Sunday, June 10, 2012

Put Your Boobies In This!

I am chesty.  Sports bras have always been an issue for me- either too loose and I am smacking myself in the face, or so tight I can't even breathe!  There is chaffing, there is tube boob- boob issues, am I right ladies?

I was very excited when Under Armour Women asked me to try out their revolutionary new sports bra, the Armour Bra.  The bra is not one sized fits all or small, medium, and large.  It is sized like a regular bra for a custom fit.  I am a 34 DD, so I received a snazzy purple and black design, the colors for my size.  The bra has lightly padded shoulder straps, removable pads, and sturdy hooks in the back for an adjustable fit.

Yes, the bra is pretty.  Can it stand up to the jiggliest conditions?  I had to try it out in Zumba class, the one class where you only want to shake your ta ta's when you want them to shake.  I felt cool and comfortable the entire class AND there wasn't any wiggle unless I wanted it.  Since I received the bra, I have washed it three times and worn it for weight lifting and yoga class, and I have been completely happy.  Other bras I have used rub me the wrong way, but I haven't felt an ounce of chafe.  

I HIGHLY recommend the Armour bra for any activity, not just for the high impact activities.  It's cool looking, comfortable, and reasonably priced for being far superior to other expensive bras I have tried.  It's a tits up winner!

SUNDAY FUNDAY! Post wedding edition

So this happened.

That is me and my new husband!  And that's what I have been busy doing. . .but now I am back.