Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Funday!

This chick makes the treadmill look like FUN.  That is a major feat!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL12- week 9- PENTATHLON!

Early trainer beating his client while he uses a medicine ball.
The Biggest Loser is all about the game play this week- literally!  Ali announces the contestants will be competing as individuals and against each other in a 5 legged race.  Whoever gets the most points wins!  To the winner:  immunity!  To the loser:  a one pound disadvantage.  Wee woo.

Ramon tells us it is time to see who the real winner is.  And I bet he also says he is planning on being number one this week.  I just have a feeling.

The game play starts right away.  The producers force the players hands, making them vote for who they think would be the next Biggest Loser, besides themselves of course.  The results of the first game will not be released until the weigh in.  Lord knows we wouldn't want to watch an episode full of people having to explain themselves.  That would be boring. . .*whispering* It wouldn't be boring!

Game #2:  The players must eliminate the opposition by plugging their opponents holes with batons.  On a game board!  C'mon.

The results:
Sunny  7
Becky  6
Antone  5
Vinny   3
John  2
Ramon  1

Game #3:  Trivia!  It is nutrition based.  Bonnie gets really excited for a second, thinking Ali is going to be asking questions about Father Dowling Mysteries.  Or maybe Murder, She Wrote.  Interesting fact:  Onions have a lot of calories for a vegetable.

The results:
Antone  11
Becky  9
Sunny  8
Bonnie  7
Vinny  7
John  4
Ramon  4

Game #4:  Pull an inflatable peanut across a pool using your arms and your balance.  Bonnie fell off.

The results:
Antone  15
Sunny  15
Becky  12
Vinny  12
John  10
Bonnie  8
Ramon  6

Ramon says now it is time for him to get serious.  'Cause he gots to win!

A quick last chance workout where Antone ends on the floor weeping, and then it is time for the last leg of the race!

Game #5:  The contestants are running 1 mile as quickly as they can with the help of Apollo Anton Ono and Subway.  Ramon finally wins one!

The results:
Sunny  20
Antone  19
John  16
Becky  15
Vinny  14
Ramon  13
Bonnie  9

Then it's time for the final weigh in and the results of the first game.  Everyone is so in love with each other I can't imagine why they waited.  And it is completely anonymous!

Game #1 Results:
Antone  7
Becky  7
Sunny  5
Bonnie  4
Ramon  4
Vinny  4
John  1 (making a lot of friends, I see.)

And the final results!
Antone 26- winning immunity
Sunny  25
Becky  22
Vinny 18
John  17
Ramon  17
Bonnie  13- wins 1 pound disadvantage

To the weigh in!

Antone:  From 348 lbs to 339 lbs- 9 lbs lost
Sunny:  From 216 lbs to 207 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 4.17% BW
Vinny:  From 345 lbs to 335 lbs- 10 lbs lost- 2.90% BW
John:  From 319 lbs to 310 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 2.82% BW
Ramon:  From 280 lbs to 273 lbs- 7 lbs lost- 2.50% BW
Becky:  From 186 lbs to 182 lbs- 4 lbs lost- 2.15% BW
Bonnie:  From 213 lbs to 208 lbs- 5 lbs lost- 1.88% BW

Bonnie and Becky end up below the yellow line, and Bonnie insists that Becky stays because she wants a teacher to win the show.  Then after a quick montage of In Memoriam Bonnie messages, we see Bonnie at home, having lost 68 pounds and wearing jeggings.  Life is good, Dolvett!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Muppets Take on Pizza as a Vegetable


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL12- week 8- To be the best, BEAT the best

This week's episode of The Biggest Loser wasn't super tweet worthy.  There were no slip n' slides, very little Bonnie moans, and no frank sex talk from Anna.  Upon second watch, this episode is where the s*%t hits the fan game play-wise.

Up until this point, everything has been pretty hunky dory on the ranch.  Maybe John ate some extra donuts, or Bonnie sent Coach Mike home instead of Becky, but people have been buddies and pals.  Everyone has each others backs.

Then Jessica gets sent home last episode.  Ramon is upset, obviously, because Jess is his girl and he wants to have her around.  But when Vinny and Ramon start talking about it, they realize that Joe, who is now Ramon's teammate, may have some sort of former Black Team alliance in place.

The former Black Team still has more people in the game than any other team:  Joe, Antone, John, and Sunny.  The remaining Red Team is only Ramon and Vinny and the remaining Blue Team is only Becky and Bonnie.  If Vinny and Ramon are on to something, Hardy Boys style, they need to work extra hard this week to turn the tables.

And this week is a hard time to turn the tables.  Ali tells the trainers that only one team member's weight will be recognized this week.  The trainer has the power to choose who it will be.

The episode is filled with various "Who should I choose?" montages listing the pros and cons of each team member, but at the end, the trainers choose (fairly) wisely.

Dolvett chooses John over Bonnie.

Bob chooses Becky over Vinny or Antone.  Vinny looked a little hurt.

Anna chooses Joe over Ramon or Sunny.  I would have chosen Ramon, especially since Joe lost 15 pounds the week before.

How does it all shake out?

Bonnie:  From 221 lbs to 213 lbs- 8 lbs lost- 3.62% BW
John:  From 329 lbs to 319 lbs- 10 lbs lost- 3.04% BW

Antone:  From 353 lbs to 348 lbs- 5 lbs lost- 1.42% BW
Vinny:  From 355 lbs to 345 lbs- 10 lbs lost- 2.82% BW
Becky:  From 192 lbs to 186 lbs- 6 lbs lost- 3.65% BW (With 1 pound advantage won from challenge)

Sunny:  From 218 lbs to 216 lbs- 2 lbs lost- .92% BW
Ramon:  From 286 lbs to 280 lbs- 6 lbs lost- 2.10% BW
Joe:  From 271 lbs to 269 lbs- 2 lbs lost- .74% BW

The Blue Team finds themselves in the bottom, and Joe's weight is the lowest out of all the contestants.  He is confident, however, because he knows that Antone and Vinny have his back.  That's at least two votes that he can count on.  The one person who can't be voted off?  Ramon.  My, how the tables have turned.

Then we get to the elimination ceremony, and Joe gets a vote from Vinny AND Antone.  Antone states that Joe is too much competition.  Funny, that's what Joe said about Jessica at the last elimination ceremony.  He is sent home to Dollywood where he can now ride the rides.

Good thing that the team work is starting to fade, because next episode is onto singles.  Now for the good stuff!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL12- week 6 and 7 recap!!!

Week 6- They all lost. Wee woo. Did someone go home? Oh! Courtney. Courtney? Yeah, Courtney.

Week 7- I went to a taping of Conan O'Brian last week! So I watched the show on DVR.

Here is a photo!

And here is me and the fiancé!

Anyhoo! How did I miss the most tweet-worthy show EVER!?!?

Slip and Slide. Come on!

And just when I thought Bonnie may be sent home, Jessica was voted off instead. Sorry, Ramon. No more squeaky squeaky.

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