Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Biggest Loser- season 10- week 1- Meet The Losers

This is my third season to blog about The Biggest Loser and by now I know the drill.  And if you are reading this, you know the drill too.  Find Fat Americans with a great back story, put them on the ranch, shake well, results may vary.  Biggest Loser season 10 doesn't disappoint--and I feel season 10 is the season of DRAMA.  During the live tweeting (join us on Tuesdays 8 pm EST and use the hash tag #BL10) I made a joke that this season is a little more like The Real World.  And it certainly got real this episode.

I don't want to bore you with ALL the deets-- these are just some of the deets.  Join me, won't you?

Season Theme:  Pay it forward.
How contestants chosen:  7 cities- 3 Losers- 2 chosen to go to the ranch- 1 chosen for alternate secret mission.  Please let it be motorcycle Jillian at an abandoned bus depot in the desert! *fingers crossed*
How many shots of contestants shoving food in their mouth: 9
Best part of episode:  People that had tried out for the show and didn't make it- but went home and lost a TON of weight on their own.  It can be done at home people!!!

So let's take a look at the people under the shirts and sports bras this season.

Jesse: 27 year old male from Minnesota; starting weight- 369 lbs; DRAMA- raised by overweight mom
Sophie: 28 year old female from Maryland; starting weight- 272 lbs; DRAMA- brother died in car accident
Not Chosen:
Aaron: 29 year old male from Ohio; starting weight- 468 lbs; DRAMA- raised by alcoholic father- now he is a food addict

Adam: 26 year old male from California; starting weight- 402 lbs; DRAMA- mom died of a weight related heart attack
Montina: 35 year old female from California; starting weight- 287 lbs; DRAMA- back up singer for Beyonce who wants to be in the spotlight
Not Chosen:
Ada: 27 year old female from California; starting weight- 258 lbs; DRAMA- accused by father of killing her brother when a kid and again when she was a teen in her car (!)

Burgandy (what?): 35 year old female from Utah; starting weight- 231 lbs; DRAMA- has 5 kids, one of them is autistic, no relationship with husband
Tina: 58 year old female from Oregon; starting weight- 263 lbs; DRAMA- was cheated on by her ex husband
Not Chosen:
Corey: 26 year old male from Alaska; starting weight- 391 lbs; DRAMA- an overweight life coach with blond dreadlocks

Patrick: 27 year old male from Mississippi; starting weight- 400 lbs; DRAMA- wants to be around for his wife and kids
Rick: 54 year old male from Arkansas; starting weight- 350 lbs; DRAMA- overweight physical therapist that wants to be around for his grand kids
Not Chosen:
Anna: 39 year old female from Georgia; starting weight- 330 lbs; DRAMA- son died of cancer

Jessica: 26 year old female from Arizona; starting weight- 282 lbs; DRAMA- had bad relationship with her mom
Mark: 30 year old male from New Jersey; starting weight- 421 lbs; DRAMA- Jewish guilt
Not Chosen:
Shanna: 38 year old female from Arizona; starting weight- 242 lbs; DRAMA- breast cancer survivor

Allie: 22 year old female from Oklahoma; starting weight- 322 lbs; DRAMA- gastric band surgery that failed
Lisa: 31 year old female from Oklahoma; starting weight- 288 lbs; DRAMA- daughter is anorexic in response to her obesity
Not Chosen:
Sandy: no age given from Oklahoma; starting weight- 259 lbs; DRAMA- brother died 5 days after BL audition from heart attack

Frado: 43 year old male from New York; starting weight- 367 lbs; DRAMA- type 2 diabetic who has been given 5 years to live
Brendan: 32 year old male from Boston; starting weight- 362 lbs; DRAMA- yo yo dieter
Not Chosen:
Elizabeth: 30 year old female from Boston; starting weight- 244 lbs; DRAMA- had an abusive husband

It sounds like it is going to be a crazy season filled with drama, treadmill face plants, marine training, and wacky nick names- I like Tina Grandma Glasses.  Stay tuned and watch with me!

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  1. Great reminder for who everyone is on the show. It'll come in handy at the start of this season. Completely agree with you, the live tweeting during the show is great. Some great insight, as well as some laughs. These twitter people can be so clever.