Thursday, January 3, 2013


Only 85 calories a glass!!!

Hello readers!  Lord, have I been the worst blogger ever?

2012 was quite the journey.  I was personal training like a mad woman, I got married in May, and I just switched from the East Coast to the West Coast and am settling down in sunny Los Angeles.

MY RESOLUTION:  Start teaching intenSati and Zumba!  My resolution last year was to become a group fitness leader.  Mission accomplished.  Now I just need a class to teach!

HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN:  Start classes here in my new 'hood, Playa Vista.  Teach classes to the personal trainers at my new Equinox, Sports Club WEST LA.  Just be brave and get out there!

I also resolve to be a better blogger and tweeter, so I am getting back on The Biggest Loser bandwagon and starting live tweeting again this Sunday live on the West Coast.  If you are out here and want to play along, follow my twitter handle, @fosterfitness.

Let's make 2013 the best year yet!  Wishing you love and health and everything you culd ever hope or dream of!