Sunday, October 30, 2011


Where does the candle go?
Halloween is tomorrow!  And if you need some inspiration for your pumpkin carving party, look no further than artist's Ray Villafane's creepy and funny carvings.  You'll never look at a pumpkin pie the same way again.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Food For Thought . . .and Halloween Candy Pros and Cons!

or rather drinks for thought.  I recently published a post about how far you'd have to walk to burn the calories in one sugary soda.  Here's a visual reminder about how far the walk could be.

And while you are walking around town, maybe you'll be tempted to buy some Halloween candy for trick or treaters or yourself.  ACE Fitness (my certification organization) has broken down the worst choices and the better choices to eat this Halloween.  My favorite candy, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, is one of the worst.  Grrr.  My least favorite candy, Marshmallow Peeps, is one of the better choices.  Why is it always like that!?!?  At least there is always moderation.

And if you are wondering why you should be limiting sugar for yourself and your little ones, watch this.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I am "F'd Up!" about today! NYC Pouring on the Pounds Campaign!

Ever wondered how much work it takes to burn off a sugar filled soda or sports drink?  Now you can know how far you'll have to walk to visit all sorts of NYC landmarks to burn off JUST ONE SODA!  Just one. 

Fat Alison used to drink 8 plus glasses of soda a day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL12- week 5- "Dr. Phil. Dr. Laura. Dr. Oz. Dr. Dre."

This is still on my bucket list.

Okay, so my week has been busy.  And yes, I fell asleep last week during the end of The Biggest Loser and I couldn't even remember who was eliminated!  So I quickly watched last week's show and I have a quickie break down for you, my loyal readers.

Here it goes, in 15 easy steps.

1.) This week's show was decided by Plinko.  Sunny won.  Her weight is the only weight that counts for the entire Black team.  Bob is going to Frisco, TX with her.  The Black team is alone. 

2.)  Everyone hates Jennifer.  She has "baggage".  What is going on behind the scenes and why can't we see this stuff!?!?

3.)  Bob doesn't want to go to Texas.

4.)  Bonnie will not stop bitching.  Apparently it is all Anna's fault.  For the first time, I really feel for her as a trainer.  Nothing is harder to deal with than an uncooperative client!

5.)  Bob makes Sunny's husband cry tears of joy.

6.)  Sunny falls off the treadmill.

7.)  Sunny takes Vegan of The Year Bob to a BBQ restaurant for dinner.

8.)  Bob rides a mechanical bull.  And he wears a cowboy hat.  He looks adorable.

9.)  Dol-vader breaks Vinny down after Vinny reveals his pet name for his stomach.  It's Cecil, by the way.

10.)  Bonnie bitches some more.

11.)  Bob returns to the ranch with his cowboy hat.

12.)  SUNNY BLOWS IT UP!  She loses 14 pounds, 5.81% BF to save the Black team.  They win their fifth weigh in in a row.

13.)  The Blue team, with only two members, beats the Red team.

14.)  The Red team is sent to the elimination room again, and they send home Courtney.

15.)  Courtney has lost 65 pounds since being sent home and looks GREAT!

The end.

Want to know what Courtney from season 11 has to say?  Here is her recap from!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Really? C'mon Wedding Workout!

I don't disagree with this video.  I just don't agree with it.  And why does it feel like something out of the Red Shoe Diaries?

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL12- week 4- "Happy feet! Happy Feet!"

This week's episode of The Biggest Loser is all about leadership and believing in yourself and believing that you can achieve most anything if you put your mind to it.  And the teams need this kind of encouragement, especially the Red team, who just let Patrick leave.

Ramon has taken the loss of Patrick the hardest, and can't seem to live with himself that Patrick was voted off. . .even though that was what Patrick had asked for.  Dolvett tells them not to fret and to get some rest, because they have a long day ahead of them tomorrow.

A long day of hanging out with past Biggest Loser contestants, that is!  Hannah from season 11, Adam from season 10, and Marci from season 11 come to visit the teams and show how it is possible to maintain their weight loss after they have left the confines of the ranch.  Hannah shows the Black team the joys of Jenny O Turkey, Adam takes the Red team on a sandbag hike where Ramon learns that he must become a leader by carrying the sandbags as a sacrifice for Patrick, and Marci shows the Blue team that just because they are older they can still kick some ass.  Marci seems like a 20-year-old next to these guys.  I mean Bonnie is like the Tin Man, poor thing.

After Antone quits whimpering, Bob talks with his team about the importance of changing their relationship with food.  THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!!  You can eat anything you want within reason.  There is a proper time and proper place for everything.  Learning how to differentiate those times is the life lesson that this show tries to teach.

Score one for the Biggest Loser!

Joe opens up to the group, sharing that he would stop at different drive throughs throughout town and eat all day secretly, and then go home and eat with his family.  He had been wrapped in that shame for years because he was afraid that if his wife found out she wouldn't love him anymore.  He is beginning to learn that he does deserve love and he is worth it.

We are all worth it.

Bonnie overcomes her fears of walking on the treadmill, Courtney overcomes her fear of being a disappointment by playing hoops with Dolvett, everybody is making huge bounds and strides with their inside training this week- just in time for this week's challenge!

The challenge is mail themed- snow, wind, rain, all that jazz- and the prize is letters from home.  The Black team wins again, but Ali announces that everyone is a winner and everyone will get to read their letters from home.  The Black team also gets some FaceTime chatting with their families.

There are a lot of tears and a lot of encouragement.  Weirdly, Antone doesn't want his family to see him cry because he wants him to think that he is staying strong for them.  Won't they be surprised when they watch the show!  Antone is The Biggest Cryer.

Last Chance Workout sees trainers in different elements.  Anna is FINALLY on the tennis court teaching drills (where she looks happy AND comfortable), Bob is in the pool teaching Joe to swim and making his team cry, and Dolvett is screaming to his team about losing each week, cajoling them to win a weigh in to the Black team at least one time.  Come on guys!  Let's go weigh in!

With a coffin nailing "I'm not worried about this weigh in!" from Coach Mike, the Blue team begins the weigh in.

Mike:  From 273 lbs to 268 lbs- 5 lbs lost
Becky:  From 214 lbs to 212 lbs- 2 lbs lost
Bonnie:  From 240 lbs to 233 lbs- 7 lbs lost  TOTAL:  14 lbs, 1.93% BW

Joe:  From 307 lbs to 301 lbs- 6 lbs lost
Sunny:  From 245 lbs to 241 lbs- 4 lbs lost
Antone:  From 389 lbs to 381 lbs- 8 lbs lost
John:  From 375 lbs to 366 lbs- 9 lbs lost
Jennifer:  From 289 lbs to 282 lbs- 7 lbs lost  TOTAL:  34 lbs. 2.12% BW

Courtney:  From 240 lbs to 237 lbs- 3 lbs lost
Jessica:  From 221 lbs to 219 lbs- 2 lbs lost
Vinny:  From 390 lbs to 382 lbs- 8 lbs lost
Ramon:  From 322 lbs to 311 lbs- 11 lbs lost  TOTAL:  24 lbs, 2.05% BW

Ramon has accepted the leadership mantle!  I guess there is a new coach in town, much to Mike's chagrin.

Blue team is in the bottom again, and this time Bonnie is the one in charge.  Who would have ever thought this would have happened!?!  Bonnie gets the single vote, and she sends the blustery self named captain of the Blue team's ship packing.  Women doing it for themselves, I suppose.  Girl Power!

Coach Mike has gone back to coaching his high school football team and has lost 70 pounds and is now spending more quality time with his wife.  He would also like to lose 100 pounds by the finale.

Next week:  I have no idea!  My DVR didn't tape and I had to wait to rewatch the show.  And of course, no previews on the On Demand channel.  It will be a surprise!  At least, I hope it will be.

Want to know what Courtney has to say?  Here is her two cents, from

Cereal Box Makeovers

Artist Ron English changed some of cereal's most famous faces to what they might look like if they actually ate the contents of their own boxes.  He then put the boxes onto supermarket shelves at a Ralph's in Venice, California.

It is said if you find one of the boxes, you can mail it to the artist and he will sign it for you.

I like Sugar Diabetic Bear.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Barbie in Real Life

Model Katie Halchishick, creator of the site Healthy is the New Skinny, was photographed for O Magazine to show how much plastic surgery would be required for her to achieve Barbie's physique

It's scary.

How do you all feel about plastic surgery?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL12- week 3- NFL WEEK

Take a former NFL player, make him a contestant on The Biggest Loser, and then you get to have NFL week!  Take a former Olympian, make him a contestant on The Biggest Loser, you get to have Olympic Training week!

I see a pattern here.

Week 3 of The Biggest Loser starts with a very dejected Blue team down 2 players and Anna in fear for her job.  I mean, I really didn't know how they were going to turn it around this week.  Becky can't carry the entire team!

No time to dwell- it's time for the first NFL week themed challenge!  The contestants find themselves on a football field with life size cut outs of their visages, complete with a large stomach hole filled with netting.  The contestants must throw a football into the stomach hole, eliminating their fellow players, last cut out standing wins.

Oh, and they have to compete with pro NFL players, too.

Winner gets $5,000!  Ali also tells the players the contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss at the end of the week gets two tickets to the Super Bowl.  Not a bad prize.

Courtney ends up winning the $5,000 over the smell of the testosterone, and Joe declares, "Every day is a good day on the Biggest Loser Ranch!"

Then it is time to darken the mood with a little one on one Bob and Antone time.  Of course, Antone was in the NFL.  I don't know if you all know that.  He is feeling left out because everyone is making such a big deal about the NFL players and no one is making a big deal about the fact that he used to be in the NFL.

I counted.  Antone and the word NFL or mention by others that he was in the NFL count: 21 times in 2 hours.

ENOUGH!  Time for some crazy high school marching band music and a team challenge!

This time the players are competing as teams to burn as many calories as possible in 4, 15-minute heats.  The Black Team annihilates the competition, burning 1,171 calories to the Red Team's 952 calories and the Blue Team's 764 calories.  Bob declines the spa day prize, and the team agrees they don't want to be thrown off track like others who have participated in spa days past.  Hello, Jennifer and Courtney from last season!

After the team challenge, the Red Team hanged out in Biggest Loser brand soaking tubs and talked about how much they love each other.  Translation:  The Red Team is getting eliminated this week.

After an NFL themed last chance workout, it is time for the Weigh In!

Courtney:  From 247 lbs to 240 lbs- 7 lbs lost
Vinny:  From 400 lbs to 390 lbs- 10 lbs lost
Ramon:  From 329 lbs to 322 lbs- 7 lbs lost
Patrick:  From 361 lbs to 350 lbs- 11 lbs lost
Jessica:  From 232 lbs to 221 lbs- 11 lbs lost  TOTAL:  46 lbs, 2.93% BW

Antone:  From 405 lbs to 389 lbs- 16 lbs lost
Sunny:  From 255 lbs to 245 lbs- 10 lbs lost
Joe:  From 324 lbs to 307 lbs- 17 lbs lost
Jennifer:  From 305 lbs to 289 lbs- 16 lbs lost
John:  From 393 lbs to 375 lbs- 18 lbs lost  TOTAL:  77 lbs, 4.58% BW

Bonnie:  From 247 lbs to 240 lbs- 7 lbs lost
Becky:  From 223 lbs to 214 lbs- 9 lbs lost
Mike:  From 290 lbs to 273 lbs- 17 lbs lost  TOTAL:  33 lbs, 4.34% BW

The Blue Team has saved themselves, Anna's job, and old man Mike won the tickets to the Super Bowl!

The Red Team heads off for a weepy elimination talk, where quitter Patrick tells them to vote him off (surprise) and they do just so.  He loses 91 pounds at the reveal, cooking with his wife, running police officer obstacle courses, and vowing to win the big marathon later in the season.  We'll see. . .

Next week:  BOB vs. DOLVETT!

Want to know what Courtney has to say?  Here's her recap, courtesy of!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Free Flexor Latest in Shake Weight Technology

I really can't believe that someone invented this and didn't get in on the joke.

Introducing the Free Flexor.  Make your muscles cry. . .when you don't call them the next day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ghost of Jillian Michaels Haunting Biggest Loser Campus?

Brandi from gets the inside scoop from newest trainer Dolvett Quince.  Personally, I think it is Old Man Witherspoon.