Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp- week 3- "I had carrots at the movies!"

I wonder what would happen if The Biggest Loser ranch had a fully stocked bar? It's hard enough to lose weight and to make successful life changes without having to face constant temptations. The "celebrities" at boot camp not only get to go home during the week with relatively little documentation, but they also get to have unhealthy food and drink choices while at the boot camp site. Great for promoting their careers and promoting Dr. Ian's new diet book- but is this show REALLY a benefit for it's participants?

It is week 3 of Fit Club boot camp, and the "celebrities" arrive on the bus, chattering away about their week and the changes that they have been making. Bobby Brown shares he took carrots to the movies instead of popcorn. Jay seems to be the only one really serious about the process, but that's probably how he won Project Runway, too.

Harvey greets the contestants with a Hoo Rah, and they run to their barracks to change for their challenge. Jay decides to get his team together to discuss last week's misadventure with Bobby's getting totally schnockered. Bobby pours the vodka out, and everyone agrees that having just wine and beer is okay, but not hard liquor.

What? These people are crazy! Why are they drinking at all?

To the challenge! This weekend's theme is Fight or Flight- fighting against stress and fear and pushing yourself further than you think you can go. The challenge seems like it is chocked full of stress: The teams are shackled together by their feet, have to break through a brick wall with a battering log, climb uphill and crawl through a sewer tunnel, cut through their shackles and a locked fence, and then climb up a ladder to the top of some scaffolding. And they must complete all this in 60 seconds. If not, the hounds are released.

HOUNDS! Trained German Shepherds to be more precise. Never see that on the Biggest Loser- they just release Jillian Michaels.

Bobby Brown doesn't like dogs and dogs don't like him. Harvey has to persuade him not to give up on himself or his team and to overcome his fear. The dogs looked pretty fierce, so it's not a completely irrational fear. I feel the "celebrities" would have felt safer with a pack of chihuahuas. Or some CGI wolves. Bobby decides to suck it up and do it.

Jay, Bobby, Nicole, and Shar are first. They all hold hands and walk slowly as not to trip each other up. Their only plan of action is to get Bobby up the tower first so he doesn't have any interaction with the dogs. The alarm sounds as they clip off their shackles, and they all run like mad as the dogs come bounding over the hills. They almost all make it to the top, but Jay is last and he can't make it up the rope ladder. The dogs tag him and he is captured.

Then it is Sebastian, Kaycee, Taneesha, and Kevin. Sebastian's strategy is to run since the red team walked the whole way. It works for a second before Kevin trips and falls. Taneesha gets the log dropped on her foot. Kaycee is pissed about the shackles. They finally get themselves out of the shackles, and the alarms sound and the dogs are released. Taneesha takes forever to get up the ladder, and Kevin realizes he doesn't have any time to climb up so he decides to make a run for it and take cover in a cage behind the tower. He makes it to the cage, but doesn't shut the door in time and one of the dogs jumps in there with him. He is laughing and petting the dog, but Taneesha starts screaming and wailing, "I didn't save Kevin! NOOOOOOOOOO! I didn't save Kevin!"

In a cut away interview, Sebastian is cracking up and states, "It's a TV show! He's fine!"

Harvey states the results; The red team finished in 10 minutes and 36 seconds, blue team in 10 minutes and 12 seconds. BLUE WINS! It's a big deal since they haven't won a single challenge yet. Harvey chooses Jay as the dead weight since he couldn't get up the rope ladder, and he has to carry punching bags to the PT field as his punishment. Jay focuses on the fact that his father was a brick layer, and if he could do that than he should be able to carry some punching bags.

When he finishes, he is greeted by all of the "celebrities" for a surprise birthday celebration! Instead of cake he gets a banana and two apples shaped like. . .*cough*, a banana and two apples. Taneesha tries to give Jay a lap dance which makes Bobby Brown say, "I don't know. You figure it out." Kaycee shows her freaky side and busts out some sexy moves- not what she showed in High School Musical for sure.

The next morning, the "celebrities" head out for some PT with mixed martial arts champion and black belt Debi Purcell (her picture is the one above). Um, Debi Purcell is a total bad ass. She not only is the first female coach for mixed martial arts, but she has a website for really cute tough girl gear at She kicks the "celebrities" in the rear, making Taneesha realize at 24 years old she shouldn't be having these type of health problems. Taneesha talks a good game, but it doesn't seem to be working yet.

The best part is Sebastian going against Debi with his Shaolin techniques. She has him on the ground in seconds with a fist to the crotch. HILARIOUS.

After the fighting, the "celebs" are unwinding with a little food and a little drink. Jay gets on to Nicole about drinking wine and wine coolers. She gets really defensive about it, but it's hard to take Jay too seriously when his concerns are punctuated with him popping a cigarette into his mouth. C'MON JAY! During his stint on Project Runway he was rarely seen without a cigarette in his hand, and I remember that memorable episode where he bonds with Wendy Pepper's mother over smoking. I wish that he would quit- or that VH1 would be more responsible in what they are showing on a "fitness" show.

Harvey gets Bobby Brown to face another fear- his fear of heights- by climbing to the top of a rock climbing wall. It was really touching to see him NOT give up. I know that these reality shows want to see people fail because it makes great TV, but it sure is nice when someone who everyone thinks is a joke earns a little respect. Harvey was impressed! And it's not easy to impress Harvey.

Then it is time for the third weigh in! Will the "celebs" falter and get a case of the dreaded week three like Biggest Loser?

Shar: Last week: 143 lbs Today: 140 lbs Goal: 3 lbs Total Loss: 3 lbs Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Taneesha: Last week: 236 lbs Today: 236 lbs Goal: 5 lbs Total Loss: 0 Next week's goal: 4 lbs
("I had a relapse with some Japanese food at the mall!")

Kevin: Last week: 226 lbs Today: 222 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 4 lbs Next week's goal: 3 lbs
("Koo," he says.)

Jay: Last week: 251 lbs Today: 244 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 7 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs
("The treadmill at the gym is my friend!")

Nicole: Last week: 127 lbs Today: 126 lbs Goal: 3 lbs Total Loss: 1 lb Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Kaycee: Last week: 193 lbs Today: 190 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 3 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs

Sebastian: Last week: 219 lbs Today: 217 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 2 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs

Bobby Last week: 198 lbs Today: 197 lbs Goal: 3 lbs Total Loss: 1 lb Next week's goal: 4 lbs

The biggest losers of the week were Taneesha, Bobby, and Nicole who had really low weight loss and seem to be sabotaging their own success due to lack of control with their diets and their drinking. The weirdest thing is Nicole and her super defensive behavior about her drinking. As Jay points out, "What are you doing when you're not here?"

The Fit Factor winner of the week is Kevin, who seems to be really giving his all. The blue team is finally in the lead over the red team!

Next episode promises videos from home and more Shar and Kevin drama- tune in!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 44: Insanity Challenge- Month 2

If you had asked me 44 days ago if I would be able to execute some of the exercises that Shaun T has been asking me to do in Insanity I would probably have laughed. I would have had a hearty chuckle, said "Really?" in the fashion that I am accustomed to, and done some 30 Day Shred.

Because 44 days ago I thought Jillian Michaels was the toughest trainer out there. Apparently there are many trainers that wear that moniker!

This pushing of my body, this intensity that I am working out at, this willingness to say "Yes!" and not "Really?" has opened up my eyes and I am having some major epiphanies.

Back in the old days, in my single lady days, I used to go to all sorts of classes and I would run and boot camp and pole dance- I would get totally inspired and motivated by fitness because it was a great distractor and occupier of time. When I was single, I would get super fit.

Then I meet someone, get cozy, and I gain some weight. Not a lot, but enough where I was like, "Huh?", and ponder why I wasn't where I used to be.

With moving in with my boyfriend this past June, I realized I had adopted that same mentality. I didn't want to work out in front of him because what if he thought I looked silly? Or he found out that I sweat? I quickly got over that because I like working out and had to get over this sudden shyness. I started working out again, I started this blog, I started the studying for my ACE certification, I started my Twitter account. I met all my blog friends and forum friends; People that encouraged me to get accountable. I felt I needed to push myself to be an example for those folks, to show them what was possible.

Through the Celebrate Weight Loss challenges, I started to push the limits to what I thought that I could do. Then I started watching all the infomercials for Insanity and I thought maybe that was the challenge that I needed to get the scale moving.

And I was right. The intenSati Warrior Challenge got me into the positive frame of mind to do this hard work, and Shaun T keeps telling me to dig deeper and really push myself beyond the boundaries that I have set for myself.

That is when the light bulb went off. I didn't lose weight because I was single! I lost weight because I pushed myself harder than I used to. When I pushed myself, I got the results that I wanted. Now I am seeing the results that I want in the mirror. My body feels strong, graceful, and powerful. I now know that this is the level that I need to be working out at, and I have already started to plan my workout regime for after the Insanity plan is over based on the structure of these workouts.

With careful planning and renewed dedication, I know that I can keep it up and not back track. I have even found a couple of bikinis- BIKINIS!- that I want to purchase and really wear in public. I am onto week 2 of the second month! Exhausted, but insane.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp- week 2- "Trust me. I'm a life guard."

The "celebrities" are back on the bus and heading to another exciting weekend at Boot Camp! I think it is interesting that this show chooses to let the participants live their regular lives off the camera during the week and then only tape them for about 48 hours. What's going on the rest of the time? The down time is the naughty time! And judging from some of their behaviors on camera during the "good" time, I can only imagine in horror what's going on at home.

Are you listening Bobby Brown? Bobby B!?!

This weekend's activities start with some water activities, much to Bad Girl Taneesha's dismay. Number 1, she can't swim and number 2, she is wearing a weave and can't get it wet. The challenge is as follows: the teams must paddle across a lake to a wooden raft. The raft has a military guy that is preventing the teams from rescuing a dummy that is attached to a chair. They have to get the dummy into the raft and get back to the shore. Then they have to drag the raft across the beach while drill Sergeant Harvey blasts them with a high power water cannon.

Sounds easy enough.

Sebastian pulled his groin during last week's gut checker and Shar is still suffering from falling on her back during the obstacle course, so they get to sit out. Since the red team won last week, team captain Jay decides that their team will go second so they can strategize during the blue team's turn. Jay is confident that they will rock this challenge because Nicole has a lot of water experience from being on Baywatch. I can't tell if he is kidding or not.

The blue team's Taneesha, Kevin, and Kaycee paddle out to the raft with little issue. Taneesha stays in the raft because she is afraid of the water, and Kevin and Kaycee are left to wrestle with the military guy and the dummy. When they get back to the shore, Harvey turns the water cannon on them and Kevin loses his pants and exposes his butt while Taneesha wails, "I'm from Brooklyn! I'm from Brooklyn!" to try and get Harvey to turn down the juice.

Then the red team's Bobby, Jay, and Nicole race their dingie out to the raft quickly. You think they have the advantage: they conspired to put the entire chair and dummy into the raft and then throw the chair overboard. What they forgot to do was untie the chair from the dummy, and dragged the chair through the water while Jay repeatedly hit Nicole in the head with his oar. When it is their turn to get the water cannon, Bobby's pants fall off instead.

Harvey reveals the results: red team beat the blue team by 25 seconds. Taneesha votes herself the dead weight since she wouldn't get out of the raft, and Harvey puts her to work. She has to build 50 sandbags and then carry them across the beach. The other team members get to sit and relax while she works. It is funny.

That evening, the teams gather round the old bonfire with their life coach Rhonda. She has asked each team member to bring something from their past that they are going to leave behind.

Kevin: size 40 inch Dickies that he bought because it was easier to buy a larger size than to lose the weight.
Nicole: a tabloid that has photos of her being heavy in a bikini. She wants to not give them any more cannon fodder.
Bobby: some crazy sequined "unhealthy" pants. He says they represent the time in his life when he was an addict. "You know I had to be high to buy these." He states that he is three years sober. Really.
Taneesha: a chain that she was wearing when she was arrested. She found out her boyfriend slept with her best friend and got her pregnant. She was arrested for freaking out on them- and to show how unstable she truly is, she starts screaming like a crazy person and running down the beach.
Jay: a really long black scarf. He says this item represents him hiding from life. He is not comfortable being gay, or masculine. He is hiding behind glasses, scarves, and his fat. And he doesn't want to hide anymore.
Kaycee: a pair a gym shorts. They were the shorts she was wearing when she found out she weighed 200 pounds.
Sebastian: a pair of jeans. He calls them his lazy jeans.
Shar: a waist cincher. She says she has been using it for all the stuff she has been holding in- and she doesn't want to hold anything in any more.

The next day the "celebrities" get to work out with Sensei Peter, a samurai expert who teaches them how to cut up watermelons with swords instead of smashing them like Gallager.

That night at dinner, Bobby Brown starts drinking and gets SMASHED. Like Gallager? Not sure. But apparently sober means sober from crack. Not from alcohol.

Then it is time for the week 2 weigh in. How have these "celebs" been doing? Dr. Ian has instructed the "celebrities" to keep a food journal during their time away. Some followed it to the letter and the results show that. And others?

Bobby: Last week: 199 lbs Today: 198 lbs Goal: 3 lbs Total Loss: 1 lb Next week's goal: 5 lbs

Kaycee: Last week: 196 lbs Today: 193 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 3 Next week's goal: 4 lbs

Nicole: Last week: 130 lbs Today: 127 lbs Goal: 3 lbs Total Loss: 3 lbs Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Taneesha: Last week: 240 lbs Today: 236 lbs Goal: 5 lbs Total Loss: 4 lbs Next week's goal: 5 lbs

Jay: Last week: 258 lbs Today: 251 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 7 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs

Sebastian: Last week: 223 lbs Today: 219 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 4 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs
Shar: Last week: 146 lbs Today: 143 lbs Goal: 3 lbs. Total Loss: 3 lbs. Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Kevin: Last week: 232 lbs Today: 226 lbs Goal: 5 lbs Total Loss: 6 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs

This week's winners were Jay, Taneesha, Shar, and Kevin. They kept excellent food journals and were making some positive break throughs. Bobby, Sebastian, and Nicole were all admonished for drinking too much. Kaycee was coached on not trying to lose weight the unhealthy way- she had weighed 165 when she got married and gained 50 pounds in 9 months. Bobby isn't keeping a food journal and is in clear denial about his alcohol abuse.

Team Jay wins again! Will the blue team kick it into high gear? Next week promises more melt downs, malt liquor, and madness! Let's tune in!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maybe I'll try Starbucks. . .

Hello loyal readers! I am reporting to you from my Iphone, not my fave mode of blogging, but a way to reach you nonetheless. Our apartment wireless router is not working, and my laptop is sitting on my desk feeling left out.

I just wanted to check in. Hi! How are you? Me? I am doing pretty good. . . Been working a lot. Still on my first week of my second month of Insanity. And it is TOUGH. Can't wait to post new progression photos of me so you can see how amazing this program is! I still hate winter and can't wait for spring.

Hopefully, the wireless situation will be fixed soon! Otherwise, it's off to my friendly neighborhood coffee shop. In the meantime, hope all is well!

Alison ;)

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 36: Insanity Challenge- MONTH 2!

I had an amazing Valentine's Day filled with delicious homemade foods lovingly prepared by my boyfriend who rocks my world. AND he bought me tickets to go see my second favorite Stephen Sondheim musical A Little Night Music starring Angela Landsbury and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Have I mentioned I am very blessed? I AM!

Today marked the beginning of month 2 in the Insanity rotation. I had to complete my third Fit Test and then do a new workout, Max Interval Circuit. Folks, I don't think I have ever worked out so hard in my life. It was twice as long as month 1's workouts and there were some combinations in there I didn't think I could do.

For example. . .one exercise was ski ab jumps in plank, followed by jumping push ups, followed by in and outs, followed by oblique push ups. I didn't even know I could do an oblique push up!

Here are the results of my Fit Test:

Switch Kicks: Day 1- 120 Day 15- 118 Day 36- 148

Power Jacks: Day 1- 56 Day 15- 53 Day 36- 62

Power Knees: Day 1- 102 Day 15- 110 Day 36- 114

Power Jumps: Day 1- 35 Day 15- 32 Day 36- 40

Globe Jumps: Day 1- 10 Day 15- 11 Day 36- 13

Suicide Jumps: Day 1- 18 Day 15- 19 Day 36- 22

Push-Up Jacks: Day 1- 30 Day 15- 34 Day 36- 45

Low Plank Oblique: Day 1- 55 Day 15- 74 Day 36- 78

I was amazed at how my progress has jumped! I will take photos tomorrow and make sure to show you what I'm seeing in the mirror. It is really blowing my mind. I'm also going to start up the C25K program again. I had to quit because of starting intenSati at the same time as Insanity- I'm crazy, but I'm not that crazy.

Let's get it on!

Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp- week 1- Meet the "Celebrities"!

I love love love reality television. And if you combine reality television with weight loss? YOU OWN ME. I will be your watchful slave. My DVR is aimed and ready for this new season of Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp. VH1 had me at Kevin Federline.

Weight loss is hard for everyone, but when you are a "celebrity" there are people watching you and waiting for you to fail. Look at Kirstie Alley and Carnie Wilson! The fact that these "celebrities" are willing to put themselves on national television to get healthy makes me respect them a little more. The contestants on The Biggest Loser are just regular folks that have chosen to come out of obscurity to get healthy. The contestants on Fit Club are people that everyone (well, mostly everyone) knows and have faded into obscurity.

Let's meet them!

Sebastian Bach was the lead singer of Skid Row, a pretty awesome 80's hair metal band. He also played Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde on Broadway. Yeah. That really happened.

Kaycee Stroh was the chubby dancing girl from High School Musical.

Bobby Brown is BOBBY BROWN. New Edition, it's my prerogative, Whitney Houston's ex. Also Star of Being Bobby Brown, another reality show gem.

Nicole Eggert, who dated Scott Baio, was on Charles in Charge, and was a life guard on Baywatch. And she still looks great- I am a little confused. . .

Jay McCarroll, season one winner of Project Runway and my favorite! He is HILARIOUS. And he knows how to accessorize. He was also my favorite on Project Runway. I love it when reality shows collide.

Taneesha Thomas. She was on Bad Girls Club. That's a reality show on Oxygen. I've never watched it, but I have seen clips on The Soup and it looks like a hot mess. And she is a hot mess.

Kevin Federline was a dancer and was in the movie You Got Served. And he was married to one Brittney Spears and is the father of her two children. He also was in that commercial for Brittney's perfume. And he was with. . .

Shar Jackson, who is the mother of two of Kevin Federline's children. She was with Kevin when he met Brittney Spears. She was on the show Moesha. I never saw it, but apparently it was popular.

And no one mentioned to Shar that Kevin was going to be on this show with her. I have a feeling that this could be an issue.

The celebrities arrive at the Fit Camp, and are greeted by every one's favorite drill Sergeant, Harvey Walden IV. He yells at them, they yell back, and then they get to change and it's time for the first challenge.

The challenge is an intense looking obstacle course. The contestants are competing against each other two at a time and as a team.

The first duo is Jay vs. Kevin- you would think that Kevin would have this in the bag, being a dancer and all, but because he is a smoker and has gained so much weight, he actually quits a few feet from the top of the course. Jay, the gay fashion designer, pulled everything he had out of himself and won!

Then it's Nicole vs. Taneesha, which seems a little unfair as Nicole is not in terrible shape. Nicole also says she loves working out, and she breezes through the course. Taneesha did try as hard as she could, though, which was impressive.

The musicians pair up next, and it's Bobby Brown vs. Sebastian Bach. I would have thought that Sebastian would smoked him, but Bobby s diligent and he tries to overcome his fear of heights. Sebastian actually wimps out, in his own words.

Kaycee vs. Shar seems like a fair pair. They are both about the same size and shape. Shar was in the lead, and then she falls on her back off the monkey bars. She really messed up her back, but she kept going until she couldn't go any more. Kaycee ends up winning the challenge. Jay and Nicole came to help Shar and she is touched by their outpouring of help.

Harvey lines up the teams to announce the winners: The red team of Nicole, Jay, Bobby and Shar, whose combined total of time was 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 11 seconds. The blue team of Sebastian, Kevin, Kaycee and Taneesha came in at 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 55 seconds. The blue team has to elect who was the dead weight, and they each nominate themselves. Harvey chooses Kevin to dig holes and bury stumps. He can't even dig one hole!

The teams retire to the mess hall for a little dinner action. There is a good table (grilled chicken)and their is a bad table (fried chicken). Dr. Ian Smith (author of the Fat Smash diet book) comes in to talk to the contestants about their eating habits, and Bobby Brown fails miserably. Not only did he eat the fried chicken and drank a couple of beers (wasn't he in rehab?) but he also ate the grilled chicken, too. Why does the show even offer fried chicken and beer in the first place? Sigh. Not even an Extra sugar free gum plug or a Bob Harper in sight.

Dr. Ian brings in a cake with Harvey's face frosted on it to show that a thin sliver of cake was equal to the amount of calories they burned during the obstacle course. Jay says hell on earth equals one piece of cake? Taneesha has to use some serious control to stay away from the cake- you can see her salivating over it.

After dinner life coach Rhonda Britten comes in to talk to the "celebrities" about their personal issues. She takes them outside to talk to drummer Rick Allen from Def Leopard and his wife who have started a drum group that acts as therapy called the Raven Drum Foundation. Drumming changes your blood pressure and your breathing and helps you get out your frustration and the things that are in your subconscious. They all have a therapeutic bongo session, and then it's off to bed.

The next morning, Harvey wakes the "celebrities" with a loud speaker and lots of screaming. They embark on a gut checker, which a series of super tough boot camp style exercises: crunches, burpees, push ups, running sprints. They will perform this series again at the end of the eight weeks to see how far they have progressed.

Shar talks to Rhonda about all the issues that are going on with her and the fallout from being with Kevin. She feels like her life has been robbed, and she wants it back. It looks like losing the weight will put her back in control.

So. . .to the weigh in. They will get their initial weight to see where they need to progress to over the next eight weeks.

Bobby: 199 lbs, 26% body fat Total Goal: 20 lbs, 21% body fat Next week's goal: 3 lbs.

Kaycee: 196 lbs, 41% body fat Total Goal: 30 lbs, 32% body fat Next week's goal: 4 lbs.

Nicole: 130 lbs, 27% body fat Total Goal: 20 lbs, 22% body fat Next week's goal: 3 lbs.

Taneesha: 240 lbs, 47% body fat Total Goal: 35 lbs, 37% body fat Next week's goal: 5 lbs.

Jay: 258 lbs, 25% body fat Total Goal: 30 lbs, 20% body fat Next week's goal: 4 lbs.

Sebastian: 223 lbs, 28% body fat Total Goal: 30 lbs, 24% body fat Next week's goal: 4 lbs.

Shar: 146 lbs, 34% body fat Total Goal: 20 lbs, 27% body fat Next week's goal: 3 lbs.

Kevin: 232 lbs, 33% body fat Total Goal: 30 lbs, 26% body fat Next week's goal: 5 lbs.

Red teams total weight: 733 pounds

Blue teams total weight: 891 pounds

Jay is named team captain of the red team and Kaycee is named captain of the blue team.

It is amazing that people with these numbers are considered overweightand obese in Hollywood. Especially when dealing with the numbers I see with The Biggest Loser. I am so interested in seeing what these "celebrities" do to lose weight and get healthy- and will it actually stick?

Friday, February 12, 2010


I mentioned last week that I received a massage for all of my hard work during my intenSati Insanity challenge. What I didn't mention is how I got to be so lucky.

One of my favorite websites is, a site that gives awesome deals on spa and salon services every Tuesday starting at $25. The good folks of the site contacted me and asked if I would like to try out one of their deals early and write a review that would be featured on their site.

Uh, yeah. Free massage! The gods of relaxation were smiling on me.

My massage was at Fine Living New York Ayurvedic massage, located off of 14th street and 7th avenue here in Manhattan. It is a tiny boutique space- it couldn't have had more than 3 treatment rooms- but it was so warm and cozy and inviting I was instantly at ease.

The owner offered me hot tea while I filled out a form that determned what my Dosha was-Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which are composed of five basic elements: air, space, fire, water, and earth. I was a mix of all three.

Based on that information, the practioner created a custom Abhayanga massage that consisted of oils and different strokes- and no, Willis didn't need to know what I was talkin' about. It was awesome!

As a workout enthusiast, the Ayurveda concepts and practice are like a yoga session without the yoga. I felt long, lean and relaxed after my hour was done.

I highly recommend Fine Living Ayurvedic. It's clean, the staff is polite, and their services are great and reasonably priced! Check out this week to try it out!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 31 and 32: Insanity Challenge- RECOVERY WEEK

I had a snow day on my blog! Wasn't that show of force by mother nature something else? HOO. That's why I love having a workout regime that I can do at home. Even with a gym membership, working out at home is smart! There is never any excuse you can use when your workout room is in front of your television.

I'm still in recovery with Insanity (sorry, just was watching Celebrity Rehab) and I feel myself getting stronger every day. I'm not the only one who is noticing- my boyfriend commented on my obliques being more pronounced. And during my bloaty lady time! That's a huge accomplishment.

If you are inspired to workout now, here is a link for some fabulous yoga poses you can do anytime, anywhere- and right now! Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 29 and 30: Insanity Challenge- RECOVERY WEEK

Oh, how my spell checker hates no longer hi lighting the word intenSati. . .

I am into my mid Insanity recovery week and it feels goooooooooood! I do the same workout every day until Saturday- Core Cardio and Balance. Favorite part? Shaun T keeps telling me to take it easy, to rest my muscles! No tuck jumps!

After this week I have another month of Insanity, and then it is time to try something new! But next week I shall be back at the Insanity and into my marathon training.

OH! Check in! I weighed and measured yesterday after intenSati was over, and I wanted to share that I am down 2 pounds, 2 inches off waist, 2.5 inches off hips, 1 inch off chest, gained almost 1/2 an inch in biceps, and down 1/2 an inch in both thighs since the 11th of January. Holler at your girl.

BL9- week 5- Yellow and Blue makes GREEN

This week's show started with a bang, or really a burst. Miggy's emotions bottled up and her appendix actually exploded. I don't know if this is Dr. H's medical opinion, but it is my completely non-medical opinion that this is what occurred. And somehow, the loss of her daughter last week AND her appendix this week enabled her tear ducts to start flowing. Miggy cried a lot this week.

The teams are unplugged from their Top Gun breathing apparatus and told by Ali the news about Miggy. Then she takes them outside for some more news- the yellow and blue teams are back on the ranch.

As we all remember, Bob and Jillian hid in the bushes and told the yellow and blue teams that it wasn't over yet- they would return to the ranch in one month's time to weigh in. Whichever team loses the greatest amount of weight gets to stay and compete.

Yellow and Blue look great and eager and ready to weigh in. But first. . .they get a personal last chance workout with Bob and Jillian. It's a "rite of passage" for each contestant, according to Bob. It's super intense, and of course they push themselves way further than they ever did at home. And everyone is surprised that they could push themselves so hard! Then it is right to the scale.

TWIST: Ali informs the contestants that not only will the team with the greatest weight loss get to stay on the ranch, but they also get immunity AND they get the only vote at the elimination ceremony. PERKS.

"God bless this game,"Jillian sighs. The weigh in results:

Cherita and Vicky- 24 pounds lost and 39 pounds lost
Sunshine and O'Neal- 25 pounds lost and 51 pounds lost

Yellow team wins! The blue team is going home, but they are confident that they will be able to further continue their journey at home.

Workout time! Bob and Jillian load their mind bullets into their mind guns and get started on Melissa and Daris. Melissa and Bob work one on one, and Bob is making it HARD for her. She cries. And cries. And screams like she is giving birth. What she has given birth to is Bob's new found respect for her because she didn't throw last week's weigh in, even with immunity. Jillian focuses on why Daris isn't bringing in the high numbers he should be bringing in. He is having major esteem issues, still thinking of himself as the funny fat guy. Jillian suggests he call himself the guy who lost 51 pounds in four weeks guy. Not as catchy, but I think it's more fitting.

PLUG #1- Jenni-O Chili time! The yellow team is quickly inducted into the world of semi-scripted commercials. Sunshine gives a brief monologue about why she loves stew during the winter, and Bob suggests using Jenni-O turkey to make chili. "Aren't you comforted?" he asks.

Then it is time for the CHALLENGE! In honor of the Superbowl, the contestants will choose one member of their team to hit tackle dummies back and forth until they reach 1,000. The winner will receive immunity, and the loser will receive a 2 pound disadvantage.

White Knight Mike gets into an Olivia Newton John groove, and uses his disco skills and massive reach to win the challenge. Poor tiny Sherry from the pink team loses and earns the disadvantage.

Back at the ranch, Miggy returns from the hospital, filled with saline and a hole where her appendix once was. The only exercise she is approved to do is walking. She walks 13 miles the day AFTER she has surgery. This lady is a machine. Apparently losing your daughter and your appendix will not slow a sassy Latina down.

PLUG #2- Stephanie and Sam are hungry. What to eat? How about Yoplait smoothies? Bob hears a package being opened and like a dog with a bag of dog food pops into the kitchen to make sure that the plug is going "smoothie". HA! That was a good one. :)

LAST CHANCE WORKOUT is called jab jump and bounce! John is out of the pool and back in the gym, and Bob offers these prophetic words, "I have a feeling John's gonna blow up the scale this week!"

Jillian takes aim at Ashley and gets into her head when she catches her slowly walking on the treadmill even with the 2 pound disadvantage looming over her head. Turns out that Ashley has some serious daddy issues: her father, who was very negative about Ashley's weight, died of cancer and she wasn't there until it was too late. Jillian allows her to unburden herself, but will it be enough to turn things around at the weigh in?

Before the weigh in, O'Neal gives Sunshine a lesson in crushing the other opponents, and then it is time to see who will persevere for another week.

Sunshine and O'Neal: 5 pounds lost and 5 pounds lost
Mike: 13 pounds lost
Ashley and Sherry: 9 pounds lost and 6 pounds lost (2 pound disadvantage)
Melissa and Lance: 5 pounds lost and 4 pounds lost
"I am disappointed in Lance. I am!" Melissa exclaims.
Daris and Cheryl: 12 pounds lost and 3 pounds lost
Stephanie: 5 pounds lost
Sam and Koli: 10 pounds lost and 6 pounds lost
Andrea and Darrell: 5 pounds lost and 8 pounds lost
Miggy: 5 pounds lost
John: 6 pounds lost

Unfortunately, John needed to lose 7 pounds to stay in the game. And since he is not in a team, the yellow team didn't need to have a vote. John is gone, and so is the brown team.

At the reveal, John has lost a total of 104 pounds, and has discovered that he loves Ji Jitsu. He is kicking ass and he is taking names.

Next episode is about the Olympics- timely!- and 2 contestants will be eliminated. BUM BUM BUM.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 28: intenSati Insanity Challenge- Last Day of intenSati!

I HAVE DONE IT! I have completed 4 weeks of intenSati with 3 classes (occasionally 4) a week with one leadership workshop and one writing workshop thrown in for good measure. It was a really amazing journey-one I will go into greater detail in tomorrow's post. But I must give you the website addresses for all things sati related: and

Check them out!

My present today for completing the challenge was this awesome shirt that says "If not now, when? 2010!" which was the chant that we said on the first day of the challenge.

It means a lot to have this shirt and the feeling that I was inducted into a little society of warriors! This challenge changed my whole outlook on what I was going to do this year. No more complaining, no more excuses, only saying yes! I am actually really really really excited about getting my ACE certification and being on my way in the fitness career I have always wanted. And eventually, I will make being an intenSati Leader apart of that journey.

But today is today, and after the close of the challenge I headed home and did my Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit with a new found sense of energy (where does it come from?) and said goodbye to Month ONE!

Recovery week this week and then onto month two! The warrior in me sees and bows to the warrior in you!

Namaste. . .

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 27: intenSati Insanity Challenge

Today I am experiencing something I haven't felt in ages.

When I was in junior high, I used to love going to the school dances. I was REALLY into head banging. I had long hair and I loved to flip it all around all crazy to whatever music was on. The next morning I would wake up and my neck would be so sore!

Yesterday's danceSati had this particular move where I whipped my head from side to side. As I said in my blog, I was pushing myself as hard as I could. And this morning I woke up and wouldn't you know that my neck was sore? No Nirvana or Pearl Jam required.

And since I took my rest day yesterday, I had Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs waiting for me today. CARDIO ABS! So, I used the heating pad on my neck and the knot I have in my left lat (I know, I am a hot mess), took some ibuprofen, drank a lot of fluid and a big glass of milk, and decided to take today as an opportunity to really gauge my form and do each exercise to the best of my ability.

The point is to be safe and smart- don't push yourself to the point of pain, but rather, use the workout as a way to loosen the muscles and get up a nice sweat. I would rather do that then give up and throw in the towel any day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 26: intenSati Insanity Challenge

I decided to do a double whopper of classes today- danceSati and yogaSati. Let me tell you- dance and yoga are NO JOKE to Patricia Moreno. NO JOKE! I was dripping with sweat, pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do.

I keep thinking about what Patricia said in strengthSati a couple of weeks ago: you have to try and push yourself as hard as you can. No drama- if you can do it, great. If not, it's not a big deal. At least you tried. I now have her voice in the back of my head whenever I am doing any activity and I honestly ask myself: am I pushing myself as hard as I can?

It's a whole new way to not be complacent.

However, in my attempt to be a super bad ass, I was super exhausted and decided to have my Insanity rest day today instead of Sunday. That way I am all geared up for the weekend and for the big finale of intenSati on Sunday.

Woop woop!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 24 and 25: intenSati Insanity Challenge

I actually forgot to blog yesterday! Me, without something to say. Actually, I got all wrapped up in an episode of Big Love and then it was time to go to work. Nothing like polygamy to make you forget all your troubles.

Yesterday I did Plyometric Cardio Circuit and today I did Cardio Recovery in my Insanity rotation. And I drank all my water for my intenSati challenge.

What is hard is getting myself to do BOTH workouts on the same days. I never knew that intenSati was going to be such a tough cardio challenge, and then to add that on top of Insanity was going to be such a true physical challenge.

I am proud to be able to have the well being, health, and strength to do both activities. But I am really pushing myself as hard as I can and I am a little relieved that one of my challenges ends of Sunday so I don't completely burn out. Whew.

I've said my peace. Now off!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 23: intenSati Insanity Challenge

I can't believe that the intenSati part of my journey is almost finished! That is sad.

Today I rewarded myself for all my hard work today (Cardio Strength and Resistance with Insanity) and all the water I drank for intenSati up to this point with an amazing Ayurveda massage.

OH GOD. It felt so NICE! You punish the body and then you reward the body. Okay, I don't think working out is a punishment and is it's own greatest reward, but getting a massage sure feels nicer. And I didn't sweat as much.

ONWARD. word.

BL9- week 4- Lady In Red

Flub of the week: Jillian called Sam "Sionne" (a contestant from another season that kind of looks like him) during Ziplock plug.

Mike's headband color this week: White
How much Daris' hair weighs: 7 pounds
Weirdest commercial: Mascara ad that claims skinny lashes are bad- was this targeted at the audience that sees skinny as good?
Quote of the Week: "With great power comes great responsibility." -Ali
Number of times she said it: 4 1/2

Is it really ONLY week 4? I feel like there has been so much drama that we are much much further into this season than just week 4. I have to remind myself that this show is about weight LOSS, not throwing weigh ins or lying or Gossip Girl.

A pop challenge starts the episode. Ali tells the contestants that they have to run around the ranch's presidential mile, grab a key card from a display of key cards, run back, and put the key card in a reader. The reader will then give a green check and the team will get a point, or the reader will give a red X and the team will get no points. Whichever team gets three green checks first wins immunity.

Guess who wins? Yup. The Red team. Once again we have to watch them dance around and hug each other and we know that they are stuck here another week. ANOTHER WEEK. Blurgh.

With their win comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY: they have three different handicaps to hand three different teams.

1.) No access to gym: Goes to John, who spends most of his time in the pool anyway.
2.) No elimination vote: Goes to Mike, who might be angry at everyone for telling him he is lazy.
3.) 2-pound disadvantage: Goes to Green Miggy and Migdalia, because. . .they had a really bad week last week and the Red team has a death wish.

You can tell by the Green team's warm smiles and open arms that they are totally cool with this decision.

Bob and Jillian are let in on the immunity issue, and Bob feels he needs to clear the air. So, he goes and talks to Lance and Melissa together and they like totally mad at each other and then Bob says let's try to be friends and Lance and Melissa are like okay and then Bob takes Melissa to lunge and then yoga so Lance goes with Jillian and Jillian talks to him about Melissa and Lance is like I totally hate you right now and Jillian is like fine and Lance is like whatever we aren't going to work out with you anymore and Jillian's like cool that and then Jillian goes and talks to Bob and says guess what the red team is your deal now and Bob is like what and then he tells Melissa to go talk to Jillian and Melissa is like you called me a liar and Jillian is like you are and Melissa is like I swear to Buddha and my third grade teacher that I didn't lie and Jillian is like let's agree to disagree. And then Brenda and Dylan FINALLY break up for good.

BREATHE. I think that covers it all. In a shockingly creepy plug for the Biggest Loser swap book, Melissa and Lance decide in bed that they should quit trying to fool everyone on the planet and they should work out with both Jillian and Bob. How this ties into them being in bed is still a mystery.

Then it's challenge time! Ali in her Tool Time Pam Anderson get up tells the team that they have to pull their window washer carts 120 feet in the air. Whoever gets there first wins calls to home for themselves and three other teams.

Red ALMOST wins this one, but the graycious Gray team wins, and then gives calls to the Red team (WHAT?), the Green team (WHAT?), and the Brown team. I guess Grey is protecting themselves from Green's switchblades and Red's craziness. Brown is just cool, I guess.

Bob then takes the players to a romantic lunch at Subway, and then it is on to the last chance workout, which starts across the street from Subway on a hill on the side of the road. The teams huff and puff their way up and down the hill, where Jill is waiting with not a pail of water, but wheelbarrows, kettlebells, and rocks for the second half of the last chance workout. I'm shocked that no one put an eye out.

"Let there be no yelling tonight," decrees Red team Melissa as they head into the FINAL WEIGH IN. Since they had immunity, will Melissa try to be sneaky and hold on to her weight for another week?

Melissa and Lance: 11 pounds lost and 6 pounds lost
"I can't game play!" she exclaims. BARF.
Mike: 15 pounds lost
Andrea and Darrell: 5 pounds lost and 10 pounds lost
Cheryl and Daris: 6 pounds lost and 6 pounds lost
Ashley and Sherry: 7 pounds lost and 4 pounds lost
John: 10 pounds lost
Sam and Koli: 14 pounds lost and 12 pounds lost
Stephanie: 6 pounds lost
Migdalia and Miggy: 4 pounds lost and 1 pound lost (and the 2 pound disadvantage)

Melissa smiles and says, "Hey Ali. Just so we're emphatically clear, 2 pounds didn't mean BLEEP tonight." Wow. She has death wish! Green gets all no you didn't, and Miggy tells Migdalia not to cry (of course) and at the dance for your life portion of the show, Migdalia tells everyone she wants to go home. Miggy wins! She gets to stay and Migdalia doesn't have to pretend she wants to be on the ranch anymore.

At the reveal, we see that Migdalia is still pretty heavy. But she is smiling a little more. And maybe without her mom around she will learn to open up and accept the help that is being offered to her. We'll check at the finale if she makes it to 140. . .

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 21 and 22: intenSati Insanity Challenge

Who has two thumbs and a serious case of the Mondays? This guy! I am gesturing to myself, in case you couldn't tell.

After the intenSati weekend I had, I was a little tired and a little grumpy to bring it with Insanity today. Especially when I saw what the title was: Pure Cardio AND Cardio Abs. CARDIO ABS! Lord. Where will I muster the courage? THE COURAGE?!?

I had to reflect upon my lessons from Sunday. I took intenSati with a new instructor, Erika (here is her twitter feed) who is amazing and inspiring. The class was HUGE and had maybe a million people in it. The energy was through the roof! I honestly don't know how I get this sweaty. I mean, I could feel the sweat dripping off of my chin onto the front of my shirt. GROSS! But kind of cool, too. I like it when I am that into something.

Then it was time to towel off and change for the Leadership Workshop that was hosted by Patricia Moreno and her friend and president of the Handel Group Laurie Gerber. Laurie is super adorable and ambitious and wants to save the world! One life coaching at a time.

I wish I had all night to tell you how much I learned from taking this class and how I can't wait to have more cash-o-la to take life coaching- because I can see how beneficial it can be and I want to shout it from the rooftops! But I actually have plans this evening and I have to cut it short.

I wanted to leave you with Laurie's tips on being a leader- they are amazing!

1.) A leader has clear vision- they have their vision locked in.
2.) A leader walks the talk.
3.) A leader's vision is all for the world and is connected to that.
4.) A leader puts themselves through hell PUBLICLY.
5.) A leader has courage.
6.) A leader can keep track of their mind.

Can you identify yourself in these steps? Can you see yourself being a leader?

Of course you are. :) So I sucked it up and did the Cardio Abs. And it was good.

If you are interested in learning more about the Handel Group, click here. More about intenSati? Click here. Wanna rock Insanity? Click here.