Friday, September 17, 2010

Casual Friday

Happy Friday y'all!

This week is the end of my first week of switching into the organic eating groove. I have switched all my dairy to organic, stopped using my soy coffee creamer, bought organic chicken, organic cereal, and organic fruit.

Whew. It is a lot to think about! I am in the process of switching it all up, but some items I haven't gotten to yet, like my coffee and the Whole Foods salad bar that I frequent for lunch. I figured that conventionally grown veggies are better than delivery.

I am hoping that this experience (eating organic and eating at specific mealtimes) will show on the scale. . .but overall I am wondering if it will make a difference in my overall well being. Will my emotions change? Will I feel less toxic? Does that make any sense at all or am I a crazy person? I will keep checking in and will let you know!

Meanwhile, the bf's parents are coming to visit today and we are going to Newport, RI for a few days! I will try to take a lot of pics and also chronicle if I can stay on the straight and organic while on the road.

Have a sooper weekend! Stay classy, San Diego.

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