Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor of Love. . .or For Your Consideration

I just wanted to have "labor" in my title since it is Labor Day! And this blog is a labor of love.

First, a little levity.

If you enjoy Jamba Juice, check out this website for a valuable coupon!

I hope you are enjoying your Monday thus far. This girl is planning on going on a lovely run in the park with her beau and then having a cook in since we don't have a place to cook out. And I am watching a Hoarders marathon while I am typing this. QUESTION: Is it wrong for A&E to run a marathon about people who don't like to leave their homes on such a lovely day?

I also wanted to share a new show with you, my loyal readers: Too fat for 15 on the Style Network. It comes on Monday evenings and there is a marathon of all the episodes this evening. The show follows the lives of extremely overweight teens at the Wellspring Academy in North Carolina. It is amazingly inspirational and I am seriously considering trying to get employed by this facility in the future. I want to work with these kids! These teens break your heart and impress you with their bravery week after week. PLEASE WATCH!

This young lady is Tanisha, who came to the school weighing over 500 lbs. She now has lost over 100 lbs since I started watching the program. She is so smart and sweet and amazing-- and her progress makes you believe that anyone can take this journey.

When you are out today (being active, I hope) remember to give thanks for the ability to run, jump, swim, and play! Being active really is a labor of love!

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