Friday, December 31, 2010

A Reminder of Why I Do This

I have struggled with my self image my whole life.  Some days I am body positive, and some days I say horrible things about myself that I would never say to anyone else.  One of the reasons I decided to get into the fitness industry was to change others perceptions of themselves so that they never had to feel badly like I have.

It was with sadness that I read a little snippet in the newspaper at work this morning:  "Isabelle Caro, Model Who Battled Anorexia, Dies at 28."  I had read about Isabelle when she became the poster child for anorexia during fashion week a few years ago.

Isabelle Caro
Although the report I read was unclear about the cause of death, it is certain that her years of struggle with the disease of anorexia were a contributing factor. 

I am hoping that through this blog I can reach out to those who are struggling with eating disorders and body dismorphic issues and that we can all help each other heal.  Losing lives to such a powerful illness is a reminder to us all that food (or the lack there of) is powerful.

Let's be mindful as we start 2011 that we can be the change we would like to see in this world!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

For those of you not in the loop (present company not excluded), I have been stuck in California since Monday. Our flight was canceled, rebooked for Wednesday, canceled again, and rebooked for today. Now I am sitting in the terminal, listening to the boarding call, and all I can feel is a deep sense of relief.

How challenging it is to be out of your element! I love California, the hiking in the hills around the bf's family home, the sunshine, the lack of snow! But I miss my dog, my job, and my routine!

How many of you have felt on hold over the holidays? Ready for the fresh start of the new year? 2011 is going to be a great one, I can feel it!

Let's get it started!!!!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best and Worst Fitness Trends of 2010

What in the fitness world was hot or not in 2010?  Jess, wonder blogger from Fit Chick in the City, wrote an article for revealing the coolest and craziest trends of the year.  Oh, and yours truly got to put in her two cents, too.  I'm legit, y'all!

To read the article click on the link above, or read on!

Too bad funny doesn't burn more calories.
The Best and Worst Health and Fitness Trends of 2010

By Jess Underhill of Fit Chick in the City

#1: Health and Fitness Trend of 2010: Digital Fitness Games

Thanks to Xbox 360 with Kinect, you no longer have to worry about accidentally throwing a controller during a wild game of tennis or standing on a Wii balance board while doing lunges. The Kinect motion sensor detects your body movement during play, allowing for a controller-free game.

The Benefits: Video games are fun and can even be challenging (these 10 new games are our favorites)—especially if your whole family gets competitive.

Should You Try It? "If you have the cash, I would spend it on these products. Or, you can pick up a real soccer ball and take the kids outside and play in reality," says Alison Foster, an ACE certified personal trainer working at Equinox in NYC.

#2 Health and Fitness Trend of 2010: Mash-Up Classes

Bored with indoor cycling or lost interest in Pilates? Try Piloxing or Soul-Cycle Bands. Fitness centers started offering some of the most unique class combinations ever in 2010.

The Benefits: Mashing up traditional workouts such as boxing and Pilates guarantees you'll never complain about workout boredom again. These combos also challenge your muscles in ways you never thought were possible, helping you avoid plateaus.

Should You Try It? "These mash-ups are fun and make for a more well-rounded exercise session than each would on its own. If you're interested in getting good at a specific discipline, stick with taking that class on it s own," says Nerijus Bagdonas, an ACSM certified personal trainer and owner of Nerijus Fitness.

#3 Health and Fitness Trend of 2010: Insanity Workout and P90x Workout

The Insanity Workout and the P90x Workout offer a diverse library of fitness DVDs to get you in amazing shape at home. With P90x, you get 12 tough workouts that are rotated throughout a 90-day program. The Insanity workout consists of 10 different routines that are rotated throughout a 60-day program.

The Benefits: These high-intensity workouts are guaranteed to kick your booty. You're likely to learn new moves, improve endurance and lose weight if you complete them . Bonus: You don't need much equipment, so they're perfect to do while traveling or at home. (Still not convinced? Read this!)

The Drawbacks: Since P90x and Insanity are very high-intensity workout programs, they're not recommended for beginners.

Should You Try It? Foster says, "If you don't have a gym membership but you currently work out at home and are looking for a new challenge, this workout is for you."

#4 Health and Fitness Trend of 2010: Zumba
Zumba classes combine Latin dance moves with more traditional exercises in a dance party atmosphere. According to Zumba, more than 10 million people take these dance classes each week (what are the chances that that many people are wrong about how fun it is?).

The Benefits: This workout raises heart rates and moods: Advocates say Zumba class is more like a party than a workout class.

The Drawbacks: If you have two left feet, you may struggle to stay in step long enough to work up a sweat.

Should You Try It? "Sure—if you like to shake your moneymaker. Zumba is offered almost everywhere there's a flat surface and a boom box," says Foster. (See what more fitness experts say about the benefits of Zumba.)

#5 Health and Fitness Trend of 2010: Pole Dancing and Burlesque Dance

Nothing is sexier than feeling strong and confident. That's why women are flocking to these dance classes—to learn dance moves, build strength and get an intense cardio workout. (Check out this bonus sexy workout that tones your entire body.)

The Benefits: These sexy classes boost your self-confidence and teach you to appreciate your body while increasing your overall fitness level. Pole dancing also strengthens your core and your upper body.

The Drawbacks: You won't get a total-body workout, but pole dancing and burlesque dance classes are a nice complement to a well-rounded workout schedule.

Should You Try It? "Yes! At the end of class you'll feel like a rock star and learn some sexy tricks for outside the classroom," says Foster.

#6 Health and Fitness Trend of 2010: Fitness Apps for Smart Phones

Don't want to spend $300 on a GPS to track the distance and speed of your run? You don't have to! There's a smart phone app that does it for a fraction of the cost. From tracking calories to timing your meditation session, there's a smart phone app ready to help you meet your fitness goals no matter where you are.

The Benefits: Easy-to-use and inexpensive apps make your workouts more mobile. Plus, if you have a fitness app on your phone, it's a constant reminder of your fitness goals. (Go mobile with these SHAPE fitness apps.)

Should You Try It? "If you have a smart phone, it is a great investment to never have a reason not to exercise," says Foster.

#7 Health and Fitness Trend of 2010: Barefoot Running

People everywhere are trading in their pillowy running shoes for "gorilla shoes," thanks in large part to the best-selling book Born To Run. Supporters of barefoot running argue that modern running shoes cause people to use unnatural form, and therefore cause injuries.

The Benefits: Running barefoot can strengthen tiny muscles in your feet, ankles and legs that running in ordinary shoes can't, which may decrease running-related injuries.

The Drawbacks: Many people switch to barefoot running too abruptly, and they end up injured. "People don't realize it's a difficult transition from spending 30+ years walking around in soled shoes to running barefoot. It needs to be a slow transition," says ACE certified personal trainer Joshua Margolis of Mind Over Matter Health and Fitness. (Learn more about the science behind barefoot running here.)

Should You Try It? Only if you're willing to transition to barefoot running over time and work on changing your running form, not just your running shoes.

#8 Health and Fitness Trend of 2010: CrossFit Workouts

CrossFit workouts combine athletic movements into effective 20-minute routines. Devotees are assigned a WOD (workout of the day) by logging in to the CrossFit website or going to a CrossFit gym, where they use equipment like Olympic rings, climbing ropes, kettlebells and medicine balls.

The Benefits: CrossFit is a great way to complete a high-intensity full-body workout when you're short on time. The specific WOD solves the problem of not knowing what to do at the gym.

The Drawbacks: The WOD is the same for everyone.

Should You Try It? " I believe in adjusting a workout to meet a person's needs, not making every person adjust to the same workout. Some of the workouts are good, but I would not recommend it as a whole," says Bagdonas.

#9 Health and Fitness Trend of 2010: The Shake Weight

The Shake Weight wins the award for the most talked (and laughed) about fitness trend of 2010. The Shake Weight claims to "increase muscle activity by more than 300 percent when compared to traditional weights." But like many other "as seen on TV" products, we suggest doing your research before you buy.

The Benefits: It's perfect to bring as a "white elephant" gift to a party.

The Drawbacks: You can't spot train your arms—or any other body part for that matter!

Should You Try It? "Buy a real set of dumbbells and pump some iron," Foster says. New to strength training? Here's everything you need to know to start lifting weights.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Now that the snow has settled. . .

Hello, friends! Looks like my trip to California for the holidays just got a little longer. Did you know it snowed overnight in New York? Maybe an inch or two is rumored. . . anyhoo. Here's a reminder to get in some exercise today. Or at least a laugh if you are stuck indoors.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

May you get all that your heart desires.  Like this little boy. . .

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Choosing the RIGHT Thing at the Airport!

Many of us are going to be traveling by plane, train, or automobile over the next few days.  Just a friendly reminder from your favorite fitness friend about the things to be aware of!

1.) FAST FOOD- McDonald's, KFC, Sbarro-- if you don't usually eat it, don't "treat" yourself because it is a holiday.  Remember you are going to be sitting for hours.  It doesn't burn as many calories as you think.

2.) CHIPS/COOKIES/CANDY-- Why mindlessly munch on non healthy treats?  Choose fruit, nuts, or organic fare.  And just because you aren't at the grocery store doesn't mean that you can't read the labels.  Label reading usually helps you choose wisely while on the road.

3.) EAT FRESH!  Avoid the stuff that has been sitting around non refrigerated.  Jet Blue has great fresh selections- check out what I bought to snack on for my six hour flight.

I know all the ingredients in this stuff- no preservatives here!  I also skip on the sauces and dressings.  Let's save the calories for something fun.  Maybe a travel size bag of Blue Terra Chips?

Make mindful choices this holiday season so you don't have to detox come January.  We can do this together!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Why Wait?

Happy Monday Morning, y'all!

I was in a funk yesterday, and I had to have a good night's sleep to shake it off and try to figure out WHY I was feeling blue.  And this morning the answer popped into my head- WHY WAIT?

Yes, it is the holiday season.  And every holiday season, everyone throws caution to the wind and eats all willy nilly and gains weight and feels like crap and decides that January is the time to start fresh.


I was feeling frustrated because a lot of my new, soon to be clients at the gym all want to wait until January to start living a better, healthier lifestyle.  It took me a long time to get where I am now, and if I could go back in time and talk to fat Alison, I would tell her not to wait until tomorrow.  That all I want is on it's way--if only I could grab the reigns TODAY and make it happen!

That is my holiday wish for you all, dear readers.  Don't wait until January 1st to start your journey to health and wellness.  What is you went for a walk today?  What is you pulled out that yoga DVD, what if you went to the gym and took that Zumba class, what if you passed on the cookies at the holiday party?  How would you feel TODAY?

Feeling good today beats the pants off of feeling better two weeks from now.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Walken for your Weekend

Sure it's Saturday-- but don't be lazy!  Get out there and move. . .even if it's a little Walken around the mall or out in the cheap showiness of nature.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Casual Friday

What if we had all the social media gizmos and gadgets during Baby Jesus' time?  8 pound, 3 ounce Baby Jesus, in his golden fleece diaper. . .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Biggest Loser-season 10- FINALE!!!!

Wow, another season of The Biggest Loser has concluded.  Can you believe it?  Well don't get too sad:  The eleventh season of The Biggest Loser starts on January 4th.  Otherwise we may go into withdrawal.  Or the show needs to single handedly get everyone that is overweight in America on the show so they have to get crack-a-lackin' to get as many seasons as possible.

SO!  The finale.  Lots of excitement, lots of confetti, lots of questionable fashion and hair choices.  At the end of the day, I want to focus on the best parts of the show:  The winners!

Winner #1:  Ada Wong!  She beats Elizabeth in the at home vote and secures her spot in the final three.

Winner #2:   At home Winner Mark takes home $100k!

courtesy of
Winner #3:  The nine out of fourteen contestants that beat Elizabeth in weight loss.  She looked good, but there were plenty of others that were more deserving of that final spot! (Also the 4 girls that beat Brendan!)

Mark:  From 421 lbs to 208 lbs- 213 lbs lost- 50.59% BW
Rick:  From 350 lbs to 185 lbs- 165 lbs lost- 47.14% BW
Adam:  From 402 lbs to 220 lbs- 182 lbs lost- 45.27% BW
Jesse:  From 369 lbs to 203 lbs- 166 lbs lost- 44.99% BW
Aaron:  From 468 lbs to 296 lbs- 172 lbs lost- 36.75% BW
Lisa:  From 288 lbs to 191 lbs- 97 lbs lost- 33.68% BW
Anna:  From 330 lbs to 221 lbs- 109 lbs lost- 33.03% BW
Jessica:  From 282 lbs to 190 lbs- 92 lbs lost- 32.62% BW
Brendan:  From 362 lbs to 245 lbs- 117 lbs lost- 32.32% BW
Elizabeth:  From 244 lbs to 173 lbs- 71 lbs lost- 29.10% BW
Burgandy:  From 231 lbs to 167 lbs- 64 lbs lost- 27.71% BW
Tina:  From 263 lbs to 191 lbs- 72 lbs lost- 27.38% BW
Sophia:  From 272 lbs to 207 lbs- 65 lbs lost- 23.90% BW
Allie:  From 322 lbs to 248 lbs- 74 lbs lost- 22.98% BW

Winner #4:  All three finalists- they looked great!

But it all comes down to numbers at the end.

Ada:  From 258 lbs to 159 lbs- 99 lbs lost- 38.37% BW
Frado:  From 367 lbs to 205 lbs- 162 lbs lost- 44.14% BW
Patrick:  From 400 lbs to 219 lbs- 181 lbs lost- IT DOESN'T MATTER-- HE WON!!!

Here's some of Patrick's thoughts, courtesy of

Want to know what Shay has to say?  Here's her vlog from!

So here's to a new season with new trainers and more drama--hopefully the good kind!!!  2011-#BL11!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sugar Plum Scary

Okay, first of all I want to be applauded for my punny title.  I know, right?

Now, seriously. . .

Bad Ass Black Swan
I watched the movie "Black Swan" this weekend, and although it was an amazing movie and I couldn't wait to recommend it to everyone, I knew that my client's at the gym were going to start coming in asking for Natalie Portman's sleek physique.  I find ballet dancers to have beautiful bodies and I respect the hours of training it takes to appear like it is so easy, when I know from my limited ballet training in college it most certainly isn't.

Eating disorders and body dismorphia are common problems in the dance world, so it is no wonder there has been such a public outcry when a New York Times critic called Jennifer Ringer, the dancer playing the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker, fat.

Jennifer Ringer

When you watch her interview and see her dance, you are going to think this guy is out of his f-ing mind.  I would have wanted an apology, but that's me.  If anything, Ringer is getting the last laugh.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Saturday!

And it's my day off.  Have a good one.

Funny Baby Pictures - I wonder what's on TV?
see more Tots and Giggles

Friday, December 10, 2010

Puma BodyTrain Review

Sexy sneaker maker Puma has thrown it's shoes in the ring for the toning shoe market.  The shoes are called BodyTrain, and promise to be light weight, have a cool profile so you will want to wear them, and increase toning of your legs and buttocks.

I have read the reviews from ACE that toning shoes don't actual increase toning more than regular running shoes, but I have to say after wearing toning flip lops over the summer, I actually felt my legs working harder than in traditional flip flops.  When Puma reached out to me to try out their BodyTrain shoes, I was excited and skeptical:  Would I really notice any difference?

Heather from Puma sent me some adorable white mesh and purple patent BodyTrain shoes to sample.  The first thing I noticed was that they were cute!  I actually wanted to put them on.  Other brands I have seen are clunky and almost Frankenstein looking. 

The shoes are very light, and when I put them on I immediately noticed the negative heel.  According to website, "Developed by Danish yoga instructor Ann Kalso in the 1950s, the [negative heel] shoes mimic the traditional Tadasana, or mountain pose, taking the stress off one’s back, hips and knees and putting it on the leg muscles where it belongs. Walking in negative heel shoes gives the whole body a workout, similar to walking up a slight incline. The calf muscles are stretched, extra calories are burned, and parts of the body not usually involved in the walking process are engaged and exercised. Even standing still places one’s body in proper yogic alignment, a bonus for people looking for simple ways to incorporate more exercise into their daily routines."

I wore the BodyTrain's to my floor shifts at the gym and noticed they kept my pelvis in more neutral alignment.  I typically tend to stand with my knees locked and my pelvis in posterior tilt-- the shoes definitely made me more aware of my posture.  They were light and comfortable to wear.  As far as the toning effects, I did think they made my calves look more shapely than my traditional running shoes.  And any shoe that promotes more activity is a plus in my book!

Puma Bodytrain is available exclusively online and at Lady Foot Locker stores.  For more details and a location near you, go to

Oh, I can't wait!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Biggest Loser-season 10- week 12- VOTE FOR ADA!!!!

A slight spoiler.  If you didn't watch this final episode of The Biggest Loser before the finale, let me make a long story short:  Ada Wong needs your vote to get into the final three. 

How did we get here?  What happened to Ada the Terminada?  Let's start at the very beginning (I've been told it's a very good place to start.).

Ali sends the Losers home with DVDs to watch and an extra bonus to Frado:  Curtis Stone comes to his house to cook a healthy meal for his family.  How this "meal" changes into something completely different is a subject for another paragraph.

Elizabeth heads to Lawrence, MA, Ada heads to Gilroy, CA, Frado heads to Staten Island, NY, and Patrick heads to Vicksburg, MS (via steamboat, obviously) to meet with family and friends and have many tearful montages.  And this is the point where I got really weirded out by the episode.

When they showed Frado's home, I was surprised.  He lives in a lovely, HUGE Staten Island home with an in-ground pool.  Do you know how much a home like that runs?  Those homes can be in the million dollar range!  Then I saw his thin family, his Navajo themed television watching room, his position on many well deserving charities that had a banquet hosted by Frado and cooked by Curtis Stone (paying it forward, they say) with obligatory book signing of Curtis' cook book, and it got me thinking.  And I talked about this episode at my job the next day and my co-workers agreed with me.

Whether I like Frado and his game isn't in question.  I wasn't crazy about how he ran the game, however,  I don't feel someone in his financial position should be given the same opportunities as say a Patrick who is unemployed and desperately needs the money or an Elizabeth that lives in a tiny apartment.  Everyone who suffers from the disease of obesity or diabetes should be able to get the help they need, and for some, The Biggest Loser MAY be their only hope (although we have seen plenty of people getting healthy at home on their own).  Frado is surrounded by many creature comforts and a family who supports him.  He doesn't come from an obese family.  From the looks of it, Frado was the anomaly in his family.  Couldn't he have hired a nutritionist and a personal trainer and left the grand prize to Patrick or inner city school teacher Brendon?  Why does Frado even need to be on the show?  According to NBC's website, Frado is a futures commodities trader.  Looking into what this job pays, I found this quote on "The excellent salesmen and very good traders tend to make in excess of $100,000 a year. A small percentage of them make well into six figures and sometimes seven figures."

Should NBC allow contestants that have their own means to lose weight compete on this show?  In my opinion, I say no.  And would the other players have chosen differently if they were fully aware of his financial status?  The common ground is that they are all heavy and haven't been able to do what they need to lose the weight.  Frado seems to have all the necessary tools.  The other contestants?  No support at home, no self esteem, no job or money:  Those seem like pretty big obstacles to weight loss.

Maybe it was sour grapes the rest of the episode, but I was not terribly interested in the marathon.  I would love for the show to shake it up and try a new challenge, like a triathlon or mountain climbing or something that would be more fun to watch!  I decided just to touch on my favorite highlights of the episode.  That impassioned Frado speech took a lot out of me!!!
  • Ada's confrontation with her parents after they watched her DVD may have been one of my favorite moments on this show EVER.  That s#&t was REAL.
  • Patrick cleaning the house with his kids.  Super adorbz.
  • Jillian almost hitting Ada with her SUV when she came to visit.
  • Elizabeth getting SCHOOLED by Jillian for not working out and moving in with her boyfriend instead of focusing on herself.
  • Bob's cue card placement on his trainer tip--what was that cue card guy thinking?
  • Elizabeth's Jenny-O turkey bacon plug.  AWFUL.
  • Ada's six minute potty break during the marathon.
  • Jillian's porno, I mean, commercial for
  • Ada beating Tara Costa's marathon time- 4 hours and 38 minutes is amazing!
  • Ali's Falcon Crest blouse at the final weigh in.  It was. . .very leopardy.
At the almost final weigh in, the results were a little surprising.  After six weeks at home, how did the Losers fare?

Patrick:  From 279 lbs to 244 lbs- 35 lbs lost- 12.54% BW
Frado:  From 248 lbs to 221 lbs- 27 lbs lost- 10.89% BW
Elizabeth:  From 192 lbs to 177 lbs- 15 lbs lost- 7.81% BW
Ada:  From 179 lbs to 167 lbs- 12 lbs lost- 6.70% BW

Now it is America's turn to choose who will be in the final three!  Please vote for AdaPLEASE?

Want to know what Shay has to say?  Check out her vlog, courtesy of Diets in Review!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I will do after the finale of The Biggest Loser

I am always looking for shows to fill the gap.  That's how I found Thintervention and my favorite guilty pleasure, Bridal Bootcamp!  Oh, I miss Cynthia Conde!!!

This is what I am watching this winter:

1.)  Bridalplasty (E! Channel)

A bouquet of injectables!  Roses are so passe.

Yes, Virginia.  I am watching this show and it proves that there may not be a Santa Claus if he has had lap band surgery and a tummy tuck.  I haven't reviewed this new E! Channel show yet (it just aired it's second episode) but I have been watching it.  I am really appalled yet intrigued.  And there is a former cast member of The Biggest Loser on the show-- wonder what Bob and Jillian think about that?

2.)  I Used to Be Fat (MTV)

Call it Biggest Loser Junior, this show chronicles teens losing weight the summer between high school and their first year of college.  What will happen to the Freshmen 15?  I am really looking forward to this one.  It airs December 29th, just in time for those holiday resolutions to be made.

3.) Heavy (A&E)

I can't tell much about Heavy from the title, but from the preview it seems to be an Intervention-style weight loss show.  I like Intervention and didn't like Kirstie Ally's Big Life as much, so I am hoping that there is a place in the middle where this show can settle.  Just not around the abdomen.

I will be watching and blogging, so make sure to join me in the conversation!  If there is a show I should be watching, shoot me a note and let me know.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Somebody has got a case of the Mondays!

loldogs, cute puppy pictures, crankiness, I Has a Hotdog
see more dog and puppy pictures

Oh, blurgh.  Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed?  Or the cold weather:  I haven't seen the sun in a little while!  Whatever the case may be, I have a serious case of the Mondays.

One bright shining light is I did my first pt session with one of my managers today and it went well!  I was so nervous and I had been doubting myself.  What if I didn't do well and I lose this great opportunity?  As it was, I was ranked a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10.  Not bad!

Anyway, how about a little funny ha ha?  I need some levity!

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Funday!

This is just. . .really odd.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Refine Method Recap!

One of the greatest feelings is when you are on a waiting list and you get to be put on the real list.  That's what happened to me this week when I got to go to a free Refine Method class courtesy of Dori, writer or Dori's Shiny Blog!

Brynn Jinnett
So, what is the Refine Method?  Brain child of Brynn Jinnett, former ballerina, Refine is a melting pot of all things Lotte Berk Method, Physique 57, Core Fusion, etc., with it's own special twist:  A wall mounted pulley system comprised of resistance tubing that allows resistance training in a full range of motion.  Brynn was incredible knowledgeable about good form and posture, and I was impressed with her ability to get a room full of mostly new students to be on the same page so quickly.

Refine Method incorporated elements of ballet, yoga, resistance training, and some heart pumping cardio bursts.  I really liked all the props we used, especially these little "furniture mover" pads we placed under our feet for a lunge and plank session.  They made you really engage your muscles to keep from slipping!  At the end of the class we put a resistance band around our thighs and squeezed our butts until I couldn't feel mine anymore.  I don't think I have ever worked my booty so specifically!

Besides the workout, I really enjoyed getting to finally meet Dori in person, and I also met another Ali who is a blogger ( , blogger Melissa (, and crafty girl Fiona:  We had a really good time not trying to kill ourselves with the pulleys.

Here's a photo, courtesy of Ali!

Thank God Melissa is shorter than me.  How come everyone is so tall!?!

 Want to try out Refine Method for yourself?  Here are some deets from their website:

We are currently offering two specials for new clients:

Complimentary First Class: Come try us out! Your first class is free.

New Client Intro 10 Pack: New clients may purchase 10 classes for $100.00 ($10.00/class). This package activates upon first visit after purchase and expires 1 month after activation.Pay-Per-Class; Class Series:

Description Price
Single Session $25.00
Class 5-Pack $125.00
Class 10-Pack $250.00
Class 20-Pack $500.00
Student 10-Pack $150.00
Private Lesson $125.00+

Memberships: Description Price
Monthly Unlimited $225.00/month
6-Visit Monthly Pass $140.00
8-Visit Monthly Pass $180.00

For more information about Private Lessons, or to schedule a Private session, contact Refine Method at

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Biggest Loser-season 10- week 11- "You've met the Wizard!"

Can you all believe it?  It is already the Losers last week on The Biggest Loser campus!  Why, it seems like only yesterday that Brendon, Frado, and Patrick were forming their first alliance. . . 

This week we get to see how chummy the Blob has become.  After last week's elimination, Frado thanks his posse for saving him instead of Lisa, and then the Blob meets in secret to give back pats, awesome sauce talk, and scoff at the other players who have no idea of their infinite might and power. Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!!


OH!  And there is a double elimination this week, complete with the obligatory yellow line red line montage from all the contestants.

But before Frado, Brendon, and Patrick win the entire game, there is plenty of time for a Subway sponsored pop challenge.  This week the Losers will be competing for $10,000 (Ali points out that's enough cash to buy 1 Subway sandwich a week for 40 years) in a race that involves all the gym equipment the players have become so familiar with.  After the race, sandwich party for everyone!

Heat 1:  Street Striders- Brendon, Mark, Patrick, Ada, and Frado advance.  Elizabeth (no surprise) is out.
Heat 2:  1/2 Mile Run- Ada, Brendon, Patrick, and Frado advance.  Mark is out.
Heat 3:  Row Machine- Brendon, Patrick, and Frado advance.  Ada is out.
Heat 4:  Jump Rope- Brendon and Patrick advance.  Frado is out.  And their rope skills are sad.
Heat 5:  Jacobs Ladder- Brendon wins.  Patrick is out.

So Brendon is rewarded the free sandwich and the $10,000, which he promises to donate $1,000 of to Warriors in Pink and the rest?  Hair plugs?  Tattoo removal?  The possibilities are only limited to his mind.

After the revelry, it is time for the gym and our weekly focus on America's "favorite" underdog, Elizabeth.  Bob is convinced that Elizabeth will be under the red line (if only her shirt was red!), but she promises us that she will not be underestimated.  I cannot imagine her doing anything any differently than she does every single week. 

Bob is also worried that Brendon isn't pulling his weight in the gym, either, and offers the viewers a new drinking game:  "Everybody drink when I say Brendon!"  I would have been WASTED.

The Losers take some time off from the gym to dream about what they would do if they won the grand prize.  Brendon wants to take his inner city youth to the Biggest Loser Ranch at Fitness Ridge (that'll happen) or start a foundation, Mark wants to spend time traveling with his ailing father, Patrick wants to pay off debt from being unemployed, and Ada wants to start a foundation for kids who have jerks for parents.  Everyone is planning on paying it forward. . .but I would probably spend some of that money for some fun stuff.  Like shoes!  And a place to put those shoes.

Speaking of forward, Bob and Jillian want to know how the contestants plan on living their lives moving forward off the ranch.  Will they have the coping mechanisms to integrate real life and their ranch lives?  They mention what I touched on last week-- the contestants Matt, Bill, and Erik gaining weight after the show.  After each contestant shares their concerns, Bob gives a new name for losing weight:  "Meeting the Wizard", ala The Wizard of Oz.  They have taken their long journey on the yellow brick ranch, have pulled back the curtain, and now it's time for them to click their heels together 3 times and head home!

Quick side note:  In my Biggest Loser version of The Wizard of Oz, Ada would be Dorothy, Brendon would be the Cowardly Lion, Frado would be the Tin Man, and Patrick would be the Scarecrow.  Bob and Jillian?  Glenda and the Wicked Witch.  Mark could be Toto and Elizabeth could represent the Lollipop Guild.

After the put your weight on take your weight off challenge (Elizabeth finishes last, again), a mind bullet session with Jillian and Ada, and another focus on Elizabeth facing her fears (LORD), it is time for the weigh in.

Frado:  From 263 lbs to 248 lbs- 15 lbs lost- 5.70% BW

Patrick:  From 263 lbs to 279 lbs- 12 lbs lost- 4.12% BW

Ada:  From 185 lbs to 179 lbs- 6 lbs lost + 1 lb advantage from challenge- 3.78% BW


Mark:  From 299 lbs to 292 lbs- 7 lbs lost- 2.34% BW

Elizabeth:  From 196 lbs to 192 lbs- 4 lbs lost- 2.04% BW


Brendon:  From 265 lbs to 260 lbs- 5 lbs lost- 1.89% BW

The Unsinkable Brendon has been sunk and the alliance is over!  For now. . .

The house vote goes for Mark over Elizabeth, which is total bull, and Patrick stabs another player in the back.  He must be way smoother in person than he appears on television.

So what does a single guy do when he gets thinner and more attractive?  If you answered move in with your cousin, you would be right!  Mark moves to Phoenix with his kissing cousin and goes on perhaps the most awkward hike of all time with last season's contestant, Sunshine.

Brendon heads back to teaching and wearing faux hawks.

Next week:  Heading Home and preparing for the finale! 

Want to know what Shay has to say?  Here's her recap, courtesy of Diets in Review!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

These things gross me out.

1.) Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza

Calories per slice (cheese only): 360
Fat: 14 g (8 grams saturated)
Sodium: 970 mg

And that's for ONE SLICE!  Without even any pepperoni!

2.) Starbucks Venti Peppermint Mocha

According to this story in the New York Post, the Peppermint Mocha is equivalent to eating 17 candy canes worth of sugar!  And 700 calories.  Read the whole article for other offenders.

Remember you really are what you eat this holiday season!!!