Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Biggest Loser-season 10- FINALE!!!!

Wow, another season of The Biggest Loser has concluded.  Can you believe it?  Well don't get too sad:  The eleventh season of The Biggest Loser starts on January 4th.  Otherwise we may go into withdrawal.  Or the show needs to single handedly get everyone that is overweight in America on the show so they have to get crack-a-lackin' to get as many seasons as possible.

SO!  The finale.  Lots of excitement, lots of confetti, lots of questionable fashion and hair choices.  At the end of the day, I want to focus on the best parts of the show:  The winners!

Winner #1:  Ada Wong!  She beats Elizabeth in the at home vote and secures her spot in the final three.

Winner #2:   At home Winner Mark takes home $100k!

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Winner #3:  The nine out of fourteen contestants that beat Elizabeth in weight loss.  She looked good, but there were plenty of others that were more deserving of that final spot! (Also the 4 girls that beat Brendan!)

Mark:  From 421 lbs to 208 lbs- 213 lbs lost- 50.59% BW
Rick:  From 350 lbs to 185 lbs- 165 lbs lost- 47.14% BW
Adam:  From 402 lbs to 220 lbs- 182 lbs lost- 45.27% BW
Jesse:  From 369 lbs to 203 lbs- 166 lbs lost- 44.99% BW
Aaron:  From 468 lbs to 296 lbs- 172 lbs lost- 36.75% BW
Lisa:  From 288 lbs to 191 lbs- 97 lbs lost- 33.68% BW
Anna:  From 330 lbs to 221 lbs- 109 lbs lost- 33.03% BW
Jessica:  From 282 lbs to 190 lbs- 92 lbs lost- 32.62% BW
Brendan:  From 362 lbs to 245 lbs- 117 lbs lost- 32.32% BW
Elizabeth:  From 244 lbs to 173 lbs- 71 lbs lost- 29.10% BW
Burgandy:  From 231 lbs to 167 lbs- 64 lbs lost- 27.71% BW
Tina:  From 263 lbs to 191 lbs- 72 lbs lost- 27.38% BW
Sophia:  From 272 lbs to 207 lbs- 65 lbs lost- 23.90% BW
Allie:  From 322 lbs to 248 lbs- 74 lbs lost- 22.98% BW

Winner #4:  All three finalists- they looked great!

But it all comes down to numbers at the end.

Ada:  From 258 lbs to 159 lbs- 99 lbs lost- 38.37% BW
Frado:  From 367 lbs to 205 lbs- 162 lbs lost- 44.14% BW
Patrick:  From 400 lbs to 219 lbs- 181 lbs lost- IT DOESN'T MATTER-- HE WON!!!

Here's some of Patrick's thoughts, courtesy of

Want to know what Shay has to say?  Here's her vlog from!

So here's to a new season with new trainers and more drama--hopefully the good kind!!!  2011-#BL11!!!

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