Monday, January 30, 2012

The Biggest Loser- #BL13- ONE HOUR LOSER!

Due to the President's address, The Biggest Loser only ran for one hour as it does every so often.  I feel this just proves that the show really could be one hour, even with in show plugs!  But NBC must make a fortune in advertising from this program- how many other reality shows are two hours?  Besides The Bachelor?

Because it was only one hour, there wasn't even time to mess around with the theme song- so let's get on with it!

  • The show opens with the "Gym versus No Gym" concept and challenge.  The winners get to use the gym, the losers get to work out outside.
  • The Black Team must have REALLY wanted to work out without the gym because they got EVERY QUESTION WRONG in the challenge.  I have to say that the questions were challenging.  I always thought that carrots would have more vitamin C than cauliflower or that chicken had more muscle building protein than fish.  I would have spent my time knee deep in mud pits just like the Black team.
  • Red Team wins the challenge, causing Santa Roy and Chris to get into an argument.  Which causes Chris to lock herself in the bathroom and threaten to quit.  What is wrong with these people!?!
  • Bob comes in to talk to Chris and tells her to SUCK IT UP.  Let down your walls, stop being afraid, and realize you are on NBC's top rated show and you can't hide in the toilet.
  • We are treated to a "24"-style montage between gym and no gymers.  Unfortunately the weather looked unseasonably cold for Southern California and the Black team looks REALLY cold.
  • Chairs, canned goods, and sweatshirts make suitable replacements for gym equipment.
  • This week it is Conda vs Dolvett and Gail vs Bob.  Gail vs Bob is way more fun.  Gail skipping and crying is one of my favorite images of all time.
WEIGH IN!  Who "can" win?  See how I did that?

Emily:  From 244 to 235- 9 lbs lost
Chism:  From 332 to 320- 12 lbs lost
Cassandra:  From 212 to 206- 6 lbs lost
Jeremy:  From 358 to 347- 11 lbs lost
Gail:  From 302 to 297- 5 lbs lost
Chris:  From 222 to 215- 7 lbs lost
Megan:  From 240 to 238- 2 lbs lost  TOTAL:  52 lbs lost, 2.72% BW

Buddy:  From  363 to 353- 10 lbs lost
Roy:  From 278 to 272- 6 lbs lost
Kimmy:  From 203 to 197- 6 lbs lost
Mark:  From 266 to 255- 11 lbs lost
Kim:  From 230 to 220- 10 lbs lost
Nancy:  From 205 to 200- 5 lbs lost
Conda:  From 275 to 265- 10 lbs lost  TOTAL:  58 lbs lost, 3.19% BW

So the moral of the story is you CAN lose weight without the gym.  But you won't win The Biggest Loser.

Gail is sent home, and I am really sad because it should have been Megan.  I need entertainment and Gail is SO ENTERTAINING!!!!  Oh well.

Gail is looking sassy and slim having lost 56 pounds total.  All she wants is for Bob to tell her she did it.  Hopefully we will see that at the finale!?!

NEXT EPISODE:  Will the Aqua team and the Ascot make it back on to the ranch!?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fideo Friday! #4

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Biggest Loser- #BL13- week 3- FACE OFF WEEK

Don't you wish it was this kind of Face Off?
This week of No Excuses is "I have no time to be healthy". I don't know why this was the theme because all it tied into was one super lame Subway plug.  Subway is my healthy option when I don't have time to make a good choice?  FAIL.  Yes, it is healthier than eating a pepperoni pizza, I guess.  I thought we would have had some good recipe segments, maybe Curtis Stone would stop by?  But instead it is Face Off week where the red team and the black team face off against each other as individuals.

  • Chinese food is the temptation challenge.  It was really not tempting- it was all brown and fried!  YUCK.
  • Cassandra from the black team decides to eat and wins control of the game- all for the low cost of 60 calories from 2 fortune cookies.  She also earns a 2 pound advantage.
  • Cassandra was smart to eat:  If no one had eaten, each team would immediately go against their loved one on the opposite team.  NBC is not messing around- we need some drama!
  • Kimmy is a Chinese food alcoholic.
  • Turbo Tax is a new sponsor!  I don't know what paying your taxes and losing weight have in common except that they both suck.
  • Conda says Cassandra eating a fortune cookie is a sigh of weakness- what a bitch!
  • Right after the challenge black team Joe decides he misses his family and leaves.  He gets quite the earful from Bob who calls and bitches him out.  
  • Because Joe left, the black team loses the point for that weigh in putting them in the hole.  The black team is ANGRY.
  • Bob says that Joe is the first contestant to ever quit The Biggest Loser, but didn't Rulon quit?  Or was he asked to leave?
  • Gail vs Bob in the workouts is HILARIOUS.  His imitation of her crying is spot on- but some how over the course of the episode they become friends.  I smell a spin off!
  • Per Cassandra, fat people can't get into publishing.
  • Santa Roy rides his row machine like a sleigh!
  • Conda and Cassandra face off in a Bosu squat thrust challenge.  Cassandra wins and Conda accuses her of cheating.  They face off again and Cassandra beats her again.  FACE OFF.
  • After competing in a water themed challenge, the red team wins video chat with their families- very sweet.  Even I was moved, and you know how jaded I get.
  • Nancy sat out of the challenge AGAIN but got to talk to her family.  LAME.
  • Bob goes to visit the Aqua team and Adrian's ascot makes it's second national appearance!
  • At the weigh in, Ali's lipstick matched her burgundy velour suit.  Eek.

Emily vs Roy:  6 lbs vs 9 lbs- point to Red
Jeremy vs Lauren:  11 lbs vs 3 lbs- point to Black
Joe vs Nancy:  0 vs 2 lbs- point to Red
Chism vs Kim:  9 lbs vs 6 lbs- point to Black
Mark vs Chris:  8 lbs vs 4 lbs- point to Red
Megan vs Buddy:  8 lbs vs 9 lbs- point to Black
Gail vs Kimmy:  6 lbs vs 3 lbs- point to Black
Cassandra vs Conda:  8 lbs vs 3 lbs- point to Black

Conda gets schooled!  And she gets schooled by Dolvett who tells her she isn't doing all of her homework.  Which makes next episode look especially tasty!  The Black team wins the weigh in, forcing the Red team back into the elimination room.  So Nancy or Conda are going home, right?  No.  It's Lauren, Gail's daughter.  Kimmy's vote was the one that sent her home and she was competing against Gail.  OUCH.  I guess Kimmy gets the last laugh.

Lauren goes home and has lost 53 pounds and has learned to embrace her inner athlete.

Next week:  Conda vs DOLVETT.  Should be amazing.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fideo Friday!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Zumba DVD Review and Giveaway!

I was contacted by Shine from Yahoo, a website that "covers family, health, fashion, beauty, finance, career, food, relationships and much more", to review Zumba's Total Body Transformation System for their at home fitness segment on their Get It Guide.  How did they know that I am Zumba obsessed?  And that I love at home workout DVD's?  I'm as happy as a little girl!

I have only taken Zumba in person and was wondering how it would translate to an at home experience.  For those of you not in the loop, Zumba is a dance fitness class that uses international rhythms and non verbal cuing (no talking, more dancing!) to get your body to move and shake until you are all hot and sweaty.  I was skeptical before my first class.  I enjoyed dance but how would I fare with the sexy samba or sizzling hip hop?  After the class I fell in love and have been preaching the gospel of Zumba for over a year and just recently became a Zumba instructor.  I adore my instructors and classmates:  How could these DVDs be a similar experience?

The Zumba system comes with two one-pound toning sticks (they shake like maracas!) and six workouts:  Zumba Fitness Basics, Zumba Fitness 20-minute Express, Zumba Fitness Cardio Party, Zumba Fitness Sculpt and Tone, Flat Abs, and Zumba Fitness Live!  The exclamation point is theirs, but I was very enthusiastic with the amount of product that came in the box.  That is A LOT of Zumba!

The workouts are primarily hosted by the feisty Tanya Beardsley (my teacher at my training) and Beto Perez, creator of Zumba.  Zumba Fitness Basics introduces you to the steps and rhythms that will be used in the series, and once you have the moves you can pick your poison with the other workouts.  I liked the Cardio Party the best because it was the longest and had the most dancing.  The only thing jarring was the talking!  In class the instructor rarely speaks; instead, they lead by hand gestures and demonstrating the moves.  On the DVDs there is a lot of chatter.  It's not bad if you've never done Zumba before, but if you've taken a live class it kind of takes you out of the moment.  I love the feeling of losing myself with the music and I can't when I am listening to instruction.

I did enjoy the Sculpt and Tone DVD, but only for the toning sticks.  One pound weights are not challenging, but they do add a fun musical twist as you move around.  I loved the fact that the "sculpting" moves were set in time to the music like a body pump class.  I do wish they were heavier!  Unless you have zero experience with weight training you will soon outgrow the toning sticks.

Overall, I think this is a fun system that will get you results if you also watch your eating and you are consistent.  I think the DVDs are a great introduction to Zumba and when you feel comfortable, you should log on to (it's all over the box, the DVDs, and in the workouts) and find a live class where you can experience what it is all about!  It is way more fun than your workout has ever been!

Want to try it out for yourself?  Shine is providing me with one Zumba system to give away!  Simply leave me a comment below or tweet to me at my Twitter handle @fosterfitness and let me know why you want to try Zumba!  I'll choose the winner soon and Shine will send you your own kit to start your Zumba transformation!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Biggest Loser- #BL13- It's Just Gail!

The lovable scamp from The Biggest Loser:  GAIL!
Ah, the dreaded week 2 on The Biggest Loser!  Everyone knows that on the second week of the show it is notoriously hard to lose weight after the first week's big numbers.  Everyone knows EXCEPT Kim and Kimmy from the red team who gamble in a challenge that the red team will lose a total of 94 pounds at the weigh in.  That's a little over 10 pounds per team member.  Hardly anyone lost 10 pounds last week!

Aye aye aye.  The highlights!

  • The new nutritionist says a turkey sandwich has less calories than sushi and is more nutritious.  But a turkey sandwich is NOT sushi.
  • Mike not only sees sushi as a take home snack but also puts liquor in the shopping cart and chews tobacco.  The target has been set on your back, sir.
  • Jeremy's new nickname is Alfredo J!  Better than the old one:  Senior Pepperoni Nipples.
  • Gail is SUPER good at puzzles. (she's not super good at puzzles).
  • Can no one remember where they were standing in the photo puzzle?  It must have JUST been taken like five seconds ago.
  • Gail's idea of reality is a lot different than everyone else's reality.
  • When the nutritionist goes to visit the Aqua team, I thought they were married.  Turns out they are brother and sister!  Wow.
  • Aqua Adrian totally rocked an ascot on national television.
  • The nutritionist's fave adjective is great!  Mine?  Awesome.  Or gorgeous.
  • Dolvett and Bob are getting real catty with each other.  Dolvett tags the gym with spray paint and "steals" Bob's workouts.  Bob rolled is eyes a whole lot this episode.  Bob leaves the gym to escape the "toxic environment".  Get these guys a tampon and some chocolate!
  • Quote of the night by Gail: "Come on Bob.  I cant sit on this- it's too small!"
  • Mike further insures that he is being eliminated by opening up about his problems with half brother Joe, alcohol, and tobacco.  Not looking so good.
WEIGH IN!  Will the red team reach 94 pounds?

Kim:  From 239 to 236- 3 lbs lost
Kimmy:  From 210 to 206- 4 lbs lost
Roy:  From 292 to 287- 5 lbs lost
Lauren:  From 237 to 233- 4 lbs lost
Nancy:  5 lbs lost (fast forward- apparently these people aren't important.)
Conda:  7 lbs lost
Mike:  7 lbs lost
Mark:  8 lbs lost
Buddy:  9 lbs lost  TOTAL:  52 lbs, 2.09% BW

Wee woo.  Black team earns a 5 pound advantage and the red team didn't make their mark.  Looks like Kim may be going home, right?

Gail:  From 313 to 308- 5 lbs lost
Megan:  From 252 to 248- 4 lbs lost
Cassandra:  From 225 to 220- 5 lbs lost
Emily:  From 254 to 250- 4 lbs lost
Chris:  From 232 to 226- 6 lbs lost
Joe:  From 342 to 334- 8 lbs lost
Jeremy:  From 376 to 369- 7 lbs lost
Chism:  From 349 to 341- 8 lbs lost  (+5lbs) TOTAL:  52, 2.22% BW

If the red team had gambled correctly, they would have won!  CRAZY.  Chris has immunity and gives it to Santa Roy.  Mark has the highest percentage of weight loss so he is immune.  Who's going home on the red team?

Mike.  What?  Why not Kim or Kimmy?  If eye rolling and smirking burned calories Conda would be the thinnest person on the planet.  She was pissed that Mike called Alfredo J "tank" during the first weigh in and bitches and complains until Mike is sent home.  Because Mike needs less assistance, not more.

When we see him at home he has lost some, and promises to be Alec Baldwin and tobacco free by the finale.  Let's see!

Come live tweet with us during the show Tuesdays!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Miracle Product!!!

The hottest new weight and fitness trend!  It's not to be believed.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fideo Friday! #2

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Biggest Loser- #BL13- week 1- "The Place Where Dreams Come True!"

The sexy new face of The Biggest Loser, KIM!!!

Here we go again!  Not even two weeks have passed since the finale of season 12 of The Biggest Loser and NBC is throwing us another action packed season full of weight loss, tears, and puke.  Hopefully this season will have the drama that makes the show so fun to write and tweet about!

Instead of a long winded recap, I've decide to cherry pick my favorite moments each week.  Feel free to add your favorites in the comments section below or tweet me at my twitter handle, @FosterFitness.  You know I like to dish!

  • Wow moment #1- new contestant Kim in her pink bikini.  I mean, wow.  She was pretty hot.
  • Santa Claus is coming to the ranch and he is codependent.  AND REALLY HAIRY.
  • The best name of the season: Chism.  Yup.
  • Grandma Nancy has 13 children and 54 grand kids.  Ben has 9 children.  These contestants are getting busy, but not in the weight loss way.
  • Contestant Mark claims the first FACE PLANT of the season in the very first challenge!  CONGRATS!
  • The drinking game for this season is NO EXCUSES:  If you hear the term no excuses or the word excuses, take a drink.  You will be drunk in about 15 minutes.
  • Kim was a pro wrestler and Emily was an Olympic weight lifter.  These ladies are going head to head- I can't wait to see the cat fight!
  • Dolvett is so ripped this season my fiance said he could see his abs through his shirt.  And we don't have x-ray vision.
  • Fake vomiting is a new trend this season.
  • Planet Fitness is the first PLUG of the season.  Sorry, Jennie-O.
  • Ali drops the bomb that the couples will be AGAINST each other, not on the same teams.  I love this new twist!  No partners, and no excuses! *drink*
  • Bob and Dolvett have a score to settle.  Or Dolvett has a score to settle and Bob is like, "Oh, you are still here?"
At the first weigh in, the folks are smaller- will that mean bigger results?  Bob is nervous.

Gail:  From  322 to 313- 9 lbs
Chism:  From 361 to 349- 12 lbs
Megan:  From 259 to 252- 7 lbs
Chris:  From 240 to 232- 8 lbs
Jeremy:  From 389 to 376- 13 lbs
Joe:  From 357 to 342- 15 lbs
Ben:  From 396 to 381- 15 lbs
Emily:  From 264 to 254- 10 lbs
Cassandra:  From 239 to 225- 14 lbs  TOTAL: 103 lbs BW:  3.64%

Roy:  From 306 to 292- 14 lbs
Conda:  From 294 to 285- 9 lbs
Mike:  From 358 to 345- 13 lbs
Kimmy:  From 219 to 210- 9 lbs
Lauren:  From 246 to 237- 9 lbs
Mark:  From 291 to 282- 9 lbs
Nancy:  From 217 to 212- 5 lbs
Kim:  From 252 to 239- 13 lbs
Buddy:  From 403 to 381- 22 lbs  TOTAL:  103 lbs BW:  3.98%

Dolvett: 1  Bob:  0

The Black team heads to the elimination room where Ben volunteers to go home because he really didn't want to be there anyway.  Thanks Ben!  I'm sure there wasn't any other contestants who may have wanted to take your place in all of America.  Isn't there someone like this every season?  And if you are reading this and you are that person, could you NOT be that person?

Anyway, Ben has gone from 396 to 346, a total of 50 pounds lost.  He wants to lose 150 pounds and prove he can do it at home.  With 9 children and 1 more on the way!  God speed, Ben.

Next week:  GAMBLING!  Sounds like Game Play.  Me likey.

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Fideo Friday!

My very first video blog!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Train to be an @Intensati Warrior!

My hero, Patricia Moreno, has developed a new program of accountability! No time like 2012 to have the best year of your life so far, right? Here are the details in her words: It's very inexpensive ($75 for 6 months) and a powerful tool to make some serious changes in your life! Please check it out! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Beat the Winter Blahs Inside Outside

Another reason why I sometimes love this wierd and wacky city. Behold:

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Whatever happened to that Shay? gives us the skinny on Shay Sorrell and where she is now. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sunday Funday: You say you want a revolution?

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