Friday, September 24, 2010

Money Hungry- episode 8- "How far can you throw Phillip?"

The Money Hungry household is pissed at Flabulous Phillip.  He is a worse waffler than John Kerry- he voted against it before he voted for it.  No one seems to trust him, and Phillip must find a way to keep his place in the household so he can keep the $10,000 that his grandfather fronted him to enter the competition.

Maybe he will win his team immunity at this week's challenge?  "The Lottery" star Dan Cortese meets the contestants at the beach with some huge cakes at his back.  Slenderella's Kaitlin can barely contain her craving and struggles to listen to the rules of the contest:  "Layer Cake" requires the teams to disassemble and reassemble large weighted fake cake pieces.  Whoever completes the task first will be this week's Big Heavies.  Dan explains there will be no other immunity given by the Big Heavies, so anyone can be up for elimination.

"This is a piece of cake," says Phillip.

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Unfortunately it wasn't, and Mission Slimpossible became this week's Big Heavies and Flabulous is in the bottom.

Now it is time for the politics of the week.  In between three, count 'em, three whole workouts with Trainer Richard (he has to be freaking out with all the air time), the remaining teams struggle to figure out who should be in the bottom with Flabulous.  Flabulous wants to compete against the Slenderellas because their journeys have been so similar:  Kaitlin is to Phillip as Jackie is to Stephanie?  Phillip does not want to go against the Regulators or Grading Curves, so he convinces them to both vote for the Slenderellas.  But then Mission Slimpossible finds out that maybe the Curves aren't going to vote for The Regulators (who's weight loss would surely send Flabulous home) and they remind them they are still a part of The Orphange.  And The Regulators remember that the Slenderellas are a part of The Family.

You can see how this can be very confusing.

At the weigh in, it isn't certain who will be going against Flabulous in the bottom.

Mission Slimpossible:  From 446 lbs (but since they gained water weight) really 438 lbs to 443 lbs- 5 lbs gained- + 1.14% BW  They are immune, but will all this water weight game play back fire on them?  Dan reminds them that the ultimate winner of the entire game will have the greatest percentage of body weight loss.

Flabulous:  From 595 lbs to 593 lbs- 2 lbs lost- .34% BW  Phillip loses 2 pounds and Stephanie loses 0.  Oops.  Joining them in the bottom two?

Grading Curves:  From 452 lbs (but since they gained water weight) really 450 lbs to 436 lbs- 14 lbs lost- 3.11% BW  SAFE

The Regulators:  From 747 lbs to 735 lbs- 12 lbs lost- 1.61% BW  SAFE

Mission Slimpossible is annoyed that Curves didn't vote their way, but. . .

Slenderellas:  From 558 lbs to 549 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 1.61% BW  Voted in, but their weight beats Flabulous.

So Flabulous is heading home this week, and it is sad because I will miss how funny he is and his crazy flip floppin' weighs.  I mean ways.  Stephanie actually blamed herself for the loss--which is nuts--and they say a tear filled goodbye to the house.
"I'm not doing ugly cry," Phillip says.

So it's four teams left between here and the finale.  I am rooting for The Regulators because they seem to be the ones who really want this the most.  I imagine Mission Slimpossible will not make it easy--and sorry Grading Curves, I don't want it to be you all!  They are so mean!  Can you imagine if they were your teachers at school?  FAIL.

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