Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alison Post's Lessons in Gym Etiquette

The talker, the sweater, the fanny pack wearer.
The gym already is a sweaty place, but for some reason coming to the gym and getting your sweat on also makes people lose their MINDS.  I thought this blog post could focus on etiquette at the house of body worship.

  1. Thou shalt not sweat all over the equipment without toweling it off after you are finished.  Sweat is diluted URINE, people.  That is gross.  Get a towel when you walk in the gym and use it!  And on that note. . .
  2. Thou shalt not use an excessive amount of towels.  This is more an environmental request.  I think a one to three towel limit seems appropriate, but over three?  Are you REALLY working that hard?
  3. Thou only needs to be watching one television at a time.  Unless you are Elvis and you have five televisions in your Jungle Room, the average person watches one TV at a time.  I don't know what it is about the gym, but some folks like to listen to one television but also have two or three TV's set to their other favorite shows so they can switch back and forth.  If the gym is empty, that is an alright request, but if there are many people on the cardio equipment, please be polite and stay with one television.  Besides, if you are working really hard, you shouldn't be watching TV anyway!
  4. Thou needs to make up your mind.  If you ask a gym employee to change the TV for you, know what you want to watch and then don't change your mind. The gym employees are people, not remote controls.
  5. Thou should return a greeting when you receive one.  This seems like common courtesy, but if someone says, "Good Morning!" or "Hi!", please acknowledge with the same greeting or a simple head nod.  Even better, A SMILE goes a long way.  Nothing feels worse than somebody obviously ignoring you.  If you are wearing headphones, that is another issue entirely.
  6. Thou shalt put away whatever you took out.  This seems like a no-brainer.  When you were little, remember how your parents or teachers would tell you to put away your toys after you were finished playing with them?  This rule still applies in adulthood!  I can't tell you how many big burly guys leave three 45-pound plates on the bench press racks (on each side- 270 pounds, folks!) and then my sweet, demure self has to unrack the weights and put them away.  Or people leave their towels everywhere, their wrappers and water bottles, the BOSU, their dumbbells.  Trainers on the floor are there to offer safety and assistance, not to work as your maid.  It is RUDE.  By the end of my shift, I sometimes lift over 3,000 pounds.  I am thinking of changing my name to Arnold.  PUT AWAY YOUR TOYS!!!
I believe these simple steps lead to a positive and productive time at the gym!  I think the gym is an awesome miracle producing building and want it to stay awesome.  THE END.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Casual Friday

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL11- week 4- One Hour Loser

Oh, Arthur.
I have a theory on Dan and Don's 9 pound weight gain last week on The Biggest Loser.  I think they both ate their body weight in ham.  Whatever method they used, they aren't talking about it:  Don maintains his innocence even though everyone calls him out and tries to give him the opportunity to come clean.

Marci makes 2 excellent points:
1.)  Someone else that wanted to be on the ranch could have had Dan's place
2.)  Now that Don is lying to his team, it causes controversy because there is a lack of trust.

"If you're not going to tell the truth, go home this week," Marci says.  Judging by the clip of next week's episode, showing someone gaining weight yet again, I can't help but think that it's Don that is heading out.  Who else would gain 6 additional pounds?

Maybe Arthur.  At the temptation challenge this week, the Losers were faced with all their old favorite foods that brought them to the ranch to begin with. Bowls of mac n' cheese, whole chocolate layer cakes, and PIZZA, Arthur's favorite.  The teams are put into a "shame vault" for 3 minutes, and whichever team eats the most calories gets to pick a team to go live with The Unknowns for 1 week.  All the teams are very virtuous, vowing not to eat a single bite. . .except Arthur, who nabs a chicken wing in the name of not having anyone else control his destiny.

Then he sends the green team of Jay and Jen to The Unknowns.  I don't understand the strategy of sending the strongest team to live with the trainers with the highest success rate, but that's just me.

Jay and Jen are apprehensive about The Unknowns top secret secret-ness, but the Unknowns greet the green team with lots of love and enthusiasm.  "You're going to love it!  We hit bags!"  says Rulon.  The new trainers, mostly Cara, make me miss Bob and Jillian's acting chops when they seem surprised with the new additions to their team.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Bob and Jillian dig into Don and try to get him to open up and show some emotion.  He finally breaks through his moustache boundary, saying "Get the bleeps ready."  He rants and raves about his innocence and how he is going to prove everyone wrong.  RRRIIIIGGGHHHTTT.

At The Unknowns Fitness Ridge destination, the Unknowns give the green team a tour of their luxurious accommodations.  Healthy meals they don't have to cook?  Check.  Beds and rooms cleaned daily?  Checked.  Bigger pool?  Check.  Makes me wonder how The Unknowns are going to do when they have to go back to the ranch where things are a little less cushy.  And they have to eat Subway for lunch every day.

At the weekly challenge, the green team is sent back to compete against the ranchers- 8 against 2?  COME ON.  Like they even had a chance at winning those letters from home.  Needless to say, the Ranchers FINALLY got something right, sending the green team slinking back to their neatly made beds.


So really, this episode was 3 hours long.  We'll see how all the trainers decide to play nice together, and who wins the 6 pounds.  JUICY.

Want to know what season 10 Mark has to say about the last 2 episodes?  Here are his recaps, care of!

Where have I been?

Hint:  It's where Homer is.

Monday, January 24, 2011

RIP Jack LaLanne

It was sad to hear that fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne passed away yesterday.  The amazing thing is that he lived to the ripe old age of 96.  It is inspiring to know that living a healthy, active life can add many years on to your life and increase the pleasure and happiness of those years.

If you haven't started your fitness journey, why not today?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Biggest Loser- season 11- week 3- "It's Gut Check Time."

This week's Biggest Losers:  Dan and Don.

Jack is right.  The Biggest Loser is an important part of the NBC line up.  It makes them a lot of money and a lot of people watch it.  SO WHY IS THIS SEASON SO OFF?

Okay.  This is my wish list.
  1. Reveal who The Unknown trainers are.  DONE.  We have met Cara and Brett, who seem very inspiring.  I like their background stories and clearly their methods are working.  Look at the numbers their people are producing!  Why wait until the third episode?
  2. Combine the clips of The Unknowns and the ranch contestants together.  Why?  Because the ranch contestants are all the gooey cuddly folk and the unknowns are the ones willing to show some personality.
  3. Edit Courtney's monologues down.  Maybe we only need to hear about her journey pre-Loser once an episode?
  4. Edit the pictures of Rulon winning the Olympic Gold Medal.  Maybe we only need to hear or see his Olympic story once an episode?
  5. Tell us more about Q and his wife whose name I can't pronounce.
  6. Show us the weigh in of The Unknowns.
  7. If NBC isn't going to do more in show plugs, maybe have longer commercial breaks instead of more commercial breaks.  I saw a lot of Expo white board and Biggest Loser Kinect game ads.  More than I wanted.
I am becoming a little bored of the show.  It is a game show at the end of the day and I wish it was a little more balanced.  That's all. 

Here are the parts of the show I found the most awesome this week:
  1. Sarah from The Unknowns is 58% body fat.  Trainer Brett said, "I didn't even know you could be 58% body fat."  Reason why:  She was in a major car accident and instead of reworking her muscles she let them atrophy.  Now she doesn't have as much muscle to burn calories.  Dr. H tells her she will have to work out 90 minutes a day for 6 days a week for the rest of her life.  WHOA.
  2. The Unknowns throw eggs at the Bj's during a team challenge.
  3. Marci and Denise win lunch with Curtis Stone and Marci totally hits on him.  Cougar Town!
  4. Matt Damon is on a PSA for the Pound for Pound Challenge.  IT IS AWESOME!  I would put it on here but apparently it is no where to be found.
  5. Rulon has been an Olympic Gold Medalist and a plane crash survivor.  He may be invincible.
  6. Dan admits he is a police captain.  WHAT?  Are there no health guidelines for police officers in my home state of Oklahoma?
  7. Arthur has a mystery illness that is not mentioned.  He is on antibiotics and is told to up is calories by Dr. H, but no one says anything until the final weigh in.
  8. Moses of The Unknowns has already lost over 60 pounds.
  9. This week's weigh in where the s%$t hits the fan!
What happens at the weigh in that is so exciting?  Let me show you the results!

Jen:  From 250 lbs to 242 lbs- 8 lbs lost
Jay:  From 364 lbs to 350 lbs- 14 lbs lost  TOTAL: 22 lbs lost, 3.58% BW

Irene:  From 232 lbs to 224 lbs- 8 lbs lost, 3.35% BW

Marci:  From 218 lbs to 211 lbs- 7 lbs lost (plus won 2 lb advantage from Curtis Stone challenge)
Courtney:  From 298 lbs to 292 lbs- 6 lb lost  TOTAL:  13 lbs lost, 2.91% BW

Olivia:  From 239 lbs to 233 lbs- 6 lbs lost
Hannah:  From 226 lbs to 220 lbs- 6 lbs lost TOTAL: 12 lbs lost, 2.58% BW

Arthur:  From 463 lbs to 459 lbs- 4 lbs lost
Jesse:  From 278 lbs to 269 lbs- 9 lbs lost TOTAL: 13 lbs, 1.75% BW


Dan:  From 263 lbs to 272 lbs- 9 lbs GAINED
Don:  From 280 lbs to 289 lbs- 9 lbs GAINED TOTAL: + 18 lbs, + 3.31% BW

"How can it be the same?" the bemused Don asks in the worst acting job on the planet.  I mean, this is community theatre level stuff.  If Dan wants to go home and hang with his wife and kid, why doesn't he gain the weight and Don lose weight?  Now Don has to stay on the ranch and incur the wrath of Bob and Jillian because he so obviously threw the weigh in.  Why can't any one from any season every admit it?

Irene, who won the only vote through a really boring water carrying challenge, sends Dan home, where he loses 72 pounds on his own.  He has a really cute daughter.  THE END.

Next week:  More Don drilling and a pizza party!

It's Saturday!

It is so cold out there.  Here is something to warm your heart cockles.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Casual Friday

I don't know about you all, but I LOVE it when I get an Athleta catalogue in the mail. Athleta has some of the cutest and coolest sport apparel around, and I happily own a few of their pieces. The thing I always wonder is how on earth do they get the fit models into those crazy poses and how long do they have to hold them? Take an inside peek into an Athleta model shoot that took place at a beautiful Yoga retreat in Thailand.

A little Friday vacation in only 2 minutes!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heavy- episode 1- "Life is more than eating."

A&E's new show, Heavy, premiered last night and I LOVE IT.  It is real.  It is sometimes hard to watch.  It is very inspiring.  It makes me proud to be a personal trainer.

Every week the show focuses on two people who are morbidly obese and their struggles with losing the weight the old fashioned way:  Diet and Exercise.  The participants work for 6 months.  1 month is at a weight loss facility (like the Biggest Loser resort) and the other 5 months are spent at home trying to incorporate the healthy habits they have learned into their everyday lives.  If they start lagging at home they are sent back to the weight loss facility.  They are also given a gym membership, personal trainer, and access to a nutritionist while at home.

This episode covered 37-year-old Tom Arnold (not the famous one) and 36-year-old Jodi Van Kessel.  Tom weighs 638 pounds when we first meet him.  It isn't a surprise when you see him shoe horn his way into his vehicle, go through a drive through, and order 6 bacon double cheeseburgers and 3 orders of chicken nuggets.  For lunch.  It hurts for him to get up and walk around.  His whole life revolves around eating.  Jodi, a vivacious and funny mother of 2, feels trapped and incredibly stressed out with her life.  Her one comfort is food and lots of it.  We meet her weighing 367.2 pounds, and it doesn't seem like a surprise when we hear her mom (who lives with her and her husband- ouch) saying this disparaging comment about Jodi and her singing career:  "They want to see Madonna, not Jodi."

Going in for their initial check ups, the prognosis seems grim for both Tom and Jodi.  Tom has severe lymphodema, can't complete the stress test because he can't move his legs on the bike, and the doctor declares he SHOULD weigh 168-170 pounds for his height.  Jodi had a mini stroke 2 months before because of the incredible amount of stress in her life.  Even though she has a bright smile and a biting wit, you can see the pain and sadness in her eyes.

Jodi and Tom partner up at the weight loss "ranch" and meet their kick butt trainers, David and Britny (no e), who push them hard but with a refreshing dose of sensitivity that we don't see a lot of times on weight loss reality shows.  Tom, for example, can't even walk to the fitness center for longer than 1 minute at a time.  David patiently pushes and motivates him to get there and back everyday.  David puts it into perspective: "How hard is it to carry a refrigerator on your back and walk up a hill?"

There is a lot of tears, a lot of mental and emotional break throughs, and even a slip- Tom gains 23 pounds after returning home to his family of enablers and must return back to train with David at the weight loss facility.  But at the end of the 6 months, Jodi lost 74 inches and 77 pounds, ending at 289.8 pounds and Tom lost 155 pounds, ending at 483 pounds.  They aren't at their goal weight yet, but they are well on their way to reaching it.

Heavy is a really moving and wonderful show, well worth your time and DVR space.  It comes on Mondays at 10 pm EST on A&E.  WATCH IT!  I know I will.

Really? C'mon, Starbucks!

I posted about Starbucks calorie laden holiday drinks (worth about 17 candy canes of sugar) in December.  Now Starbucks hits my health radar again with the invention of the TRENTA- a 31 ounce coffee cup.  Meant primarily for iced coffee (I'm sure people will order it black with no sugar or milk) for now, I am assuming that the company thought it would be a good idea because of the laws of displacement.  ICE TAKES UP SPACE.  Bigger cup, more room for liquid, right?  I learned that on Mr. Wizard.

What I want to know is WHY?  In a world where heart disease is the number one killer and everyone from the President to yours truly is trying to work on the obesity epidemic, why would a company as "globally conscious" as Starbucks want to encourage more mass consumption?  If the size is only for iced drinks for now, it won't be long before folks are ordering their other coffees in the larger sized cup.

I went to Starbucks website and there is no mention of the Trenta anywhere.  I found this handy chart on that shows the average human stomach, how much it can hold, and how the Trenta can fill that up.  With a little left over.

Per la vergogna, Starbucks!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Funday!

I love Ricky Gervais, and I couldn't be more pleased he is hosting The Golden Globes tonight.  Here he is with everyone's favorite little guy, Elmo.  Get your cute on!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cycle for Survival! I need YOU!

Hey all!  I mentioned awhile ago that I am participating in Cycle for Survival, a cancer research fundraiser through Memorial Sloan-Kettering hospital and Equinox.  Basically, me and the team I am on (Fit Chick in the City!) are going to be pedaling away on spin bikes to raise money. 

Our team is shy $400 of our $1,000 goal!  If you have an extra dollar stuck in your couch and your not doing anything with it, would you please donate?  I said I was going to raise $1,000 on my own!  And then I donated $50 and no one else has given me anything.  So, that makes me look bad.  HELP ME NOT LOOK BAD AND RAISE MONEY FOR CANCER RESEARCH!!!!

Here is the link to donate to me and my team:

To add more excitement to the event, funny SNL man Seth Meyers has released this public service announcement.  Look for all the other funny cameos in there, too.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Casual Friday

It's been awhile.  Make me laugh.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Biggest Loser- season 11- week 2- The BJ's vs. The Unknowns

If you are reading this to uncover the identities of The Unknown trainers, stop reading.  The Biggest Loser has strung us along for ANOTHER WEEK!  Yes, we know who they are, but we'll pretend that it is still a big secret.  In the meantime, we have to settle for back of the head shots and interviews that make the trainers seem like informants for the FBI.  I am surprised that haven't done voice modification on them!

Still reading?  Good. 

My DVR told me this week's episode was about the "ranch-based contestants" having to compete against The Unknowns in their top secret luxury location in Malibu.  If these contestants are ranch-based, we may have figured out what their problems are. . .creamy, delicious ranch . . .*drool*

This week, the BJ's are still reeling from their loss of orange teammate Ana, especially her daughter Irene.  To further rub it in, Ali shows up to tell the BJ's that The Unknowns "crushed" them in weight loss.  But there is hope:  Ali tells them that if the BJ's beat The Unknowns this week, they will win immunity for one week and $10,000 to share.  That's about $1,400 a team!

On the flipside, Ali broadcasts to The Unknowns that the BJ's are losers and she lays out the same offer of $10,000.  The Unknowns, feeling cocky, send the BJ's donuts to comfort them since they lost and also a DVD with some serious smack talk.

Looks like the game play this season is team based!  I have to be honest with you:  I miss the game play.  I do!  When the episode is all about feelings and standing on your own two feet, it gets a little boring.  I was taking notes, and they read "Jillian mind bullets Jay the codependent", "Arthur doesn't want to deal with his feelings", and "Jen feels the burden of her father being fat."

BORING.  Where is Melissa Morgan?  Where is Trazy?  WHERE IS FRADO AND BRENDON?  My opinion?  All the fun people are the ones that took The Unknowns.  Look at Moses, bed boxing!  Look at crazy Rulon and hillbilly Justin!  These are characters.  I mean, one of the guys is named Q!  The BJ's may have heart, but I am b-o-r-e-d by all the heart string pulling.  It has to be a balance of drama and warmth.

After a challenge where the BJ's lost again and failed to earn a three pound advantage, it is up to Monsieur Bob in his Parisian themed work out gear to teach the BJ's about The Law of Attraction.  He dubs them the David's in the David and Goliath story, and with a lot of f-bombs, works them into a frenzy so they are ready to really compete against The Unknowns.

The Unknowns lost 82 lbs and 2.46% BW.  The BJ's need to lose 78 lbs to win.  "We got that!" crows Arthur.  Do they?

Arthur:  From 476 lbs to 463 lbs- 13 lbs lost
Jesse:  From 286 lbs to 278 lbs- 8 lbs lost  TOTAL: 21 lbs

Irene:  From 242 lbs to 232 lbs- 10 lbs lost

Jen:  From 258 lbs to 250 lbs- 8 lbs lost
Jay:  From 374 lbs to 364 lbs- 10 lbs lost  TOTAL: 18 lbs

Marci:  From 224 lbs to 218 lbs- 6 lbs lost
Courtney:  From 308 lbs to 298 lbs- 10 lbs lost  TOTAL: 16 lbs

Dan:  From 268 lbs to 263 lbs- 5 lbs lost
Don:  From 288 lbs to 280 lbs- 8 lbs lost  TOTAL: 13 lbs

Hannah:  From 232 to 226 lbs- 6 lbs lost
Olivia:  From 245 lbs to 239 lbs- 6 lbs lost  TOTAL: 12 lbs lost

The BJ's lost 90 lbs and 2.81% BW!  David has beaten Goliath and they are immune for another week!  Plus they are $10,000 richer.  Rich in wallet and rich in heart.

Next week, NBC promises we FINALLY get to meet the new trainers.  We'll see. . .

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Funday!

How do you know if the food you are eating is real food?  Check out this handy dandy flow chart!  Thanks to my friend Abby, blogger and theatre person, for bringing it to me!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Get Fit, Chick! In the City! FCITC Winter Boot Camp

Looking for a kick butt, 50 minute workout that is located in the heart of New York City that is inside, warm, and reasonably priced?  Look no further than my blog buddy Jess' (the Fit Chick in the City herself) Winter Boot Camp!

I woke up this morning, not wanting to brave the cold and snow, but I like Jess and she is in good shape, so I figured it would be a wise way to start the day.  I headed to Pearl Studios, located between 35th and 36th streets on 8th ave, to join a band of warrior women who also wanted to start the New Year right.

Jess popped in her Ipod and had us start with jumping jacks, high knees, and plank work.  I started sweating right away (good sign), and then we used our yoga mats as weights which is an awesome idea!  Who knew your yoga mat could get so heavy?  My favorite part of the workout was when we broke out some dish towels, put them under our feet, and used them for lunges and plank v's.  IT WAS SO HARD!

Jess (in blue) tortures- I mean works out- the lady warriors.

It's hard work but it looks good!
We ended the class with a nice cool down and stretch.  I felt ready for the day, and it only took 50 minutes!

Interested in trying out Winter Boot Camp?  Here are the details from Jess' site.

Class Details:
Location: 500 8th Avenue (4th floor) between 35th and 36th Street
Time: 10:05 a.m. – 10:55
Class size limited to 10 participants.
Cancellation Policy: Reservations for individual classes must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. No refunds will be issued.
Class will not be cancelled due to inclement weather.

First Class~ $10 (Cannot be applied towards class package)
Single Class ~ $25
Session Rates (all 4 classes in each session) ~ $88 ($22/class)

Class Reservations:
Make a payment via the paypal link.
Once your payment is received you will receive confirmation via email within 24 hours that you are signed up for class.
Space is limited and priority is given to those who sign-up for the entire 4-week session.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Biggest Loser- season 11- week 1- The Unknowns

Blue team Jesse is cheered on by daddy Jay and daughter Jen at the first challenge!
Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddddd. . .we're back!  Welcome to The Biggest Loser, season 11!  The voice over promises the biggest cast ever with two new trainers who we will get to meet VERY SOON.  Maybe after the commercial break.  Maybe in the second hour.  Maybe next week.  Until then, we must be satisfied by their shadowy silhouettes.

This season's cast seems a lot more hopeful with just a twinge of tragedy.  It is definitely not the drama from last season.  MAYBE, just maybe, NBC read all of our tweets and posts and reformed the show!  Could this be good old school Biggest Loser?  Oh, let's hope so.

Let's meet the Losers.

Brown Team:  Father and Son, Ken and Austin
Stating weight:  Ken- 377 lbs, Austin- 396 lbs, Total: 773 lbs
Fact: 9 people in their family have had bariatric surgery. 

Aqua Team:  Mother and Daughter, Marci and Courtney
Starting weight:  Marci- 238 lbs, Courtney- 323 lbs, Total: 561 lbs
Fact:  Family owns a Dairy Queen and Mom runs a gym;  Courtney lost 100 lbs before the show.

Orange Team:  Mother and Daughter, Ana and Irene
Starting weight:  Ana- 255 lbs, Irene- 255 lbs, Total: 510 lbs
Quote:  "Like mother like daughter," Ali quips.  Ouch.

Red Team:  Husband and Wife, Q and Larialmy
Starting weight:  Q- 437 lbs, Larialmy- 301 lbs, Total: 738 lbs
Fact:  No facts because the show didn't focus on them at ALL.  I don't even know how to pronounce the wife's name!

Pink Team:  Mother and Daughter, Deni and Sarah
Starting weight: Deni- 256 lbs, Sarah- 261 lbs, Total: 517
Fact:  Sarah has miscarried multiple times because she is overweight.

Blue Team:  Father and Son, Jesse and Arthur
Starting weight:  Jesse- 293 lbs, Arthur- 507 lbs, Total: 800 lbs
Fact:  Arthur started at 646 lbs and is only 5'8" tall.

Green Team:  Father and Daughter, Jay and Jennifer
Starting weight:  Jay- 400 lbs, Jennifer- 278 lbs, Total: 678 lbs
Fact:  Jennifer doesn't know what it is like to be thin.

Purple Team:  Sisters, Olivia and Hannah
Starting weight:  Olivia- 261 lbs, Hannah- 248 lbs, Total: 509 lbs
Fact:  Olivia is an opera singer in New York City.

Grey Team:  Father and Daughter, Moses and Kaylee
Starting weight:  Moses- 440 lbs, Kaylee- 233 lbs, Total: 673 lbs
Fact:  They are the token Tongans this season.

Black Team:  Twin Brothers, Dan and Don
Starting weight:  Dan- 287 lbs, Don- 309 lbs, Total: 596 lbs
Fact:  This season's team from Oklahoma!

Yellow Team:  "Friends" (sorry, I just think that's funny!), Justin and Rulon
Starting weight:  Justin- 365 lbs, Rulon- 474 lbs, Total: 839 lbs
Fact:  I don't know if you caught this, but Rulon is an Olympic medalist.  They might have failed to mention this.  100 times.

After the meet and greet, Ali announces that the contestants will all be competing in their first challenge tonight!  The challenge will determine who gets what trainer:  Bob and Jillian or THE UNKNOWNS.  If they choose THE UNKNOWNS, they will get four weeks of immunity.  A hefty prize, that.  The order they finish the challenge will determine what order they get to choose.

The challengers load up for a tag team 5k on manual treadmills.  WHAT?  No 26 mile stationary bike ride?  Is this a softer gentler season?  These folks need to be eased in, because most of them don't know what a 5k is or have ever been on a treadmill.

Everyone huffs, puffs, and grunts to choose their destinies!  Who chose what?

1- Yellow Team- The Unknowns
2- Grey Team- The Unknowns
3- Aqua Team- Bob and Jillian
4- Green Team- Bob and Jillian
5- Brown Team- The Unknowns
6- Purple Team- Bob and Jillian
7- Pink Team- The Unknowns
8- Red Team- The Unknowns
9- Orange Team- Bob and Jillian
10- Blue Team- Bob and Jillian
11- Black Team- Bob and Jillian

The teams that chose the new trainers walk into the light to meet their makers.  The other teams head to Bob and Jillian, who state that even they would have chosen the immunity.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.  Let's get to the day one workout!  Let the yelling, puking, screaming, sweating, falling, fainting, and pouting begin!  Jillian tries not to yell and lasts for about five minutes.  Bob focuses on Arthur, puts him in the Cross Hairs, and gets him to open up about how he got to be over 600 pounds.  Apparently he gained weight with the birth of each of his children. . .

Then we cut to the mysterious Unknowns in their top secret location that happens to be The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu.  The trainers look like they can drop an ass kicking just as well as B and J.  And maybe someday we will get to see their faces.  Someday.

At the second weigh in, Ali informs the BJ's (I know.  I KNOW!) that The Unknowns dropped some serious poundage with the new trainers.  How did the ranchers fare?

Green:  Jennifer:  From 278 lbs to 258 lbs- 20 lbs lost
Jay:  From 400 lbs to 374 lbs- 26 lbs lost
Total loss:  46 lbs BW: 6.78%

Black:  Dan:  From 287 lbs to 268 lbs- 19 lbs lost
Don:  From 309 lbs to 288 lbs- 21 lbs lost
Total loss:  40 lbs BW: 6.71%

Purple:  Olivia:  From 261 lbs to 245 lbs- 16 lbs lost
Hannah:  From 248 lbs to 232 lbs- 16 lbs lost
Total loss:  32 lbs BW: 6.29%

Aqua:  Marci:  From 238 lbs to 224 lbs- 14 lbs lost
Courtney:  From 323 lbs to 308 lbs- 15 lbs lost
Total loss:  29 lbs BW: 5.17%

Blue:  Arthur:  From 507 lbs to 476 lbs- 31 lbs lost
Jesse:  From 293 lbs to 286 lbs- 7 lbs lost
Total loss:  38 lbs  BW: 4.75%


Orange:  Ana:  From 255 lbs to 246 lbs- 9 lbs lost
Irene:  From 255 lbs to 242 lbs- 13 lbs lost
Total loss:  22 lbs BW: 4.31%

The first elimination sends home momma Ana (no surprises here) who learns to salsa, hang out like Sex and the City, and carry mail like a champ.

Next week:  The Bj's vs. The Unknowns.  Tune in!

Wanna know what Amanda has to say?  Click here to listen to her recap, courtesy of!

New Year, New Nikes! Review of the Nike XT Quick

Behold! The Nike XT Quick in Grey Volt Beauty. . .
So, you have almost made it through the first week of January.  Hopefully, you are hitting the gym faithfully!  Nike wants you to be well shod during the winter months when we are all stuck inside, and offers your resolution a big life preserver with the Nike XT Quick.

The XT Quick is a low profile, high fashion cross trainer that offers your feet stability for cardio classes and support for runs on the treadmill or that long elliptical session.  The XT Quick also offers a place for the Nike+ running sensor that syncs up with your Ipod or Iphone to track your progress.  And who doesn't need some motivation and encouragement to get us through the new year?

Here is what the Nike website says about their shoe:

The Nike Free XT Quick Fit+: Versatile and flexible

Cardio workouts. Drills. Weightlifting. The Nike Free XT Quick Fit+ Women's Training Shoe brings flexibility and support to all of your training activities.

No-sew upper for enhanced comfort and flexibility
Flywire for ultra-lightweight support and comfort
Nike Free flex grooves for enhanced flexibility and stability

Side-to-side movements are essential to drills and other training activities, so the Nike Free Quick Fit+ was designed with Flywire on the upper for lightweight lateral support in the forefoot. Flywire is made up of thin, super-strong nylon fibers that strategically hold the foot in place, helping to reduce slippage during movement.

Nike Free XT technology uses full-length, multidirectional flex grooves to allow the foot to move in a more natural way for training. Exaggerated and intuitive flex grooves extend into the midsole to help reduce the overall weight of the shoe and enhance multidirectional flexibility so you can be nimble on your feet.

Additional Details
Breathable mesh upper
Synthetic overlays for support
Outsole rubber pods for durability and traction
Nike+ ready

Here's what I thought about the shoe:

First off, I LOVE the style and color!  Dark steel grey with lime green accents?  SOLD.  But besides being pretty, I had to make sure the shoes were functional.  I have been wearing them at the gym for about three weeks, and my first thought was how light the shoe was.  Many cross trainers I have owned over the years have felt heavy or clunky, and running shoes don't have all the great side to side support that I like.

After a couple of hours, the large shoe lace grommets were digging into the top of my foot- I have high arches- but after relacing the shoe and loosening it a bit, the fit is perfect and comfortable.

I was also thrilled about the Nike+ capability!  I liked tracking my runs in the warmer months outside, and now I can do it on the treadmill during the winter.

Overall, I give the Nike XT Quick an A for awesome!  Thank you to Alex for sending me the pair I am now wearing to review.  What a great way to start the new year with some new shoes! 

Want to own a pair?  Check out for colors, prices, and where to buy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MTV's I Used to be Fat

The Biggest Loser isn't the only weight loss related reality show out there that you should be watching!  MTV rolled out I Used to Be Fat last week, and I really think it is worth your time.

Every week the show covers a teenager that is graduating from high school and using the summer before they are going off to college to change their lives through intense diet and exercise.  The teens run the gamut of the home coming queen to the lonely fat girl that is being home schooled due to being made fun of.  The one thing they all have in common is their desire to finally take control and responsibility of their eating and their lives.

This show really hits the nail on the head.  Exercise is hard work, changing your life is hard work, but if you are willing to put forth the effort you will see results.  There is no candy coating.  It is AMAZING to watch the transformations of these kids and to know they have their whole lives ahead of them.

Gabriella the homecoming queen.

The first episode covered a beautiful girl named Gabriella who is popular but unhappy with herself because she is heavy.  She has an overbearing mom that nags in a negative way and she is lost when it comes to the right way to eat and work out.  Thank God she has a great personal trainer named Katie that kicks her heiny and gets in her head to turn Gabriella's whole outlook around.  When she reveals her thinner self at the end, it is a total inside out change.  And you can tell that it is going to be a lasting change.

I Used to Be Fat airs on MTV on Wednesday nights (with plenty of repeats)-- set your DVR!

Here is a clip of this week's episode:

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions. . .

Happy New Year, everyone! 

I have spent the past couple of days rolling around some possible goals for the year 2011.  Like many of you, I have spent years making resolutions I couldn't keep.  My favorite:  To wear a bikini at the beach this summer.  That was my resolution for a long time, and I still only own one pieces.  I finally came to the realization that I don't even WANT to wear a bikini, so why was I making some crazy resolution like that?

2010 was a special year because it was the very first year that I set an intention and I actually made it happen.  My goals for 2010:

1.) get certified to personal train
2.) get a real gym job
3.) leave my waiting tables job

Check them all off the list!  Then it made me wonder:  Will I be able to set forth a new intention for 2011 and make it happen?  Now that I am going around saying YES and making my dreams happen, it is a little nerve wracking. 

What if I fail?

I realized that negative type of speech was the reason I stopped myself from succeeding all those years.  I have been so afraid of failing that I would rather not even try to succeed.  Now that I know that I can make my dreams come true, I want to keep the momentum going. 

So what am I setting as my intention for 2011?

1.) Get pre and postnatal certified
2.) Move from Tier 1 to Tier 2 (levels of trainer at Equinox)
3.) Get enough clients at the gym to make a great income!

Wondering how to make a proper resolution for the year?  I find the most important detail is the goal must be specific, it must be reasonable, it must be within reach!  If all of your dreams involve becoming an astronaut and you have never been to astronaut school, what is the likelihood you'll be among the stars anytime soon?

What are you all planning for 2011?  It promises to be a good 'un. . .