Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drop it like it's hot: Why I am for the SODA "BAN"

Sugar Pyramids!

I love being an American.  I love the freedom to choose whatever I want to eat, whenever I want to eat it, wherever I want to eat it.  It's awesome.


And it's a big however.  (see how I did that?)

I also know what it's like to spiral out of control with my choices.  I feel like my willpower is not a common trait.  If others willpower were as strong as mine, they could take on the daunting task of trying to lose weight and succeed and actually keep it off.  But as a personal trainer, I know this isn't so.  My job is 90% motivation ALONE.  10% the workout.  The mental game is the one most people lose when they set out to get themselves healthy, or face any challenge, really.

Sometimes we need a little extra help.

I see these dietary "restrictions" as just that kind of help.  The proof is out there.  Just this week I read two articles:  the first article was how New Yorkers now ingest less trans fats because trans fats have been banned in restaurants and the second was that children in California are eating healthier in schools because the school menus have been revamped.  There is also plenty of evidence linked to calorie counts being posted on menus so people can see how much they are ingesting is helping people consume less.

These changes seem small, but the long term benefits are so HUGE.  Can we even imagine how obesity may be slowed because people don't have to drink a 44 ounce Big Gulp?  And if you really want that much soda, order two sodas.  It's not like they are banning Coke or Pepsi.  Even though it's not the worst idea on the planet. . .