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The Biggest Loser- week 10- Losers, Losers Everywhere. . .

Week 10 of The Biggest Loser was not limited to just the show on Tuesday. There was also the Where are They Now? special on Wednesday, Jillian popping up at the Thanksgiving Day parade on Thursday and the Suze Orman show on Saturday. Instead of giving you a play by play of what happened, I thought I would list my favorite moments out of all of these moments. The Biggest Loser really is a nationwide movement. And apparently channel wide.


It was the last week on campus, and Country Liz was kept over firefighter Allen. WHAT? Was Rudy behind this? It was actually Amanda, using female solidarity as her reason.

I felt the scorn of all of America as I was the only one who thought Liz was going to stay. I don't know how I am the last one standing on the Liz band wagon, but it was lonely up there. I watch a lot of reality television, and I knew that GAME PLAY was going to be in full effect. Allen was a tough competitor. Of course he was going! Liz is no Helen.

He looked great on Leno, and schooled Charles Barkley and Jay on some healthy eating.


I have watched almost every season of BL, and it was nice to see that the bulk of the former contestants are still going strong and are spreading the message of health and wellness wherever they go.

  • Jerry, Colleen's dad from season 6, has gone from 380 to 262. At the age of 52, he is now healthier than he has been in years- and is RealAge has gone down from the 76 years it was when he arrived at the ranch.
  • Mallory from season 5 went from 217 and is now a personal trainer.
  • Pete Thomas from season 2 went from 401 pounds to 238, and he has a little rhyme: "Sexy, strong, and great as I maintain my weight at 238!" He is paying it forward by being a motivational speaker and personal trainer.
  • Drea from season 1 went from 215 pounds to 160 and runs a not for profit organization called HealthWorks that is striving to get inner city women in better shape.
  • Mark and Jay, the brothers from season 5, are now running road races and have kept their weight at 185 and 207 respectively.
  • Season 2's Matt and Suzy are now married and have two children. They are keeping their weight at 237 and 175, and Matt competed in the Kona Ironman. This was the most awe inspiring and tear-filled parts of the show. He missed being a qualifier by only 3 minutes, but he finished the race and inspired so many people to think they can do it, too.
  • Nicole and Damien from season 7 have gotten their weights to 155 and 253. They got married, and now are both personal trainers and gearing up for parenthood.
  • Nicole from season 4 is now 174 and a radio DJ at a station in Philadelphia.
  • Jerry and Estelle from season 7 are still going strong and spending time with the grand kids and being motivational speakers for older people who want to start getting fit.
  • Mike and Ron from season 7 are still small and have motivated the youngest Morelli, Max, to also lose over 100 pounds. Mike is now a freshman at Michigan State University intent on gaining the freshman 15 in muscle. Max lost his weight at The Biggest Loser Resort in Utah.
  • Tara Costa from season 7 is still at 165 and is a marathon runner and organized a run in her hometown of Bethpage, New York.
  • Jaron from season 3 is a svelte 200 pounds and competes in triathlons: Most recently in the Beach 2 Battleship Triathlon.
  • Julie Haddon from season 4 is little tiny! She works out 5 to 6 days a week with a Jillian Michaels treadmill and has adopted a baby since her season wrapped.
  • The most hated player (maybe more than Trazy) is Vicky from season 6. She is still 150 pounds, but offers these words of advice, "Keep your mouth shut".
  • Felipe and Sione from season 7 are still motivating the Tongan community in Arizona. They offer weekly workouts and lower calorie luaus for their families and friends.
  • Dan and Jackie, the mother and son team from season 5, are busy promoting Dan's country music career. Nothing says rock and roll like traveling in a tour bus with your mom.
  • Michelle Aguilar, winner of season 6, has been working with the Texas state legislature to redefine state health. She also is newly married.
  • Ali Vincent, the first female Biggest Loser in the world, is keeping herself trim at 125 pounds. She has gotten her mom, Bette Sue, down to 160 pounds. Ali has written a book, and is a spokesperson for The Biggest Loser franchise.
  • Twins Bill and Jim from season 4 are now certified Spin instructors, motivational speakers, and Jim is still a kick ass cop.
  • The adorable Bernie Salazar (one of my all time faves) from season 5 weighs in at 160. He has written a book called Monstercise to help kids get in shape.
  • A lot of past season's contestants met in Detroit for a half marathon.
  • Bob met with Erik, the season 3 winner who gained back almost all of the weight he lost. Bob has challenged him to weigh in at the season 9 finale.
  • David from season 3 weighs in at 224 and is a personal trainer.
  • Neil from season 4 has lost 211 pounds and finally got married to his long time girlfriend.

The show closed with some cool stats: 18,200 pounds have been lost on the show. But the real goal is to inspire it's watchers. And I know we have all been inspired by these people's stories.


Love her or leave her, Suze speaks the truth about financial health. Jillian teamed up with Suze to talk about the relationship between your financial health and how that in turn affects your physical health. I know from personal experience that when I feel stressed out about money the last thing I want to do is workout.

Below is a clip from the show:

The finale is only 2 weeks away! My money is on Suze Orman's choice: Danny.

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