Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Biggest Loser- #BL13- week 1- "The Place Where Dreams Come True!"

The sexy new face of The Biggest Loser, KIM!!!

Here we go again!  Not even two weeks have passed since the finale of season 12 of The Biggest Loser and NBC is throwing us another action packed season full of weight loss, tears, and puke.  Hopefully this season will have the drama that makes the show so fun to write and tweet about!

Instead of a long winded recap, I've decide to cherry pick my favorite moments each week.  Feel free to add your favorites in the comments section below or tweet me at my twitter handle, @FosterFitness.  You know I like to dish!

  • Wow moment #1- new contestant Kim in her pink bikini.  I mean, wow.  She was pretty hot.
  • Santa Claus is coming to the ranch and he is codependent.  AND REALLY HAIRY.
  • The best name of the season: Chism.  Yup.
  • Grandma Nancy has 13 children and 54 grand kids.  Ben has 9 children.  These contestants are getting busy, but not in the weight loss way.
  • Contestant Mark claims the first FACE PLANT of the season in the very first challenge!  CONGRATS!
  • The drinking game for this season is NO EXCUSES:  If you hear the term no excuses or the word excuses, take a drink.  You will be drunk in about 15 minutes.
  • Kim was a pro wrestler and Emily was an Olympic weight lifter.  These ladies are going head to head- I can't wait to see the cat fight!
  • Dolvett is so ripped this season my fiance said he could see his abs through his shirt.  And we don't have x-ray vision.
  • Fake vomiting is a new trend this season.
  • Planet Fitness is the first PLUG of the season.  Sorry, Jennie-O.
  • Ali drops the bomb that the couples will be AGAINST each other, not on the same teams.  I love this new twist!  No partners, and no excuses! *drink*
  • Bob and Dolvett have a score to settle.  Or Dolvett has a score to settle and Bob is like, "Oh, you are still here?"
At the first weigh in, the folks are smaller- will that mean bigger results?  Bob is nervous.

Gail:  From  322 to 313- 9 lbs
Chism:  From 361 to 349- 12 lbs
Megan:  From 259 to 252- 7 lbs
Chris:  From 240 to 232- 8 lbs
Jeremy:  From 389 to 376- 13 lbs
Joe:  From 357 to 342- 15 lbs
Ben:  From 396 to 381- 15 lbs
Emily:  From 264 to 254- 10 lbs
Cassandra:  From 239 to 225- 14 lbs  TOTAL: 103 lbs BW:  3.64%

Roy:  From 306 to 292- 14 lbs
Conda:  From 294 to 285- 9 lbs
Mike:  From 358 to 345- 13 lbs
Kimmy:  From 219 to 210- 9 lbs
Lauren:  From 246 to 237- 9 lbs
Mark:  From 291 to 282- 9 lbs
Nancy:  From 217 to 212- 5 lbs
Kim:  From 252 to 239- 13 lbs
Buddy:  From 403 to 381- 22 lbs  TOTAL:  103 lbs BW:  3.98%

Dolvett: 1  Bob:  0

The Black team heads to the elimination room where Ben volunteers to go home because he really didn't want to be there anyway.  Thanks Ben!  I'm sure there wasn't any other contestants who may have wanted to take your place in all of America.  Isn't there someone like this every season?  And if you are reading this and you are that person, could you NOT be that person?

Anyway, Ben has gone from 396 to 346, a total of 50 pounds lost.  He wants to lose 150 pounds and prove he can do it at home.  With 9 children and 1 more on the way!  God speed, Ben.

Next week:  GAMBLING!  Sounds like Game Play.  Me likey.

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