Mike: From 334 lbs to 322 lbs- 12 lbs lost

Koli: From 244 lbs to 231 lbs- 13 lbs lost

Daris: From 205 lbs to 195 lbs- 10 lbs lost

Ashley: From 238 lbs to 231 lbs- 7 lbs lost

Sunshine: From 178 lbs to 176 lbs- 2 lbs lost

So Sunshine really was #2. 2 pounds, that is. She is below the red line and not the biggest loser. But she looks great! And she proved to herself that she was a winner.

The final four is Mike, Koli, Daris, and Ashley! Not exactly what I predicted (I would have like to see Koli get his comeuppance) but I am happy with the other three. Now the real game play begins!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Funday!

IF your pet looks like one of these guys. . .I'm just sayin. Take them out for a walk today.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The "Fly" of the Tiger!: Spin Class at Flywheel Fitness

Before you judge me and my fine choice of music, note that the last song we were spinning to was "Eye of the Tiger" and the title of this blog popped into my head. I am brilliant!

Okay, back up.

I was being nosy on twitter last week when I noticed Jessica from the blog Fit Chick in the City twittering about Flywheel. "What's a Flywheel?", I wondered, and butted in on her twittersation. Jessica GRACIOUSLY invited me to a *free* spin class at Flywheel Sports at their Flatiron NYC location. I accepted, because momma didn't raise no fools.

Funny story- I haven't been to a spin class in three years. All I remember is my butt hurt. I was hoping that this would be a new and exciting foray into spinning for me. Plus, I have read many of Jessica's posts about spinning and she makes it sound so darn fun.

FLYWHEEL IS AWESOME!!! Cool looking. Very nice professional staff (with an Amazon model front desk clerk). Free spin shoe rental. Free locker. Free bottle of water. This place has the GOODS! Since I have never been to a spin class of this magnitude, the instructor Erica (who is THE BOMB.COM, by the way) helped me figure out proper seat and handlebar position and how to put my shoes in the pedals. I was locked in. There was no way to escape now.

The class is done practically in the dark- which is fine, because no one needs to look at me while I'm mouthing song lyrics and drowning in a pool of my own sweat. The sound system is awesome, and the bikes? THE BIKES. 1.) I didn't feel like I weighed a million pounds- those bikes are solidly implanted into the ground and 2.) They are so easy to adjust! The torque was easy to figure out because there is a lit screen that also shows your RPM. I am also happy to report that it is in the afternoon and my butt still is not sore. So, yay for me and my butt.

The classes are 45 minutes long and include light resistance training (while pedaling) in the middle and a nice stretch at the end. I loved Erica's motivation and enthusiasm. I also loved her music! Anyone who wants to play Justin Timberlake is a friend of mine.

Flywheel's classes are not expensive- just $30 for a single class- and you get so much for the money, it is totally worth it. I am so excited to make this place a part of my fitness regime!

Best part of the day: Getting to meet fellow fit bloggers Mari (Namaste Mari), Mo (Food Snob), Tracy (Go, Tracy, Go!), Maggie (Picky and Healthy), and of course Lauren (Gympressions) who I met at yoga with Bob Harper. Combined with meeting Jessica it was such a treat! Please click on their links, check them out, and add 'em to your blog roll!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BL9- week 16- Hair IS Important

We have made it to makeover week! WOO HOO! Thanks to Yahoo TV where I found all the great before and after photos!

Ali announces that the Losers will each get $1,000 in cash for clothes shopping and Jonathan Antin from Blow Out and Shear Genius will be doing their hair. NO TIM GUNN. I was totally bummed out. Jonathan gets on my nerves- so much crying!

The shopping was both exciting and sad to watch. Sunshine was almost too small for the clothes in the store she was shopping at, and Mike had to shop by himself at a plus size store. Shopping is always a mixed bag of emotions anyway. . .just imagine having to do it on national television!

Then it was time for the big reveal. Each contestant goes into 360 degree mirror (very What Not to Wear) to check out their hard work, and then they are greeted by friends or family that have been spying on them through the two way glass.

Sunshine looks like Beyonce! If O'Neal likes it maybe he'll put a ring on it.

Ashley is a hybrid Olivia Newton John in Grease and Dolly Parton. . .

Koli looks like an evil computer mastermind.

Sam seems a little under dressed. . .I'm sure the ladies don't mind.

Daris is a Jack Osbourne body double. He needs to borrow Koli's glasses.

HHEEYYY! Mike looks sassy!
It's a cool hip final six! They congregate in a harem to watch Ashanti in concert. ASHANTI? When was the last time she did anything? No offense, Ashanti. I thought maybe NBC would chose someone more relevant like Hanson or Smashmouth. . .
Then it's challenge time! All Loser's must climb the ladder to heaven over a swimming pool. First one in is a rotten egg, gaining a 1 pound disadvantage. Last one standing gets a 1 pound advantage. Ashley falls in after 3 minutes. Koli wins after 2 hours and 30 minutes.
At the Last Chance Workout Bob has to pump up a shaky Daris who is starting to lose faith in himself. And we see Ashley fall off the treadmill, and then Daris ALSO falls off the treadmill. Then the trainer tip is Jillian telling people to not run on the treadmill at speeds that may cause you to fall off. Classic.
Koli: 259 lbs to 244 lbs- 15 lbs lost
Mike: 343 lbs to 334 lbs- 9 lbs lost
Daris: 214 lbs to 205 lbs- 9 lbs lost
Sunshine: 187 lbs to 178 lbs- 9 lbs lost
Sam: 240 lbs to 238 lbs- 2 lbs lost
Ashley: 248 lbs to 238 lbs- 10 lbs lost
Mike and Sam are in the bottom two, and after a tied vote in the elimination room, Sam goes home. He moves to LA with his "at home prize", former contestant Stephanie, and everyone lives happily ever after. Sam also is the first contestant to ever reach his goal weight while on the ranch. No game play necessary.
Next episode cautionary tale and former contestant Erik comes back to the ranch. Listen hard, Koli. . .

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kirstie Alley's Big Life- episodes 11 and 12- "Fat Like Me" and "Cou-ga-roo"

The number one way to inspire the people around you to lose weight or keep from gaining weight? Fat suits.

You were going to say that, right?

Kirstie notices her team eating Twizzlers and pastries for breakfast and pepperoni loaded pizzas for lunch and wants to warn them about the dangers of excess. First, she makes them put on 40 pound weight vests to do P90x and then she makes them put on fat suits while doing their daily tasks.

Kyle sweats while going up and down the stairs. Lillie can't get into the car and put her seat belt on. Tracy has a hard time fitting into the dresses that she picks out. Kelly can't get in and out of the bathtub.

Bottom line: The team has a new found respect for being thinner and will work towards that goal. Kirstie feels inspired to never be this fat again. Question: If Kirstie loses all the weight will we have to change the name of the show?

On "Cou-ga-roo", Jim is leaving to go to Florida for two months (because he lives there- I still haven't figured out this arrangement) and Kirstie is afraid that he is going to relapse on fast food. So Kirstie and new cast mate Aussie Nick decide to film a funny video to remind Jim to stay on track. While they are filming it there are a lot of actual humorous moments where everyone in the house thinks that there is some sort of romantic involvement between Kirstie and Nick.

Example: Kirstie and Nick are in the kitchen eating breakfast, both wearing bathrobes. True and Lillie are sitting at the kitchen table and overhear Nick say to their mom, "I tackled that thing like my life depended on it."

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief when Nick and Kirstie reveal their video to Jim and the gang and they realize they they weren't shagging. The video is cute and shows Nick in various sexual positions that are also workout poses that Jim can try with his wife. They also make a sign for Jim to wear around is neck that says "If found at a fast food restaurant, please return to Kirstie Alley."

The final weigh in of the season reveals that Jim has lost 43 pounds, going from 324.5 to 281.8. Kirstie has lost 31.4 pounds, weighing in at 198.6. You burn a lot of calories living the Big Life. I don't know if there will be a second season, but I am hoping that the show does return a little slimmer and more focused. I like these folks. I just want to know what is going on, that's all!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Funday!

Shot to the top? More like Chasse to the top. I miss the eighties.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let's Go Out to the Lobby!

It occurred to me today while waiting in line for popcorn and a Coke Zero at the movies that the movie theatre concession stand may be one of the last great overlooked sources of fattening goods. Large boxes of candy. Icees. Ice Cream. Nachos. Pretzel Bites with dipping cheeze. Huge buckets of soda and even bigger bags of popcorn.

I always loved Ellen DeGeneres' stand up bit about the movies being the only place where it is acceptable to sit in the dark and shovel food into your mouth like you are starving to death. It's even cool to drop it down the front of your shirt- no one can see you.

Every so often the news flings a story at us about movie theatre popcorn and how bad it is for us, but it's still there. And it hasn't gotten any littler. I mean, the small popcorn is SO small, and the large popcorn is SO LARGE. The "deals" make it even more expensive for you to eat a smaller popcorn and drink a smaller soda. It's cheaper to get a combo with twice as much food! The movie theatre makes the bulk of their money off of concessions regardless if you are gaining in bulk by eating them.

Don't think I am preaching to you, folks. I love movie theatre popcorn. It is the ULTIMATE treat, especially when it is hot and fresh! Today's popcorn was so salty I cursed myself for giving in and will now be retaining water for a month thanks to a momentary lapse in willpower. But the saltiness also kept me from eating the entire bag. So, win win?

And now movie theatres are offering pizza and flatbread sandwiches to go with your nachos and hot dogs. What are we eating here? This can't be any good for us. But if we had healthier selections, would we want them? I remember how gross air popped popcorn tastes compared to the bad stuff. And I would rather have peanut butter cups than carrot sticks.

I wish I could think of some really great alternatives. . .like excellent dark chocolate and fresh, non processed popcorn with no golden flavoring. Really great frozen yogurts with fresh fruit. And no Raisinettes. I hate Raisinettes.

Any ideas, readers? Or do you go to a movie theatre that has some legit program in place? Lemmeknow.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kirstie Alley's Big Life- episode 10- "As Seen on TV"

I'm a sucker for a good infomercial. I own a Firm Fanny Lifter, a Fluidity dance barre- I own a Magic Bullet. If it looks cool I want it! Looks like infomercial fever is also catching at Kirstie's house. Jim and Kirstie are getting bored with their workout routines and are desperately looking for ways to shake things up.

Jim is wearing an ab belt. I didn't think anyone would actually pay money for these things, especially because it is proven not to be effective. Jim is a bigger sucker than I am. He shows Kirstie the belt, earning the nick name "Robobelly", which earns Kirstie an electric shock when she sticks her finger between the belt and the belly. The ab belt opens a Pandora's box of gadgets: An ab roller, Perfect Push Ups, neckline slimmer, the infamous Shake Weight, cross country ski shoes and poles. Jim even has sun glasses that you wear when you eat so that your food looks bad. For real?

Sounds like Kirstie and Jim need some real motivation. Cut to Kirstie watching one of my all time fave infomercials- P90X! I watched the ad about a million times before I finally bought it. I am a P90X grad (holler!) and a Beachbody Coach, so I know what is up with the X. "That's what you're supposed to look like!" Kirstie says while watching. "It looks hard," says Jim.

Yes, Jim. It's hard.

One of the many benefits of being Kirstie is that P90X inventor and super trainer Tony Horton actually comes to your house. In anticipation of his arrival, Jim gets abs spray painted onto his ample belly. He ends up looking like a Mayan fertility statue. He does show off his "ripped 8 pack" to Tony, who encourages him to put his shirt on half way through the warm up. Tony is just like he is on the videos- goofy, warm, and kick ass. I know that Kirstie and Jim will see results if they decide to stick with it!

As Kirstie says in a completely unrelated part of the episode, " Fear is a great motivator." I smell their fear with the X!

Oh, and there is a new cast member, Aussie Nick. But true to an earlier blog post, he is not in the exercise part of the show. Sorry, mate.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Not Only the Ladies Who Love Sam!

My boyfriend's brother participated in the Tour de Cure this weekend, raising money for diabetes. Ethan, his adorable little boy, got to meet someone special.

Jealous ladies?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BL9- week 15- Everything is Bigger in Texas! Really. Everything.

Victoria has no sooner said "Ciao Losers!" when Ali announces that the remaining contestants will be traveling deep in the cholesterol filled heart of Texas: Dallas to be precise. Their goal? To inspire a state that has 5 of the heaviest cities in the United States. Now, I looked up that statistic to try and verify it- I could find one article in Men's Fitness (Ali said Men's Health- here's that article, too.) that lists 4 of Texas' cities in it's top 25. Dallas is listed as #14 on Men's Fitness and #4 on Men's Health. (My hometown of Oklahoma City? #2- ouch! But it didn't make the Men's Health Top 10.) They must inspire Texans to get fit and manage to maintain their own fitness.

The Losers arrive in Dallas and go to local radio stations to get people to participate in a 5k "fun run" (tell me what's fun about running 3 miles!?!). They are looking good and feeling good, laying down nuggets of wisdom like it "feels good to feel good" and "little steps have big results".

After a quick trip to Walgreens with Jillian (weirdest plug yet!), everyone converges on the Cotton Bowl to get fired up about fitness. Ali announces a staggering fact: $10 billion is spent annually in Texas for obesity related health issues. HEAR THAT, JAMIE OLIVER? Season 2, baby. Texans need a boost, and the Losers are going to give it to them.

This is a truly inspiring episode- in fact, there should be an inspiration drinking game. The word inspiration was used so many times you would have been three sheets to the wind at the end of the fun run. That's a whole 'nother type of fun! But seriously, there were a lot of cool real life stories about Texans that were trying to change their lives without the help of the ranch. They all finished the race, but no one finished faster than Speedy Daris, who smoked everyone at 21:14 minutes. That's a 7 minute mile, people! Some ripples were made in the twitterverse about that. . .

After Sunshine finishes the race, she starts to sweat that she has been too long without her boyfriend/dad O'Neal, and turns around to find him. Holding back the panic, she turns into Sunshine-bot, saying preprogrammed sayings such as "Look good. Almost done. Finish strong." She finds her dad (and the bevy of ladies surrounding him) and latches on.

Quote of the episode goes to participant CJ, a woman who has two bum knees that managed to finish the race in over two hours. SHE DIDN'T GIVE UP! Upon completing the race, she says "I can't even walk through Wal-Mart. I have to take a cart." This proves that the Biggest Loser really does change lives. And inspires people. *drink*

Daris, Mike, and Ashley realizes that they are alone in the world and need to band together. I'll call them the POW's (pink, orange, and white- cute!). The POW's are hoping that the other teams are comfortable and will not try as hard while they run up 33 flights of stairs at their hotel. This feeling of teamwork extends into the next day's challenge.

The challenge involves wrestling steers into team colored pens. Whoever gets the most steers wins immunity! The grey team works together, Sam getting as many calves for Koli as he can. Sunshine wants O'Neal to get immunity, so she frightens as many calves into her dad's pen as she can. Daris, although doing pretty well for himself, realizes that he is all alone. So POW member Mike steps in to try and help . . .but the evil Koli wins immunity anyway. BOO.

The part of the episode that inspired *drink* me the most was when Jillian met with season 8 team member Abby at a local high school to discuss health and fitness. A large high school girl managed to get up enough courage to talk in front of all of her school and talk to Jillian- on national television! "I'm never going to to be who I want to be," she says. Jillian asks her why she would think that, and she says, "I've always been told that, so I've learned to believe it." I'm not made out of stone, folks. My heart really ached for her. In usual kick ass Jillian style, she replies "Don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do."

After the pep rally, Jillian sits with the girl and talks about bullying and whatnot. Jillian says the naysayers are never going to change. But that girl can. I really hope that NBC will follow up with her!

The Last Chance Workout is minus Sunshine and O'Neal, who have gone home for O'Neal's brother's funeral. That means extra punishment for the remaining losers, who take a BEATING. Even Bob has to keep himself from smacking a sassy Mike. Dramarama.

At the weigh in, the Losers shiver in anticipation and the cold (32 degrees!) to find out their fate:

Koli: From 260 lbs to 259 lbs- 1 lb lost (With his immunity, it was the ultimate game play move.)

Sam: From 246 lbs to 240 lbs- 6 lbs lost

Sunshine: From 191 lbs to 187 lbs- 4 lbs lost

O'Neal: From 270 lbs to 265 lbs- 5 lbs lost

Mike: From 358 lbs to 343 lbs- 15 lbs lost

Daris: From 219 lbs to 214 lbs- 5 lbs lost

Ashley: From 254 lbs to 248 lbs- 6 lbs lost

Sunshine weeps like she lost her best friend. At 24, I would hope she would be a little more detached from her dad, but I guess not. O'Neal lobbies for Sunshine to stay, and O'Neal is sent home. At the reveal he shows he has gone from 389 lbs to 250 lbs. He can tie his own shoes, walk up the stairs, fit in his car, participate in all aspects of his job, and his motorcycle doesn't groan under his weight anymore. He can now really live his life. If that isn't proof that this show is important, that it isn't all about looks, then I don't know what is. *drink*

Now next episode IS about looks- it's the makeover show! We have arrived! Watch out Daris' locks!

Monday, May 3, 2010


OMG, y'all. I just spent about 5 1/2 hours cleaning my apartment, and can I tell you what a fantastic workout it was? It was total body!

I was bending, stretching, scrubbing, pulling, pressing- I feel like every single muscle was used. And now my apartment looks great, too.

Don't forget that you don't HAVE to have a leotard and a headband on to be burning some calories. Everything active counts, from folding laundry to pushing a lawn mower.

Don't believe me? Check it out!

Mowing the lawn- 362 calories an hour (Riding lawn mowers only burn 164- get up!)

Vacuuming- 230 calories an hour (Mopping also burns the same amount.)

Scrubbing your bathroom- 230 calories an hour

Folding clothes- 132 calories an hour

Washing the dishes- 148 calories an hour

Dusting- 164 calories an hour

Bathing the dog- 313 calories an hour

It all adds up to a healthy burn and a shiny home. Maybe I'll attach Swifters to the bottom of my running shoes. . .

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Funday!

This is why you should always have a spotter.