Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apartment Fitness: The Bollywood Dance Workout with Hemalayaa

Bollywood is India's version of Hollywood:  Big movie musical films with lots of dancing and lavish costumes.  If you watch So You Think You Can Dance or America's Got Talent Bollywood dance is becoming more and more popular.  You can catch that Slumdog Millionaire fever at home with The Bollywood Dance Workout featuring the very sensuous Hemalayaa.

This 50 minute video takes you through some of the basics of Bhangra style dance:  Some hands and arms, a little head movement, some foot work, a little abs.  It is like an Indian buffet of Bhangra!  Not any one area is really focused on for very long, so you can't get bored.  Hemalayaa's voice over cuing is light and easy, reminding you to have fun, smile at yourself, and if you can't pick up the steps right away it's no big deal.

I liked this DVD a lot.  For a free and easy workout day without a lot of pressure, it fits in nicely to my exercise video library.  I did have a light sweat but nothing too major.  The workout is done barefoot, but if that bothers you, shoes wouldn't get in the way.  I would recommend having a mat or pillow nearby if being on your knees during the "Ground Play" section bothers you, and on the deep knee plies going to your own level of comfort.  I have knee issues and don't like popping in and out of grand plie- demi plie works just as well!

Thank you to Acacia Fitness for letting me win this video via Twitter!  What a great prize!

Equipment: none (but a mat may be a good idea)

Fitness level: beginner to advanced; may not be appropriate for those with knee issues

Fun level:  On a funness scale of 1-10 (10 being the most fun EVER), I give this a 6!

Money Hungry- episode 9- "Once it's ours we'll have fun touching it."

I couldn't help but notice that Money Hungry is categorized as "reality/health" on my TV's channel menu.  One out of two is not bad.

We are down to the final four!  Mission Slimpossible, The Regulators, Slenderellas, and Grading Curves are in the running for the final $100,000 prize.  What are they going to do with all that money?  Slimpossible says they are going to take it to Vegas and gamble.  The Regulators will use it to get out of debt.  Everyone is mad at Slimpossible for being so cocky-- but they are professional gamblers.  I mean, c'mon.

It is time for this week's challenge!  "Rock me, baby" star Dan Cortese meets the contestants on a bridge covered with cars.  Name of the challenge:  Spare Tire.  The contestants must run through a maze of cars, in them and around them, to get to a stack of spare tires.  They must grab the tires and run back through the maze and put the tires in the trunk of a van.  Whichever team gets all their tires and the trunk door shut first wins and gets to be the Big Heavies and gets a guaranteed spot in the finals.  Engines ready?

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Grading Curves win and Tricia gets a goose egg on her noggin from over excited partner Missy and a trunk door.  Mission Slimpossible cries and wails, asking for a photo finish.  Curves still takes the win.  The Regulators are the last team to finish and now must worry about who will be voted in with them in the bottom.  Will it be Slimpossible or the Slenderellas?

There is a lot of drama on whom should vote for whom.  The Slenderellas try to convince Grading Curves that they should vote out one of the guy teams so a big competitor is eliminated and a female team has a better chance at the win.  Curves don't trust the Slenderellas, and go to Mission Slimpossible to tell them that maybe they should vote themselves in.  The Regulators want to vote for the Slenderellas because they can beat them and Mission Slimpossible has been playing the water gain game.

All that worry translates to more time in the gym and more camera time for Trainer Richard and his molded plastic abs.  It's like 300 under that shirt, people.

After a creepy bubble bath between Joe, Jackie, and Kaitlin, it is time for the house vote and the weigh in.  Who is going against The Regulators and who will be in the finals with Grading Curves?

Grading Curves:  From 436 lbs to 433 lbs- 3 lbs lost- .69% BW

Regulators:  From 735 lbs to 718 lbs- 17 lbs lost- 2.31% BW  Now there is some concern. . .

Mission Slimpossible:  From 443 lbs (but water gain so really) 438 lbs to 422 lbs- 16 lbs lost- 3.65% BW  If they were voted in then it is curtains for The Regulators!  Dan reveals they were not voted in, which means they didn't vote for themselves.  "We'll never vote for ourselves!"  Grading Curves is pissed.

Slenderellas:  From 549 lbs to 540 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 1.64% BW  Their numbers are not great enough to beat the mighty mighty Regulators, and they are sent home.  Kaitlin did take away something great from the program, and realizes "it's time to live!"  I sure hope she sticks with the program because she seems like a great, funny girl.

Next episode is the big finale and the winner will be crowned the hungriest.  It looks like it will be BRUTAL!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Biggest Loser- season 10- week 2- TWIST!

First of all, I want to apologize for the fact that I have no pictures in my blogs today.  Blogger makes me angry.  *deep breath*  Secondly, I want to apologize for NBC for getting rid of The Biggest Loser theme song and replacing it with something more serious.  Like heart beats and Jillian yelling.

It is the first day on the ranch for the newly chosen Losers, and no sooner have they put on their shiny new shirts and stood in a double rainbow formation, Ali lays some wisdom on them:  They are not alone.

TWIST #1:  Bob and Jillian got to chose one contestant each from the eliminated contestants last week.  I had my fingers crossed for dread locks, but no.  Jillian chose Elizabeth (the girl who passed out after doing step ups) and Bob chose Aaron (the guy who had the cutest little boy ever).

TWIST #2:  Ali announces that although they are wearing matching shirts, they will be competeing individually.  WHAT?  I am loving this season more and more.

Armed with new knowledge the contestants cheerfully stampede to the sounds of cattle drive music to the gym.  Eagerly awaiting them is Bob, Jillian, and a 7 inch incline on the treadmill.  Don't hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.  Bob gets totally Debbie Allen in the beginning of Fame on these guys.

"They're still smiling!" Jillian says.  Five puke shots, passing out, our first face plant by Tina Grandma Glasses, and Elizabeth heavy breathing later, Jillian says, "Now, was that so bad?"

Dr. H, newly shorn, takes a cue from Ali and lays more knowledge on the contestants:  They are seriously unhealthy.  Diabetic, high cholesterol, 50% body fat, gastric bypass at 14 unhealthy.  Then the contestants meet with Bob and Jillian to discuss what calories are (one contestant says "what makes you fat") and why people shouldn't eat sandwiches with names called "The Terminator" and "The Grave Digger".  SIDE NOTE:  Alton Brown takes offense to the show Man Vs. Food in this fascinating article.  It couldn't come at a better time!

The second day of working out is not any better.  Bob's response to Jillian's MIND BULLETS is his CROSS HAIRS.  In them:  Brandon, who foolishly asked if they were almost done working out.  Bob makes him spit, blow snot out of his nose, and sweat until he is broken.  Then while we still have our appetities, Bob and Jillian bring in those gross sandwiches we were just talking about so that they can shove it down everyone's throats.  Not the sandwiches, but the knowledge that they are NASTY and full of bad for you things.

TWIST #3:  Ali tells the contestants that they will be weighing in tonight- surprise!  "I wouldn't have had that last apple," complains Fredo.  I don't think apples are the problem, big guy.

TWIST #4:  The yellow line is moving on up!  Eight spots to be precise.  Half of the contestants will be above it and half will be below it and in danger of elimination.  The weigh in winners will be based on the total percentage of fat loss.  How does everyone stack up?

Rick:  From 350 lbs to 314 lbs- 36 lbs lost- 10.29% BW
Mark:  From 421 lbs to 380 lbs- 41 lbs lost- 9.74% BW
Brendan:  From 362 lbs to 331 lbs- 31 lbs lost- 8.56% BW
Adam:  From 402 lbs to 368 lbs- 34 lbs lost- 8.46% BW
Jesse:  From 369 lbs to 339 lbs- 30 lbs lost- 8.10% BW
Frado:  From 367 lbs to 340 lbs- 27 lbs lost- 7.36% BW
Ada:  From 258 lbs to 240 lbs- 18 lbs lost- 6.98% BW
Aaron:  From 468 lbs to 438 lbs- 30 lbs lost- 6.41% BW
Tina:  From 263 lbs to 247 lbs- 16 lbs lost- 6.08% BW
Lisa:  From 288 lbs to 272 lbs- 16 lbs lost- 5.56% BW
Patrick:  From 400 lbs to 378 lbs- 22 lbs lost- 5.50% BW
Allie:  From 322 lbs to 305 lbs- 17 lbs lost- 5.28% BW
Burgandy:  From 231 lbs to 219 lbs- 12 lbs lost- 5.19% BW
Sophia:  From 272 lbs to 258 lbs- 14 lbs lost- 5.15% BW
Jessica:  From 282 lbs to 268 lbs- 14 lbs lost- 4.96% BW
Elizabeth:  From 244 lbs to 232 lbs- 12 lbs lost- 4.92% BW

TWIST #5:  The person with the highest percentage of weight loss (Rick) can save one person under the yellow line.

TWIST #6:  The challenge for this week is only for the people under the yellow line.  They have to save themselves.  The bottom two will be voted on for elimination.

Rick choses to save the one guy under the yellow line: Patrick.  Now it is all ladies in the race of their lives at the elimination challenge.  There will be five races where a flag will be grabbed and the grabber will be safe.  The last two without a flag will be up for elimination.  Things get catty between the wierdly named BURGANDY and Jessica when former sprinter Burgandy accuses Jessica of not staying in her lane.  Note to Burgandy: no lanes.  So. . .yeah.

TWIST #7:  Allie and Tina Grandma Glasses are in the bottom two and will be voted on by the eight above the yellow line.

Strategically, they choose the younger more mobile contestant to be sent home, and Allie says good bye to the ranch.

TWIST #8:  No vending machines this year.  What is this season turning into?  SO MANY CHANGES.

The at home reveal finds an Allie who has lost 60 pounds and has moved out of her home and into season eight winner Danny's home.  Nothing weird about that.  Nope.  Danny says he is paying it forward-- just like this season's theme!

Next week:  shock and jocks with Jillian who claims to still be the only man in charge.

Thintervention with Jackie Warner- episodes 3 and 4- "We're fatletes, not athletes." and "You need to start throwing up your food, girlfriend."

You don't get to go out of town and relax without some consequences.  Mine are falling behind on my TV shows that I like to blog about!  Here's two weeks worth of Thintervention with Jackie Warner goodness for your your reading pleasure.

After the participants lower second week numbers, there is a renewed sense of purpose for some to lose the weight.  Stacy is shooting for 11 pounds (yeah, right) and Joe says, "Five pounds is dropping like Jackie's pants at a gay bar!"

The one person who doesn't feel that sense of enthusiasm is Nikki, who manages to show up not only late but hungover to Jackie's Basic Training class.  As a punishment, everyone else had to stay on the treadmill, spin bike, etc. while waiting on Nikki to get there.  As imagined, everyone was really pissed.  Nikki says she is not well, and Jackie asks, "Does that illness come in a bottle?"  BURN.  Then  Bryan starts to pick on Stacy about her dramatic heavy breathing, Shay starts to get sassy with assistant Craig and then with Jackie. . .
These people are babies!  Walking on a treadmill is not medieval torture!  The absolute most embarrassing moment was when cry baby Stacy was afraid of the pull up machine because she is scared of heights.  GET. OUT. OF. TOWN.

Everyone is out for blood, and Jackie gathers everyone to discuss their anger issues.  She emphasizes the need for them to rely on one another for support, so she tells them they will be having a healthy comfort food potluck at Mandy's house to learn not to tear each other down.

It works at first.  Perky Mandy the perfect wife has quite the spread, including sweet potato martinis, Joe brings his fat man's diet cheeseburgers, and Jeana brings her personal chef to cook her share.  How nice to see the real housewife keeps it real on this show, too.

The pleasant evening begins to unravel when Shay and Joe get into an argument about Shay acting like a DIVA, he tells her to shut up, and boom.  Then everyone calls out Stacy too, and Stacy begs for forgiveness so she can be accepted by the cool kids while crying and whimpering.  Nikki says, "God, not again.  Every time do we have to cry?  Every time, Stacy?"  Somehow the evening turns around and everyone seems to be having a good time.

The good time dissipates at the extreme workout, this week at the Rose Bowl (just like on Money Hungry!).  Jackie informs them that they will be working on a personal sense of victory by running cones, jumping through speed rings, running 100 yards, and as a reward, climbing up the stadium stairs until they drop.  "That's a little excessive," Jeana sniffs.  Jackie promises them they will have a new sense of self if "you know your limits and surpass them".  Nikki immediately cops a plea of "fat girl knee", but Shay and Joe duke it out for final stairs supremacy.  Joe is impressed by Shay's determination and maybe feels bad about giving her such a hard time earlier?

Therapy this week was especially touching.  The participants were asked to bring a picture of themselves from their childhood when they were happy.  Then the therapist asks them to say something mean to the child.  Most of them can't, and the therapist points out that we say mean things to ourselves everyday.  Maybe we should be kind to ourselves like we would be to that little happy kid.  Really excellent advice that I am trying to take for myself.  Nikki, of course, says to her photo, "You're an ugly, fat little girl" and laughs.  The therapist calls her out on being mean (shocker) and tells her that by being so mean to others she is really being mean to herself and treating herself with dismissiveness.  And Joe is told that his obsession with cheeseburgers is equated with happy times spent with Dad.

Minds are blown, and it is time for the weigh in.

Mandy:  From 157 lbs to 155 lbs- 2 lbs lost
Nikki:  From 214 lbs to 212 lbs- 2 lbs lost
Stacy:  From 215 lbs to 212 lbs- 3 lbs lost
Joe:  From 221 lbs to 216 lbs- 5 lbs gained (Jackie, keep your pants on!)
Shay:  From 197 lbs to 195 lbs- 2 lbs lost
Bryan:  From 252 lbs to 249 lbs- 3 lbs lost
Jeana:  From 169 lbs to 168 lbs- 1 lb lost

Jackie is visibly upset with the results of the weigh in and doesn't understand why her plan isn't working for everyone.  But she is "invested" and wants "to see it through".  Plus, she has a TV show to make.  SO. . .

This episode focuses on real housewife Jeana and her smaller weight loss numbers.  If you watch Real Housewives of OC you know that Jeana is this unattached meanie who dismisses her friends and enemies with a wave of her hand and a sip of chardonnay.  It is no surprise that the other participants on the show don't feel a connection to her--especially with her personal chef and mega mansion.  But I guess Jeana has feelings too, and goes to get a mani pedi with daughter Cara to discuss her weight loss woes.  Cara doesn't believe that her mom isn't cheating on her diet and advises her to start throwing up.  I am sure she's just joking?  Lord.

But enough about Jeana.  For now.  The fatletes meet Jackie and Craig at a park for running drills and kettlebells.  After one lap, Nikki quits.  Joe has ankle issues.  It starts to rain.  Nikki decides to run again and Jackie allows her to run less laps then everyone else.  Jeana walks every time Jackie has her back turned.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?  Jackie seems tough.  I wouldn't want to mess with her.

After the drills, Jackie tells them to meet her at the grocery store for some food lessons.  Jeana heads into the store with a sense of childlike wonder-- like, "So this is where the food comes from!"  Jackie informs everyone what is good and bad:  Cereal as a snack is bad, protein as a snack is good.  Fruit in sugar syrup bad, fresh fruit is good.  I take for granted that my knowledge of good and bad foods is common sense.  I guess it is not.

Jeana decides to go on a sunset dinner cruise with her fabulous cougar friends, sipping champagne and eating coconut shrimp.  Jackie decides to shanghai the trip, calling out Jeana's excuses and not liking her life right now.  She wants Jeana to get to know herself so she knows herself and likes herself.

At the extreme workout, the participants meet at the Orange County Fire Authority to put on fireman suits and try out fireman drills.  "Firemen are hot," coos Bryan along with all the ladies.  Joe states bluntly, "Firemen don't f$&k lazy fat chicks."  I see that togetherness pot luck really helped!

The fatletes sweat and cry through the drills, but Mandy and Jeana win for the day and get to put out a real fire.  After Nikki's behavior during the drills, Jackie surprises her with a hike.  She also tells her she is concerned that Nikki will never change, and asks her to try not drinking for one week.  Hmm.

At the weigh in, Jeana and Nikki are both called out for their selfish behaviors.  Everyone wants Jackie's attention:  You need to be a self absorbed drunk to get it, I guess.  Jackie does admit that if Nikki was a regular (non televised) client she would be pulled from the program because it doesn't seem like she is ready for change.

Is everyone else?  The weigh in results, please.

Jeana:  From 168 lbs to 166 lbs- 2 lbs lost
Bryan:  From 249 lbs to 246 lbs- 3 lbs lost
Nikki:  From 212 lbs to 210 lbs- 2 lbs lost
Shay:  From 195 lbs to 194 lb- 1 lb lost
Mandy:  From 155 lbs to 152 lbs- 3 lbs lost
Joe:  From 216 lbs to 216 lbs- 0 lbs lost
Stacy:  From 212 lbs to 212 lbs- 0 lbs lost

"There is something flawed in this mathematically," Jackie states.  And it is true.  If these people are really staying on program and working out with the intensity she requires, I feel the weight would be coming off, even if it was 1 pound at a time.

Jackie knows that something is wrong.  Next week:  a lie detector test.  Maury Povich would be so proud!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Discoveries!

1.) Did you know that the little fruit cup on the Fage yogurt can be tilted up and POURED into the yogurt compartment?  It's true!  I was really annoyed  that I didn't have any spoons small enough to fit into the little fruit cup.  Then I saw this ad that totally blew the lid off this exciting new discovery.

2.) There is a whole department of organic coffees at my Whole Foods that I did not know about.  I now have bought the organic coffee that was on my list of things to always buy organic.

3.) I love going out to eat, but finding organic or farm fresh products in restaurants is actually a lot tougher than I imagined.  Now that the bf's parents have returned home, I can return back to my tasty lunch salads and organic foods!

4.) If you are taking the ACE personal training certification test or are recently certified, I HIGHLY recommend taking the ACE Personal Training in Practice:  Effective Tools and Techniques course (find it on ).  I took it this past weekend to get a little more experience under my Personal Trainer Belt and now I feel 100% comfortable talking to clients and creating a plan for their future health and well being.  Thanks ACE and to my teacher Dan Hogan!

5.) I will someday be able to catch up on all of my blogs.  I just feel it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Money Hungry- episode 8- "How far can you throw Phillip?"

The Money Hungry household is pissed at Flabulous Phillip.  He is a worse waffler than John Kerry- he voted against it before he voted for it.  No one seems to trust him, and Phillip must find a way to keep his place in the household so he can keep the $10,000 that his grandfather fronted him to enter the competition.

Maybe he will win his team immunity at this week's challenge?  "The Lottery" star Dan Cortese meets the contestants at the beach with some huge cakes at his back.  Slenderella's Kaitlin can barely contain her craving and struggles to listen to the rules of the contest:  "Layer Cake" requires the teams to disassemble and reassemble large weighted fake cake pieces.  Whoever completes the task first will be this week's Big Heavies.  Dan explains there will be no other immunity given by the Big Heavies, so anyone can be up for elimination.

"This is a piece of cake," says Phillip.

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Unfortunately it wasn't, and Mission Slimpossible became this week's Big Heavies and Flabulous is in the bottom.

Now it is time for the politics of the week.  In between three, count 'em, three whole workouts with Trainer Richard (he has to be freaking out with all the air time), the remaining teams struggle to figure out who should be in the bottom with Flabulous.  Flabulous wants to compete against the Slenderellas because their journeys have been so similar:  Kaitlin is to Phillip as Jackie is to Stephanie?  Phillip does not want to go against the Regulators or Grading Curves, so he convinces them to both vote for the Slenderellas.  But then Mission Slimpossible finds out that maybe the Curves aren't going to vote for The Regulators (who's weight loss would surely send Flabulous home) and they remind them they are still a part of The Orphange.  And The Regulators remember that the Slenderellas are a part of The Family.

You can see how this can be very confusing.

At the weigh in, it isn't certain who will be going against Flabulous in the bottom.

Mission Slimpossible:  From 446 lbs (but since they gained water weight) really 438 lbs to 443 lbs- 5 lbs gained- + 1.14% BW  They are immune, but will all this water weight game play back fire on them?  Dan reminds them that the ultimate winner of the entire game will have the greatest percentage of body weight loss.

Flabulous:  From 595 lbs to 593 lbs- 2 lbs lost- .34% BW  Phillip loses 2 pounds and Stephanie loses 0.  Oops.  Joining them in the bottom two?

Grading Curves:  From 452 lbs (but since they gained water weight) really 450 lbs to 436 lbs- 14 lbs lost- 3.11% BW  SAFE

The Regulators:  From 747 lbs to 735 lbs- 12 lbs lost- 1.61% BW  SAFE

Mission Slimpossible is annoyed that Curves didn't vote their way, but. . .

Slenderellas:  From 558 lbs to 549 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 1.61% BW  Voted in, but their weight beats Flabulous.

So Flabulous is heading home this week, and it is sad because I will miss how funny he is and his crazy flip floppin' weighs.  I mean ways.  Stephanie actually blamed herself for the loss--which is nuts--and they say a tear filled goodbye to the house.
"I'm not doing ugly cry," Phillip says.

So it's four teams left between here and the finale.  I am rooting for The Regulators because they seem to be the ones who really want this the most.  I imagine Mission Slimpossible will not make it easy--and sorry Grading Curves, I don't want it to be you all!  They are so mean!  Can you imagine if they were your teachers at school?  FAIL.

Best. Facial. Ever.

I was introduced to Spa Lab from a $25 deal on A facial analysis and moisturizer made just for your skin type. I expected a cool service, but I didn't expect and was surprised by the friendly and knowledgable staff. And Julia, who performed my facial (I upgraded my Spa Sally package for $25) was awesome and may give the best hand massage in the city. My skin feels smooth, soft, and dewey!
Spa Lab is located on 36th street between 5th and 6th avenue. It is a delicious Willy Wonka-esque boutique for the senses. Just check out their soaps that look like tasty cookies and cakes. They even use kitchen mixers!

Their massages and facials are quite a treat, and the soaps and homemade facial products would make great gifts for yourself. . .and if you can part with them, for someone else.
Go check it out, NY!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Biggest Loser- season 10- week 1- Meet The Losers

This is my third season to blog about The Biggest Loser and by now I know the drill.  And if you are reading this, you know the drill too.  Find Fat Americans with a great back story, put them on the ranch, shake well, results may vary.  Biggest Loser season 10 doesn't disappoint--and I feel season 10 is the season of DRAMA.  During the live tweeting (join us on Tuesdays 8 pm EST and use the hash tag #BL10) I made a joke that this season is a little more like The Real World.  And it certainly got real this episode.

I don't want to bore you with ALL the deets-- these are just some of the deets.  Join me, won't you?

Season Theme:  Pay it forward.
How contestants chosen:  7 cities- 3 Losers- 2 chosen to go to the ranch- 1 chosen for alternate secret mission.  Please let it be motorcycle Jillian at an abandoned bus depot in the desert! *fingers crossed*
How many shots of contestants shoving food in their mouth: 9
Best part of episode:  People that had tried out for the show and didn't make it- but went home and lost a TON of weight on their own.  It can be done at home people!!!

So let's take a look at the people under the shirts and sports bras this season.

Jesse: 27 year old male from Minnesota; starting weight- 369 lbs; DRAMA- raised by overweight mom
Sophie: 28 year old female from Maryland; starting weight- 272 lbs; DRAMA- brother died in car accident
Not Chosen:
Aaron: 29 year old male from Ohio; starting weight- 468 lbs; DRAMA- raised by alcoholic father- now he is a food addict

Adam: 26 year old male from California; starting weight- 402 lbs; DRAMA- mom died of a weight related heart attack
Montina: 35 year old female from California; starting weight- 287 lbs; DRAMA- back up singer for Beyonce who wants to be in the spotlight
Not Chosen:
Ada: 27 year old female from California; starting weight- 258 lbs; DRAMA- accused by father of killing her brother when a kid and again when she was a teen in her car (!)

Burgandy (what?): 35 year old female from Utah; starting weight- 231 lbs; DRAMA- has 5 kids, one of them is autistic, no relationship with husband
Tina: 58 year old female from Oregon; starting weight- 263 lbs; DRAMA- was cheated on by her ex husband
Not Chosen:
Corey: 26 year old male from Alaska; starting weight- 391 lbs; DRAMA- an overweight life coach with blond dreadlocks

Patrick: 27 year old male from Mississippi; starting weight- 400 lbs; DRAMA- wants to be around for his wife and kids
Rick: 54 year old male from Arkansas; starting weight- 350 lbs; DRAMA- overweight physical therapist that wants to be around for his grand kids
Not Chosen:
Anna: 39 year old female from Georgia; starting weight- 330 lbs; DRAMA- son died of cancer

Jessica: 26 year old female from Arizona; starting weight- 282 lbs; DRAMA- had bad relationship with her mom
Mark: 30 year old male from New Jersey; starting weight- 421 lbs; DRAMA- Jewish guilt
Not Chosen:
Shanna: 38 year old female from Arizona; starting weight- 242 lbs; DRAMA- breast cancer survivor

Allie: 22 year old female from Oklahoma; starting weight- 322 lbs; DRAMA- gastric band surgery that failed
Lisa: 31 year old female from Oklahoma; starting weight- 288 lbs; DRAMA- daughter is anorexic in response to her obesity
Not Chosen:
Sandy: no age given from Oklahoma; starting weight- 259 lbs; DRAMA- brother died 5 days after BL audition from heart attack

Frado: 43 year old male from New York; starting weight- 367 lbs; DRAMA- type 2 diabetic who has been given 5 years to live
Brendan: 32 year old male from Boston; starting weight- 362 lbs; DRAMA- yo yo dieter
Not Chosen:
Elizabeth: 30 year old female from Boston; starting weight- 244 lbs; DRAMA- had an abusive husband

It sounds like it is going to be a crazy season filled with drama, treadmill face plants, marine training, and wacky nick names- I like Tina Grandma Glasses.  Stay tuned and watch with me!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On the road

I'm in the car heading back to NYC- I had such a wonderful time in Newport! The picture above is from the very windy sail I went on yesterday! The people of Newport are great and the attractions were historical and interesting.

This is the Hotel Viking were we stayed. They had amazing accommodations for us and the dog: We had our own dog wing and you could order made to order dog food from room service- crazy! They even had bags for picking up poo.

These photos are of The Breakers where the Vanderbilt family summered. It was INSANE. I felt like I could certainly get used to that lifestyle. At least for a little while as long as I had someone to help me dust.

Here are more sailing pics-- note the tilt in the bottom one! The captain was actually giving recommendations for dinner to those ladies if you can believe it. I was totally freaked out and think I will postpone those yachting lessons. . .

As far as my healthy eating went, it did not totally go out the window. Based on the metabolism book, I did eat breakfast and tried to eat every four hours and not after 9 pm. Organics were hard to find, but I tried to order local products (plenty of fresh seafood) but I was a sucker for some New England clam chowder! I also have stuck to no caffeine after noon and I worked out every day. One morning was a C25k run on the hotel treadmill and this am was Kristin Magee's cardio pilates off the hotel on demand menu. It was so great and challenging I am now going to order it when I get home!

Was I a total angel? Not every meal, but I was proud I stuck to my guns. Vacations are meant to be about enjoying yourself within reason, and I did exactly that!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Casual Friday

Happy Friday y'all!

This week is the end of my first week of switching into the organic eating groove. I have switched all my dairy to organic, stopped using my soy coffee creamer, bought organic chicken, organic cereal, and organic fruit.

Whew. It is a lot to think about! I am in the process of switching it all up, but some items I haven't gotten to yet, like my coffee and the Whole Foods salad bar that I frequent for lunch. I figured that conventionally grown veggies are better than delivery.

I am hoping that this experience (eating organic and eating at specific mealtimes) will show on the scale. . .but overall I am wondering if it will make a difference in my overall well being. Will my emotions change? Will I feel less toxic? Does that make any sense at all or am I a crazy person? I will keep checking in and will let you know!

Meanwhile, the bf's parents are coming to visit today and we are going to Newport, RI for a few days! I will try to take a lot of pics and also chronicle if I can stay on the straight and organic while on the road.

Have a sooper weekend! Stay classy, San Diego.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anyone else see a problem here?

Thanks For Being So Cooperative
see more Friends of Irony

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Hard Day

Today is my sister's birthday. She would have been turning 41. She passed away from complications due to kidney failure 8 years ago. I miss her every day and it sucks that she isn't here.

Please become an organ donor if you aren't already. She may have been able to live longer or a better life if she had been able to quickly and easily gotten a kidney. It would have been her second transplant as my mom gave her her own kidney for her first transplant.

Organ donation is a beautiful, selfless act. I know many families have been impacted like mine has. My greatest wish is that no one will ever have to suffer a loss as great as mine.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thintervention with Jackie Warner- episode 2- "I don't want to be paired with any Fatty Patties."

It's crazy that the people on Thintervention are only into their second week and they are already losing steam. Bryan is tired of eating chicken and fish. Shay is dragging her feet while her mom Kim is raring to go. And Nikki shows up to the workout at Jackie's house hungover.

Ready for change, all of them.

Jackie's workout this week is to push everyone until full fatigue. They will run on the treadmills with assistant Craig until they puke and then do power circuits with Jackie. Stacy has a breathing attack that seems forced and annoys the other participants. Then Nikki goes and throws up ("Vomit happens"). Then Shay is overwrought getting off the treadmill. The younger people are having more problems than those in their forties and fifties!

After the workout, Jackie shows everyone how to make her "special" shake filled with goodness. In her demonstration she used Kombucha which is my fave thing in the world and I can't find it now that Whole Foods has stopped carrying it. I was so sad! If anyone reading this knows where I can get Kombucha in the NYC area, please post it below!!!! Here is the recipe for the shake so you can look like Jackie*. *results not guaranteed.

1 scoop protein powder

1 tsp glutamine powder

1 tsp BCAA powder

1 tbsp L Caritine

1/2 tbsp flaxseed oil

1 cup frozen spinach

1 cup frozen berries

Blend it together and have before you workout. "It's not horrible!" said Bryan.

Then Jackie announces the participants will be in teams this week to learn, motivate, and be accountable to each other. Jeana and Mandy, Shay and Stacy, Bryan and Kim, and Nikki and Joe will be stuck together for the week. "Don't roll your eyes, Joe," says Jackie. She reminds everyone that she will be checking in on them throughout the week unannounced.

On Homework day, Jeana and Mandy workout with an Israeli super commando doing mixed martial arts, Kim and Bryan go running, and Joe and Nikki exchange jabs with a boxing session. She calls him a loud, obnoxious ass and he calls her Chris Farley. Good fun. Stacy and Shay spend more time talking and laying on the ground which is how Jackie finds them. She proceeds to grind them into the ground.

Then it is time for the weekly extreme workout. Each team meets at Griffith Park to run a race tethered together while wearing weighted vests. The winners will get dinner at Jackie's house catered by her personal chef. Apparently personal chefs are a regular part of this show.

The older folks beat the younger kids AGAIN (come on younger kids!) and Kim and Bryan win the race! The win is quickly overshadowed by Kim's hand being swollen. She opts out of the dinner to go to the hospital, leaving Bryan to fend for himself against Jackie and Craig and their questions about his weight and his sex life. And can Jackie film him being intimate with his partner with her Flip cam? (Possible plug possibility, Flip company!)

Bad news: Kim's hand swelling is lymphodema due to her lymph nodes being removed from her having cancer. She has to leave the show for her health. At the therapy session, others express their sadness for her leaving and also share about the lack of support in their lives that caused them to have gained weight. Most notable are Nikki and Bryan's stories: Nikki basically raised herself from the time she was 11 years old and Bryan was sexually abused at the age of three. Jackie notes that the cycle of abuse has turned on themselves. Dealing with the emotions will help them deal with the food.

So, how did these teams do at the weigh in?

Bryan: From 259 lbs to 252 lbs- 7 lbs lost

Nikki: From 217 lbs to 214 lbs- 3 lbs lost

Mandy: From 162 lbs to 157 lbs- 5 lbs lost

Shay: From 199 lbs to 197 lbs- 2 lbs lost

Jeana: From 170 lbs to 169 lbs- 1 lb lost

Stacy: From 217 lbs to 215 lbs- 2 lbs lost

Joe: From 220 lbs to 221 lbs- 1 lb gained

Jackie is disappointed by the lackluster numbers and promises that next week she won't be so sweet and will be a hard core bitch. She's been sweet? OH LORD. Watch out everyone.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Money Hungry- episode 7- "I need to Jazzercise my ass off."

No Excuses have just let the door hit their heinies on their way out of the Money Hungry household and there is no time to exhale. EVERYONE IS UPSET WITH EVERYONE. Stephanie is upset with Phillip for screwing up their relationship with The Family (where was she last week?), Double Chocolate and The Regulators are upset with the Slenderellas for playing them, and everyone is mad at Flabulous for playing both sides.

And I thought Phillip ruled this house.

No time to celebrate No Excuses departure, Grading Curves ("Karma is a bitch, Josh!")! It's time for this week's challenge.

"I hope it's physical--not mental," moans Dave as they head to the Rose Bowl to meet "Surviving Suburbia" star Dan Cortese. This week's challenge: TAKE THE STAIRS. Meaning take team colored footballs (100 of them) up the stadium stairs and place them in the team colored ball receptacles. Then take the regulation size football and run across the football field to win. That's a whole lotta stairs.

Mission Slimpossible takes the win and Double Chocolate ends up in the bottom two AGAIN after another ball handling mishap like the very first challenge. Now that Mission Slimpossible holds the power of immunity, who will they award it to?

Because everyone's alliances are all crazy, all the contestants are starting to step it up in the gym. Trainer Richard looks so excited it just breaks my heart. Who's gonna tell him that no one really cares about the working out and that they are just scared of being voted off by their own stupidity?

Then it is time for the weekly drama session. The Slenderellas remind Slimpossible that they were to give them immunity if they voted off No Excuses. Slimpossible doesn't remember saying that. . .and besides, they are besties with Grading Curves. But Slimpossible will consider it--which sends the Curves into a tizzy. The Slenderellas can't go back to The Family where no one trusts them. And then Flabulous Phillip opens his mouth and lets it slip that he didn't vote for No Excuses last week. OOPS.

Add to that that this week's immunity was given to Grading Curves by Slimpossible and it is all very confusing. Basically Flabulous, the Slenderellas, and The Regulators could all be in the bottom based on everyone's wacky game playing.

Everyone is a little on edge at this week's weigh-in, especially Double Chocolate who have no idea who they are going up against.

Mission Slimpossible: From 438 lbs to 446 lbs- 8 lbs gained- +1.83% BW (Immunity- and they finally admit that they drank A LOT of water to gain the weight. But the rules of the show state they have to go by their last weigh in before they gained. So there isn't any point. This isn't The Biggest Loser, gang.)

Grading Curves: From 450 lbs to 454 lbs- 2 lbs gained- +.44% BW (Immune and drinking the same Kool-aide.)

Double Chocolate: From 415 lbs to 409 lbs- 6 lbs lost- 1.45% BW And who will join them?

Slenderellas: From 572 lbs (Had to go from their previous week since they gained weight while immune. . .so really 567 lbs) to 558 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 1.59% BW

Flabulous: From 603 lbs to 595 lbs- 8 lbs lost- 1.33% BW

Regulators: From 747 lbs to 747 lbs- 0 lbs lost- 0% BW

So WHO got the most votes? Dan reveals that Flabulous is safe, the Regulators are safe, and the Slenderellas had the most votes--but their numbers were greater than Double Chocolate's. So the luscious Chocolate sisters are heading back home.

Now the house is in complete upheaval. . .and Phillip is not running it anymore. Is it over for Team Flabulous? Hand me the mic. . .

Fixing Myself

Objects With Faces-Evil Pastry
see more Happy Chair Is Happy

I don't like going to the doctor. I never have. I will if absolutely necessary (I can't reset my own bones, for example) but if I can try my own fix I will.

It is no secret that I have had issues with my weight in the past (why I started this blog) and every day is a struggle with the balance of food and exercise and keeping myself at the weight I desire. Hormone imbalances run in my family, especially thyroid conditions, and I am trying to figure out on my own if that is also my issue. I don't have health insurance and I don't want to be on medication all my life, so I am reading a few metabolism regulating books to see what are some offenders in my diet that I can get rid of.

I am waiting on a book from Prevention Magazine to come in the mail, and while that is happening I am reading "Master Your Metabolism" by Jillian Michaels. So far it has been helpful in identifying certain bad items (like soy and my fave Tostitos Hint of Lime chips that have 5 BAD ingredients) that I have in my fridge. I already like eating whole unprocessed foods and I don't eat very many processed foods. It is crazy when you really start reading the ingredients on your products. I am an avid label reader for calories and fat, but now I am reading for things like different types of sugars and preservatives. It seems exhaustive but I am hoping in the long run it will help.

If anything, it just makes me mindful of the things going in my mouth for more than just dietetic reasons. I have never been a big fan of fat free cookies and all that crap, but little things like coffee creamer that I use daily I am going to have to switch up. Or eating things with artificial sweeteners (I like Crystal Light and the occasional diet soda).

I haven't gotten to the part of the book were they discuss soaps and shampoos. . .that is going to be a tough one because I have my products that I just love to use and have been using for ages. But I will try. If I start seeing a difference I will certainly blog all about it and tell you all.

Here's an organic non-BPA laced bottoms up to me and to my health!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Funday!

Objects With Faces-Happy Lid Promises He Didn't Put Anything In Your Coffee
see more Happy Chair Is Happy

Nothing makes me happier than coffee. Except this coffee lid.

Happy Chair is Happy is an awesome site that will certainly cheer up your day!

Friday, September 10, 2010

If the pants don't fit. . .there may be a good reason!

I HATE trying on clothes. Even when I am feeling at my healthiest and most fit the idea of putting something on and having it not fit is just a total bummer. It is no surprise to me that different clothing brands have different sizes (I can't wear a pair of Levis to save my life) but just how off is your waist size?

Esquire Magazine journalist Abram Sauer went around to several different stores, trying on dress slacks and measuring the waist with a tailor's measuring tape. Each pant was supposed to be a 36" waist. What he found was down right dangerous: Old Navy brand dress pants were 5 inches larger!!! That isn't just appealing to your vanity, it's infringing on your heart and even your brain.

Excess body fat around your abdomen is like wearing a toxic blanket around your internal organs. If you haven't measured your belly lately, really measured with a measuring tape, you are deluding yourself! Numbers are just numbers at the end of the day as far as clothes are concerned. They aren't numbers when it comes to the belly flab.

According to Marticia Heaner, M.A.,"A waist size of >40 inches (>102cm) for men, and a waist size of >35 inches (>88 cm) for women is considered high-risk. A high number may indicate that you have excess fat in your abdominal area. If your BMI is 25 or higher, this can increase your risk of certain diseases such as type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia (uncontrolled cholesterol), high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease."

This article written by Heaner for MSN health also offers valuable tips on how to accurately measure your middle.

Anyone have a crazy pants story they want to share? Write 'em below!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thintervention with Jackie Warner- episode 1- "I certainly would never hang out with a chubby queer."

OH MAN. When a weight loss reality show has lines like this one you know it's going to be a very interesting season, indeed. Those gems and many more courtesy of the "bad girl" of Thintervention--and it isn't Jackie Warner.

Meet Nikki! One of the eight folks trying to lose weight and look great. She loves her cocktails, gay men, and is a trust fund baby. She is also my number one reason for wanting to watch this show.

She's got this amazing gravely Aussie smoker's voice and biting wit. A modern day Dorothy Parker if Parker was a "life coach" and reality show participant. If you watch Real Housewives of DC she is a little like the meany British woman on that show--where does Bravo find them?!?

Anyhoo. Thintervention with Jackie Warner is a pleasant surprise in the reality weight loss roster. Gone is Jackie's staff of less than professional and annoying personal trainers (no Rebecca!) and Jackie's drama with girlfriends. Instead we get to see what Jackie does best: Work out. For real.

Jackie and her assistant and Bob Harper look-a-like Craig Ramsay will work with eight clients over seven weeks, then the clients will work on their own for six weeks. They will also meet for weekly therapy sessions and weigh ins. So, let's meet the colorful cast of characters!

Stacy: Age-23; Career-stand up comic; Weight-224 lbs; Body Fat-50%; Goal-lose 50 lbs Stacy is Jewish and blames that and having polycystic ovaries for her heaviness.

Jeana: Age-54; Career-Real Housewife of OC; Weight-174 lbs; Body Fat-27.4%; Goal-lose 25 lbs If you watch Bravo, you know who Jeana is. You also know she has a HUGE house, three not so pleasant children, and a mean ex husband. She also was a smokin' hot Playboy playmate back in the eighties.

Nikki: Age-39; Career-"Life Coach"; Weight-223 lbs; Body Fat-34.3%; Goal-lose 50 lbs Nikki doesn't work, but she is a life coach. She drinks vodka for breakfast and smokes clove cigarettes. She is my favorite character.

Bryan: Age-36; Career-runs independent film company; Weight-266 lbs; Body Fat-35.1%; Goal-lose 60 lbs Bryan has the most weight to lose, and it looks like he has his work cut out for him. He is gay (the chubby queer quote was in reference to him) and wants to look good for his hot partner. He hides sweets all over his home.

Joe: Age-35; Career-event producer; Weight-230 lbs; Body Fat-32.2%; Goal-lose 40 lbs Joe is straight, loves cheeseburgers, and can't close the deal with the ladies. He also picks up women at the airport for sex.

Kim: Age-47; Career-mom; Weight-180 lbs; Body Fat-29.8%; Goal-lose 30 lbs Kim was an athlete in high school and college and was a fitness model. She is the mother of the next participant. . .

Shay: Age-22; Career-daughter; Weight-204 lbs; Body Fat-50%; Goal-lose 50 lbs Shay is Kim's daughter. She loves ice cream and wants to "keep her Beyonce thickness".

Mandy: Age-48; Career-Stay at home mom; Weight-167 lbs; Body Fat-27.0%; Goal-lose 30 lbs Mandy was a pro cheerleader and now spends her time taking baths with her husband and eating food off her kid's plates.

Jackie meets the participants for an initial fitness assessment and then tells everyone their homework assignment is to clean all the sugar from their homes. "FU. How's that?" quips Bryan, the sugar addict. Jackie tells them anything over 5 grams of sugar needs to go. She also gives the participants Blackberrys so she can keep in touch with them. How Hollywood!

Some of the participants like Kim and Shay complete the assignment quickly and easily. Others not so much. Bryan admits he ate two cookies and Jackie makes him run up and down his stairs until he burns off the calorie equivalent of two cookies. Mandy took all of her sugar and made loads of cookies, brownies, and rice crispy treats to feed her kids. Jackie tells her the intent was to show sugar was not okay to use and punishes her by making her run suicide drills.

Jackie also runs the participants through a grueling boot camp style beach workout: Crunches, belly crawls, flipping tires, bicep curls with sandbags. . .and then having to pull weighted buoys in from the ocean. She explains the weight represents what each contestant wants to lose to put it into perspective for everyone.

After the workout, Jeana invites Nikki, Joe, and Bryan over to her home for dinner (from her personal chef no less) where they all chat it up about relationships, being fat, and having sex. What's a Bravo reality show without a little drama? Maybe a possible love connection between Joe and Jeana? Better than going to the airport.

At the therapy session/weigh-in, everyone shares their initial reasons for why they think they are heavy, and Jackie promises every week they will delve deeper into their psyches. . . Did they lighten their load?

Stacy: From 224 lbs to 217 lbs- 7 lbs lost

Bryan: From 266 lbs to 259 lbs- 7 lbs lost

Jeana: From 174 lbs to 170 lbs- 4 lbs lost

Joe: From 230 lbs to 220 lbs- 10 lbs lost

Mandy: From 167 lbs to 162 lbs- 5 lbs lost

Shay: From 204 lbs to 199 lbs- 5 lbs lost

Kim: From 180 lbs to 171 lbs- 9 lbs lost

Nikki: From 223 lbs to 217 lbs- 6 lbs lost

So far so good! The show is entertaining and Jackie seems like a caring and concerned trainer. She gives out good advice like "Cookies are pain" and "Workouts are not painful. They're pleasure." Her diet advice also is sound--low sugar, drink lots of water, lean meats and veggies. She is in ridiculous shape and you know that she worked really hard for that physique. It's also nice to watch a show that isn't about game play or strategy. If you put in the hard work, the results will come. No elimination ceremonies necessary.

Thintervention with Jackie Warner is on Bravo Monday nights. Watch what happens.

Way Back Wednesday

Eating breakfast is important. YOU KNOW THIS. Let Timer tell you with a song!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NY Kids are Fat, Too

I think I am pretty special sometimes because I live in New York City. It is always on TV and movies, a center for culture and excitement, and a great vacation destination for my friends and family. Let's just say not as many people are clamoring for the dream vacation in Oklahoma City (which is very lovely) that I have tried to offer.

I was surprised to see that out of every 10 kids in NY 4 of them are overweight. WHAT? With all the walking and parks and farmer's markets, you'd think that NY kids would be thin as rails. Apparently the overweight epidemic isn't just for the Midwest. It is truly nationwide and it is ridiculous for us (mostly me) to assume that we would be healthy just because we walk everywhere. In fact, NY kids are actually a little fatter.

After I read this report on Medical News Today and this one on CBS New York, I started to look at the little kids in my neighborhood. I saw some chubby bellies, and it wasn't baby fat. I saw a huge line at my neighborhood McDonald's with plenty of kids inside. It made me sad.

I know that parents are struggling financially and that unhealthy foods are cheaper and fill their kid's tummies just as well as more expensive fair. I hate to say it, but the results of the studies were broken into socioeconomic categories: Poorer families have heavier kids. Families living in Corona Park, Queens (a large Latin community) had the heaviest kids, as well as Harlem and Washington Heights (another Latin community).

These families work longer hours for less pay. Their kids don't get to run around and play as much because the neighborhoods are not as safe. I wanted you to know that I am not making a sweeping generalization about these NY neighborhoods-- I checked out this crime map to see what kind of environment these children are growing up in. The richest neighborhoods have the most burglars and robbers and the poorer neighborhoods have the most shootings and assaults. Why go out and play when there is so much danger outside and video games inside?

Hopefully this means that schools will invest in more play and exercise programs. While we are waiting for that to happen, if ever, if you live around a Whole Foods Market they are sponsoring salad bars to be put into schools that are around their locations. If you shop there you can donate $1 or $5 when you check out until the end of September. Another brick in the wall of the Food Revolution! I hope Jamie Oliver would be proud.

Do you have any ideas on keeping kids fit and improving health education? Write 'em down below.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Money Hungry- episode 6- Loud Mouth, Microphone

"How the f*&k am I going to bedazzle a Jello filled microphone?" moans Flabulous Phillip at the beginning of this week's episode of Money Hungry. The microphone in question is the chordless mic that Phillip carries around with him everywhere he goes (the bf pointed out that Phillip is so lazy he can't even bother to raise his voice on his own). The Jello in question was made by Mission Slimpossible-- they stuck the microphone in a blender full of Jello and then hanged it in front of the door so Phillip wouldn't be able to miss it. Phillip rants and raves, still feeling the sting of not being granted immunity in last episode's weigh in ceremony by The Regulators.

Also upset? Slenderellas. Both Flabulous and the Slenderellas are out for blood, and are thinking of shifting their loyalty from The Family to The Orphanage. Phillip goes to Mission Slimpossible and Grading Curves, vowing that he will vote in the house vote whatever way they want him to vote (what about his teammate Stephanie?) as long as they don't vote for him.

The drama takes a break long enough for this week's challenge. "Everybody Wants to be Italian" star Dan Cortese greets the teams at a football field dotted with team colored sacks. The teams must grab the sacks relay race style, then unwrap the puzzle pieces inside and build the puzzle to win. Sounds easy enough. Whoever wins will be this week's Big Heavy.

It was brains over brawn this week, I guess. Slenderellas are the first female Big Heavies, vowing they will use thier powers for good and will most definately assign immunity this week. In last place are The Regulators-- puzzles are not their cup of tea, obviously-- and they are now up for elimination. They decide to hit the gym in one of the most lackluster workout sequences ever witnessed on a weight loss reality show.

Everyone else decides to play the game and figure out who will be going up against The Regulators in the house vote. This flow chart I created will try to explain what the hell is happening.

Flabulous talks to Mission Slimpossible and Grading Curves==>Mission Slimpossible and Grading Curves talk to each other==>Mission Slimpossible talks to Flabulous to convince them to vote for No Excuses==>Mission Slimpossible talks to Grading Curves about talking to Flabulous==>Mission Slimpossible talks to the Slenderellas about voting for No Excuses==>Flabulous talks to Slenderellas about voting for No Excuses==>Flabulous goes to The Regulators to tell them that the Slenderellas are voting with The Orphanage for No Excuses==>The Regulators talk to the Slenderellas about them voting against The Family==>The Regulators warn No Excuses==>No Excuses and The Regulators agree to vote for Grading Curves

Easy, right?

At the house vote, the Slenderellas reveal they have given Flabulous immunity, leading to Phillip declaring that "I RUN THIS HOUSE!" So, who has everyone voted for this week?

Slenderellas: From 567 lbs to 572 lbs- 5 lbs gained- +.88% BW (immunity)

Have lost 43 pounds since the show started.

Flabulous: From 606 lbs to 603 lbs- 3 lbs lost- .50% BW (immunity)

Have lost 49 pounds since the show started.

The Regulators: From 773 lbs to 747 lbs- 26 lbs lost- 3.36% BW The bar is set!
Have lost 103 pounds since the show started.

Double Chocolate: From 417 lbs to 415 lbs- 2 lbs lost-.48% BW SAFE

Have lost 36 pounds since the show started.

Mission Slimpossible: From 447 lbs to 438 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 2.10% BW SAFE

Have lost 70 pounds since the show started.

Grading Curves: From 457 lbs to 450 lbs- 7 lbs lost- 1.53% BW NOT SAFE

Have lost 52 pounds since the show started.

They are tied with No Excuses! Can they turn it out?

No Excuses: From 579 lbs to 577 lbs- 2 lbs lost- .35% BW NOT SAFE

Have lost 66 pounds since the show started.

VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip

No Excuses can't compete with The Regulators MONSTER weight loss. It is sad because it was under Josh's tutelage that they did so well. Josh cries and Melissa weirdly smiles and they leave hand in hand.

Mission Slimpossible and Grading Curves are totally jazzed that No Excuses are heading home. But what did Josh do to everyone? Josh- if you are reading this (and I know you are), answer me!!!

Here is a pic that Josh sent to me of him and Melissa now! Yay Twitter!

I made note of what everyone has lost this far because it is PATHETIC. C'mon, VH1. Just once I would love you to have a reality show that really shows real weight loss. These people and their lives depend on it.

Labor of Love. . .or For Your Consideration

I just wanted to have "labor" in my title since it is Labor Day! And this blog is a labor of love.

First, a little levity.

If you enjoy Jamba Juice, check out this website for a valuable coupon!

I hope you are enjoying your Monday thus far. This girl is planning on going on a lovely run in the park with her beau and then having a cook in since we don't have a place to cook out. And I am watching a Hoarders marathon while I am typing this. QUESTION: Is it wrong for A&E to run a marathon about people who don't like to leave their homes on such a lovely day?

I also wanted to share a new show with you, my loyal readers: Too fat for 15 on the Style Network. It comes on Monday evenings and there is a marathon of all the episodes this evening. The show follows the lives of extremely overweight teens at the Wellspring Academy in North Carolina. It is amazingly inspirational and I am seriously considering trying to get employed by this facility in the future. I want to work with these kids! These teens break your heart and impress you with their bravery week after week. PLEASE WATCH!

This young lady is Tanisha, who came to the school weighing over 500 lbs. She now has lost over 100 lbs since I started watching the program. She is so smart and sweet and amazing-- and her progress makes you believe that anyone can take this journey.

When you are out today (being active, I hope) remember to give thanks for the ability to run, jump, swim, and play! Being active really is a labor of love!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yet another reason not to purchase Happy Meals

If you read my blog regularly you know that I am not a big fan of fast food for children or marketing unhealthy items for kids to consume. The new Happy Meal campaign to donate a portion of Happy Meal purchases to the Ronald McDonald House? So unfair! Fun toys with a fat laden lunch? BOO.

If you don't believe me, believe artist Sally Davies who photographed a traditional Happy Meal hamburger and fries over 137 days. Like Cher, these foods DO NOT AGE.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dance Your A** Off- season 2/episode 13- "The Ultimate Dance Off- Part 2" THE FINALE!!!

I'm going to miss finding pictures of Michael and his crazy faces every week now that season 2 of Dance Your Ass Off is over. Sigh.

The second part of the finale consisted of the final contestants tracking their journey from the beginning of the competition and how much they have changed. There was some fierce dancing, but in the end, Latoya was crowned the champion, beating Adamme by only a couple points. IT SUCKED. I mean, I love Adamme.

Congrats to Latoya. She does look INCREDIBLE and her dancing is unreal. Here is the recap (the dancing starts around 3:00 in):

And here are some still shots that I love that captured the "drama" and "pageantry".

I can't wait until next season! Now onto Thintervention, Money Hungry, and The Biggest Loser!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Way Back Wednesday

It's September and only four months away from the end of the year. A kindly reminder from your friends at ABC.

Money Hungry- episode 5- A Valuable Lesson

SO. . .I thought that when A Pair of Nuts was gone that that was going to be it. I mean, I know they have their own website and YouTube channel and all that jazz. I meant I wouldn't have to watch them anymore. I turn on Tosh.0 this week and lookie who's on there!

I hope they know that Gayo is a high fat food.

The Family-- comprised of The Regulators, Double Chocolate, Flabulous, No Excuses, and the Slenderellas-- now have the upper hand in the house over the quickly diminishing Orphanage. But instead of focusing on the weight loss, The Regulators are starting to notice that their band of misfats (Huh, misfats? Pretty good!) are resting comfortably on their plus size laurels and depending on their alliance to get them through. Especially the VERY lazy Phillip. The Orphans realize they need to leave it all in the gym, so Mission Slimpossible, Chicago Deep Dish, and Grading Curves spend most of this episode recumbent on bikes and getting elliptical.

Trouble maker Josh has a whole 'nother issue to think about besides losing weight and keeping his mouth shut long enough not to get eliminated: He now has a crush on Flabulous Stephanie. The barrier to true love is his "just friends" partner Melissa who likes Josh. Supposedly. Melissa, I don't see it! But Josh says it's so. Heck, he is the self proclaimed "cutest guy in the house". Being cute leads to all sorts of problems (believe me, I know. :) ) and Josh discovers that "Women complicate things. I wish this house was filled with ugly women." Because then he would really be focusing on that weight loss, right Josh?

Before that question can be answered, it is time for this week's challenge. The contestants are driven to "a motherf*&kin' cookie shop" says Phillip to meet "Locusts: the 8th plague" star Dan Cortese. Their challenge: to hold a tray of cookies the longest. Each cookie has a 1 1/4 pound weight underneath it. The teams must decide who will hold the tray and who will possibly eat cookies to lighten the load. Regulators Po decides to eat all 12 of the cookies so teammate Dave only has to hold an empty tray. None of the other competitors are willing to eat so much, and none of the other competitors can hold their trays as long. Dave wins, Po pukes, and they are crowned this week's Big Heavies. Dan explains there is a catch this week-- No house vote. That means no alliances. Only Dave and Po can choose one other team to join them in immunity. The rest of the teams must actually lose weight to stay in the house. I hope it was worth the 3,600 calories eaten.

Back at the house, Josh is feeling tongue tied and gooey around Stephanie, so Po and David offer him some dating tips and tricks like ladies like to feel small and make physical contact. Josh decides to go the old school route but stupidly tells his partner that he is going to order Stephanie flowers. Now is teammate is pissed and doesn't want to work out.

But work out she must: The teams all meet Trainer Richard at the beach for some boot camp in the sand. Phillip is lazy and mouthy as usual, choosing to flap his mouth instead of his arms and ends up spending much of the time on the sidelines. He isn't afraid to just flat out ask for immunity from the Regulators, either. He claims he deserves to be there. I like him being there because he is funny, but not because he is losing weight or inspiring others. He carries around a fake plastic microphone and does a great sea lion impression! What's not to love?

Phillip's request is a snow ball effect for the other teams who all plead their case to The Regulators as to why they should stay. The Regulators are confused as to who they should chose, and when it comes to the immunity vote they still have no idea who they should pick.

Meanwhile, Josh does order flowers. And gives them to Melissa for being a great partner. Now they make it to the gym before the weigh in commences.

At the weigh in Dan reveals that The Regulators chose no one for immunity because they didn't feel anyone in The Family was taking the weight loss seriously and they wanted a level playing field. Everyone is pissed, especially Flabulous and the Slenderellas. So how did everyone stack up?

The Regulators: From 780 lbs to 773 lbs- 7 lbs lost- .90% BW (immune)

Grading Curves: From 467 lbs to 457 lbs- 10 lbs lost- 2.14% BW

Mission Slimpossible: From 456 lbs to 447 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 1.97% BW

No Excuses: From 590 lbs to 579 lbs- 11 lbs lost- 1.86% BW

Double Chocolate: From 422 lbs to 417 lbs- 5 lbs lost- 1.18% BW

Slenderellas: From 572 lbs to 567 lbs- 5 lbs lost- .87% BW

Flabulous: From 609 lbs to 606 lbs- 3 lbs lost- .49% BW

Chicago Deep Dish: From 419 lbs to 417 lbs- 2 lbs lost- .48% BW

Dan points out that "it IS about the weight loss" (what?) and by a sliver of a percentage point the Deep Dish ladies lose the weigh in and another team from The Orphanage is sent home. Dave and Po are happy that The Family was sent a message. . .but by the looks of next week's clips it doesn't seem like Phillip is going to forgive and forget.

Josh finally tells Stephanie he like her, giving her one flower out of Melissa's bouquet. Love in the air? I would show it but VH1's site is being dumb and I can't upload any videos. Lucky for us Money Hungry comes on about 50 times a week. I'm sure you can catch it.