Monday, September 6, 2010

Money Hungry- episode 6- Loud Mouth, Microphone

"How the f*&k am I going to bedazzle a Jello filled microphone?" moans Flabulous Phillip at the beginning of this week's episode of Money Hungry. The microphone in question is the chordless mic that Phillip carries around with him everywhere he goes (the bf pointed out that Phillip is so lazy he can't even bother to raise his voice on his own). The Jello in question was made by Mission Slimpossible-- they stuck the microphone in a blender full of Jello and then hanged it in front of the door so Phillip wouldn't be able to miss it. Phillip rants and raves, still feeling the sting of not being granted immunity in last episode's weigh in ceremony by The Regulators.

Also upset? Slenderellas. Both Flabulous and the Slenderellas are out for blood, and are thinking of shifting their loyalty from The Family to The Orphanage. Phillip goes to Mission Slimpossible and Grading Curves, vowing that he will vote in the house vote whatever way they want him to vote (what about his teammate Stephanie?) as long as they don't vote for him.

The drama takes a break long enough for this week's challenge. "Everybody Wants to be Italian" star Dan Cortese greets the teams at a football field dotted with team colored sacks. The teams must grab the sacks relay race style, then unwrap the puzzle pieces inside and build the puzzle to win. Sounds easy enough. Whoever wins will be this week's Big Heavy.

It was brains over brawn this week, I guess. Slenderellas are the first female Big Heavies, vowing they will use thier powers for good and will most definately assign immunity this week. In last place are The Regulators-- puzzles are not their cup of tea, obviously-- and they are now up for elimination. They decide to hit the gym in one of the most lackluster workout sequences ever witnessed on a weight loss reality show.

Everyone else decides to play the game and figure out who will be going up against The Regulators in the house vote. This flow chart I created will try to explain what the hell is happening.

Flabulous talks to Mission Slimpossible and Grading Curves==>Mission Slimpossible and Grading Curves talk to each other==>Mission Slimpossible talks to Flabulous to convince them to vote for No Excuses==>Mission Slimpossible talks to Grading Curves about talking to Flabulous==>Mission Slimpossible talks to the Slenderellas about voting for No Excuses==>Flabulous talks to Slenderellas about voting for No Excuses==>Flabulous goes to The Regulators to tell them that the Slenderellas are voting with The Orphanage for No Excuses==>The Regulators talk to the Slenderellas about them voting against The Family==>The Regulators warn No Excuses==>No Excuses and The Regulators agree to vote for Grading Curves

Easy, right?

At the house vote, the Slenderellas reveal they have given Flabulous immunity, leading to Phillip declaring that "I RUN THIS HOUSE!" So, who has everyone voted for this week?

Slenderellas: From 567 lbs to 572 lbs- 5 lbs gained- +.88% BW (immunity)

Have lost 43 pounds since the show started.

Flabulous: From 606 lbs to 603 lbs- 3 lbs lost- .50% BW (immunity)

Have lost 49 pounds since the show started.

The Regulators: From 773 lbs to 747 lbs- 26 lbs lost- 3.36% BW The bar is set!
Have lost 103 pounds since the show started.

Double Chocolate: From 417 lbs to 415 lbs- 2 lbs lost-.48% BW SAFE

Have lost 36 pounds since the show started.

Mission Slimpossible: From 447 lbs to 438 lbs- 9 lbs lost- 2.10% BW SAFE

Have lost 70 pounds since the show started.

Grading Curves: From 457 lbs to 450 lbs- 7 lbs lost- 1.53% BW NOT SAFE

Have lost 52 pounds since the show started.

They are tied with No Excuses! Can they turn it out?

No Excuses: From 579 lbs to 577 lbs- 2 lbs lost- .35% BW NOT SAFE

Have lost 66 pounds since the show started.

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No Excuses can't compete with The Regulators MONSTER weight loss. It is sad because it was under Josh's tutelage that they did so well. Josh cries and Melissa weirdly smiles and they leave hand in hand.

Mission Slimpossible and Grading Curves are totally jazzed that No Excuses are heading home. But what did Josh do to everyone? Josh- if you are reading this (and I know you are), answer me!!!

Here is a pic that Josh sent to me of him and Melissa now! Yay Twitter!

I made note of what everyone has lost this far because it is PATHETIC. C'mon, VH1. Just once I would love you to have a reality show that really shows real weight loss. These people and their lives depend on it.


  1. Okay, im going to preface this comment with this: "I know im being a hypocrite becasue im not really losing much weight when i should be working my unemployed ass off"

    But I'm sorry, when I would try and sometimes not even try that hard, I would drop 2-3 pounds in a week or so, most i ever lost was 17 in a week. These cats are getting paid to be on a show, have access to PT'er, nutritionists, a trainer and a 24/7 gym close enough for even a fat person to walk to?! They raised 10k to be there... but they can't seem to lose more than a pound combined?

    It seems like the ones that are pulling the bigger numbers.... are the ones that are getting voted off. Could this be becasue the game players are playing the game and not working out? I think so!

    I'll never know how I would be on a show like this, because I couldn't raise 10k to get on the show, BUT i have a feeling that i wouldn't last long cause im not a game player...

  2. I agree with the last line--these people are not pushed to lose the weight (as on Biggest Loser); rather, this is more about gameplay. I would LOVE to see the Slenderellas work harder, but maybe they did and the editing room cut their workout out of the show? I don't know.
    It just bugs me that they gained weight because they knew they had immunity. Maybe the immunity challenges should have been the same day as the house vote & weigh-in, then everyone would be working their flab off all week, not knowing what would happen in the challenge.
    I guess though it comes down to motivation. Mission Slimpossible are motivated to win, regardless of how they bully people into voting with them or having questionable ethics. But then again... it's a game, not really a weight-loss show.
    To me, the contestants are set up to fail--their motivation is money, not health.

  3. It is my favorite Foster! Of course I read your blog, every week, but I just make it a point to not comment on these things too often as it can lead to more ensuing drama, which I do not need.

    As to why the other teams were so happy to see me go, I can only posit a few theories:

    1 - My gameplay move in week #2 caused a HUGE rift. Before flipping the vote to trying and eliminate Grading Curves, I had lived in the Orphanage with those guys. I did lie to them and say I was going to vote with them, but the fact is that I was not going to say, "Oh, ya know. I really don't like that idea, let me not only not vote with you but vote AGAINST you." to their faces, because then it could have easily been No Excuses on the chopping block instead of Roll Models.

    The fact is that in the house I offered help to whomever asked for it. I did play the game strategically, and yes I did flirt and have crushes.

    However, the more important fact is that EACH and EVERY day in the house, Melissa and I were in the gym an average of 5 hours. We did our own thing for the most part, we didn't workout alot with Richard, and when we were finally eliminated we were sitting in 2nd place in the game, so I don't think we were doing too shabby.

    The fact is that it was a great experience, and I am happier and healthier for it. Some of the other contestants can say hateful things all they want, it won't stop me from being successful.

  4. There was a definite racist element involved in the hanging of Philip's microphone. I'm so surprised that no one else saw this as offensive.