Monday, September 13, 2010

Money Hungry- episode 7- "I need to Jazzercise my ass off."

No Excuses have just let the door hit their heinies on their way out of the Money Hungry household and there is no time to exhale. EVERYONE IS UPSET WITH EVERYONE. Stephanie is upset with Phillip for screwing up their relationship with The Family (where was she last week?), Double Chocolate and The Regulators are upset with the Slenderellas for playing them, and everyone is mad at Flabulous for playing both sides.

And I thought Phillip ruled this house.

No time to celebrate No Excuses departure, Grading Curves ("Karma is a bitch, Josh!")! It's time for this week's challenge.

"I hope it's physical--not mental," moans Dave as they head to the Rose Bowl to meet "Surviving Suburbia" star Dan Cortese. This week's challenge: TAKE THE STAIRS. Meaning take team colored footballs (100 of them) up the stadium stairs and place them in the team colored ball receptacles. Then take the regulation size football and run across the football field to win. That's a whole lotta stairs.

Mission Slimpossible takes the win and Double Chocolate ends up in the bottom two AGAIN after another ball handling mishap like the very first challenge. Now that Mission Slimpossible holds the power of immunity, who will they award it to?

Because everyone's alliances are all crazy, all the contestants are starting to step it up in the gym. Trainer Richard looks so excited it just breaks my heart. Who's gonna tell him that no one really cares about the working out and that they are just scared of being voted off by their own stupidity?

Then it is time for the weekly drama session. The Slenderellas remind Slimpossible that they were to give them immunity if they voted off No Excuses. Slimpossible doesn't remember saying that. . .and besides, they are besties with Grading Curves. But Slimpossible will consider it--which sends the Curves into a tizzy. The Slenderellas can't go back to The Family where no one trusts them. And then Flabulous Phillip opens his mouth and lets it slip that he didn't vote for No Excuses last week. OOPS.

Add to that that this week's immunity was given to Grading Curves by Slimpossible and it is all very confusing. Basically Flabulous, the Slenderellas, and The Regulators could all be in the bottom based on everyone's wacky game playing.

Everyone is a little on edge at this week's weigh-in, especially Double Chocolate who have no idea who they are going up against.

Mission Slimpossible: From 438 lbs to 446 lbs- 8 lbs gained- +1.83% BW (Immunity- and they finally admit that they drank A LOT of water to gain the weight. But the rules of the show state they have to go by their last weigh in before they gained. So there isn't any point. This isn't The Biggest Loser, gang.)

Grading Curves: From 450 lbs to 454 lbs- 2 lbs gained- +.44% BW (Immune and drinking the same Kool-aide.)

Double Chocolate: From 415 lbs to 409 lbs- 6 lbs lost- 1.45% BW And who will join them?

Slenderellas: From 572 lbs (Had to go from their previous week since they gained weight while immune. . .so really 567 lbs) to 558 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 1.59% BW

Flabulous: From 603 lbs to 595 lbs- 8 lbs lost- 1.33% BW

Regulators: From 747 lbs to 747 lbs- 0 lbs lost- 0% BW

So WHO got the most votes? Dan reveals that Flabulous is safe, the Regulators are safe, and the Slenderellas had the most votes--but their numbers were greater than Double Chocolate's. So the luscious Chocolate sisters are heading back home.

Now the house is in complete upheaval. . .and Phillip is not running it anymore. Is it over for Team Flabulous? Hand me the mic. . .

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