Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Hard Day

Today is my sister's birthday. She would have been turning 41. She passed away from complications due to kidney failure 8 years ago. I miss her every day and it sucks that she isn't here.

Please become an organ donor if you aren't already. She may have been able to live longer or a better life if she had been able to quickly and easily gotten a kidney. It would have been her second transplant as my mom gave her her own kidney for her first transplant.

Organ donation is a beautiful, selfless act. I know many families have been impacted like mine has. My greatest wish is that no one will ever have to suffer a loss as great as mine.


  1. I am so sorry love...I can't even imagine how hard that must be for you and your family.

  2. Aww im sorry, losing a loved one is hard. I agree, organ donation is a beautiful thing, once we've passed on, if our "parts" can bring someone else life, we should let them.