Wednesday, December 23, 2009

California Adventure- Day 6

I wait tables. And as a waiter I can tell you I honestly do not mind dietary special requests. If you want your food cooked a particular way, as a member of the "foodie" community, I am obliged to help you within reason.

If we don't have black bean soup on the menu, don't ask if we can just whip you up a batch. That's just nutty.

However, if you ask for no mayo or cheese, by all means you should get it that way.

Yesterday I was eating lunch with the boyfriend and his mom. She has many dietary restrictions, which makes going out to eat a challenge. She informed our waiter that she wanted the turkey club with no cheese, mayo, or avocado.

Strike one: he didn't write the order down. Ugh! I hate that.

Strike two: it was delivered wrong, of course. Cheese, check. Mayo, check. Avocado, check. The waiter stopped by and asked what she wanted. AGAIN. He asked if she wanted chicken or not. No, she replied. No chicken on my turkey club.

Strike three: when it arrived the 2nd time, it still had avocado. Really?

You are out, waiter. I was rooting for you, too.

Luckily, a manager did swing by and bought her sandwich.

My point is that you should insist as a healthy diner to get what you ordered. If my salad has dressing on it when I ordered on the side, well, I want no dressing.

Being healthy and taking care of yourself means no excuses. On your part or on others parts.

Remember that, as you steer through the holidays and cruise into the new year, too. Don't take no for an answer! And it is okay to send your food back.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

California Adventure- Day 5- The Peanut Gallery

Hello all! Still loving life and enjoying things here in California.

Something I am noticing is how utterly and completely exhausted I get at the end of the day. My normal schedule has me working fairly late, and then I stay up a couple of hours later when I get home, and then I sleep for maybe 6 to 7 hours. Here I have been zonked by 9, and I am getting a solid 8 hours or so.

Rest is such an important part of the routine. In an ideal world, it would be great to get this much rest daily. Hopefully, once I get out of my restaurant gig I'll have a more "normal" schedule. Until I start training people at 6 in the morning. :)

Day 5 was an exciting day! I started with a little Shape Body Boot Camp Cardio Intervals, and then the boyfriend and I headed off to Knotts Berry Farm. It was the perfect day: The weather was cool, the lines were amazingly short, and I got to see Snoopy on ice.

One thing that I couldn't help but notice was the food everywhere! Funnel cakes, popcorn, cotton candy, soda: Anything you could imagine that's not good for you. And I saw it in a few waistlines, too.

A good tip when you are traveling to one of these fast food meccas is to plan ahead. Christopher and I ate a good breakfast ahead of time, so that we didn't need to eat a lot at the park. It would also be a good idea to have snacks in your purse or bag.

My one indulgence was a hot dog with mustard. I LOVE mustard. At about 315 calories and 18 grams of fat, the hot dog seemed liked the wisest choice.
Excited about Christmas here with the family, and excited to be sharing it with you all. I'm staying on track and staying accountable- how are you all doing?

Monday, December 21, 2009

What I am "F'd Up!" abut today! Funny or Die Video: Jersey Shore

I'm all about the Dove empowerment campaign. But this is hilarious.

California Adventure- Day 4- Early Christmas

Day 4 caught me unawares: I went to church with the family, went to a lovely brunch, helped set up Christmas lights and decorations, and then went over to the boyfriend's family's house to have an early Christmas dinner.


More than one Christmas dinner? YIKES. I walked into the house and smelled turkey. I looked over and saw an assortment of pies. *gulp*

It hadn't occurred to me that I was going to fight this temptation more than once this season. A great holiday meal is a wonderful thing: Is two holiday meals too many?

I fussed in my brain, trying to devise a plan. Then I realized that it's JUST FOOD. IT'S ONLY FOOD! And food is not the enemy. My poor choices that I used to make are.

So I enjoyed the juicy turkey, loaded up on the steamed veggies and had a dollop of the green bean casserole. I avoided the bread. And for dessert? I took thin slices of the pies I wanted to try and I savored them.

It was really nice to meet all the family I hadn't met, and I felt proud of myself for not overindulging. That was the Christmas Miracle. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

California Adventure- Day 3- Drunk Santa

It was rather awesome to turn on the television yesterday morning and see all the reports of snow and realize that it wasn't outside my window.

California, you are the greatest!

Even though I was crampy and headachey I did Kari Anderson's Reach: An awesome blend of ballet, yoga, and pilates. And I am going to need to keep this working out up, because we have been going out to eat a lot and I need to make sure I don't gain any weight over the holidays. That would be bad.

I have been doing a lot of easy substitutions with my food: Turkey patties, not eating the bun, eating only half portions, not snacking, drinking plenty of water. I know these will contribute to my healthful goals!

I wanted to share with you all a new feature I call "Drunk Santa". I found these various Santas at a local Christmas store when my boyfriend was sent out for tree lights. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

California Adventure- Day 2

I haven't adjusted to the 4 hour time change. I woke up at 7 am! Some start to my vacation. . .

So, I did work out with Jillian Michaels. Not in person- can you imagine! I did level 1 of the 30 Day Shred and was happy I could still keep up with all the pushups. But that was all I had the energy for, because I was still a little jet lagged.

Christopher and I went to the mall for shopping and I have forgotten how much walking is required! In New York everything is all compartmentalized by neighborhood. I walk to get places. But just strolling at the mall wore me out.

I soaked up the sun and have enjoyed eating dinner with the family and recharging my batteries. That's such an important part of your health: Taking time out to relax.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday! Stay warm. Ha ha ha! *evil laughter*

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Friday, December 18, 2009

California Adventure- Day 1


I landed last night in the great state of California, and I am so happy because it is supposed to snow this weekend in New York! WOO! Sorry, Magenta. She hates to be walked in the snow.

For those of you who do not know, I am here in Pasadena visiting my boyfriend's family for Christmas. And it was 75 when we landed. Please make it last!!!

My goal in "California Adventure" is to make sure I stay accountable with my fitness goals even though I'm out of town. I want to prove to you all that is indeed possible.

Day 1's goal was to not eat like a total pig when I got to the airport and on the plane. The JetBlue terminal at JFK is like a fat person's dream: burgers, Philly steaks, pizza, and potato chips out the wazoo. Because the flight to California is 6 hours long and there are no meals on the plane, I knew I had to choose wisely.

I am lucky to live in a city that requires the calorie counts to be listed on the menu. I chose a turkey burger with blue cheese and banana peppers instead of the Supreme Deluxe Burger (a whopping 1,500 cals) and no french fries to eat pre-flight. For the "road" I chose a chicken salad and snack size hummus and pretzels.

This is where I point out the importance of reading your labels. READ THE LABELS! Even on salad. Had I chosen to eat the entire salad with the dressing, I would have ingested 109 grams of fat. WHAT? I didn't eat the dressing at all, saving myself from certain death and destruction.
On the plane I chose a snack size bag of sweet potato chips and water instead of soda.

I managed to make it through the day without completely sabotaging all my efforts! I felt satisfied with myself, and woke up this morning not completely angry with my stomach.

Off to work out, following my travel tips (read my last blog)! Have a happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You CAN Take It With You!

(Read this article on!)

As anyone in shouting radius knows, I am going on a holiday vacation. One of the challenges of going out of town is getting out of my routine: Will I have room to work out? Time? Proper equipment?

Luckily, I have my list of sure fire tips and tricks that will ensure I get my work out on. If you are going out of town, or even going over the river and through the woods, you'll want to read this.

Problem: Weights are heavy! Solution: Carry one set of light hand weights. I like to use 3 pounds, maybe 5 if I don't have too many pairs of shoes to pack. 3 pound weights will allow you to add resistance to any activity without having to pay extra luggage fees.

Problem: I've packed too much and can't take weights! Solution: Resistance bands and tubing are light and fit into any crevice in your suitcase. Bands provide multi-plane resistance and can be used in everything from squats to crunches to pilates. Plus they only take up as much room as a pair of socks.

Problem: I need a television and DVD player to work out! Solution: Bring your lap top. My lap top is a multimedia machine. It play DVDs, and I can set it up anywhere that I have some space.

Problem: I don't know what type of DVDs to bring. Solution: Bring videos that require little to no equipment. That way, there are no excuses to not workout. Recommendations: 10 Minute Solution Slim and Sculpt Pilates, Kickbox Core Cross Train, and Squeeze are three workouts that each offer multiple timed workouts with little to no equipment to fit into the busiest holiday schedules.

Problem: I don't own any of the aforementioned products! Solution: Walking or running shoes are the only piece of equipment you'll need. Lace up and get out there. Grab a pedometer to track your steps and you'll burn even more calories.

I travel often and find that if you make a plan in advance and try not to wing it, you'll get the leg up on the new year and a fabulous new you. Happy travels!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

30 Day Goal Challenge: Days 8-14

Half way through the goal challenge!

I find this challenge to be both awesome and frustrating. Awesome: Setting a goal and accomplishing it, daily. Frustrating: Running out of hours in the day to check in.

I just spent the morning checking in on the forum, backtracking my progress over the week. It's my own fault- I sometimes get lost on Facebook or Twitter and forget to make checking in a priority. Then I am on the subway going to work and remember that I forgot. I get home late from work and then the last thing that I am thinking about is getting on the computer.

It's a vicious cycle. :)

So, here are the goals that I set for myself this week:

Day 8: Today's goal was to get some homework done- I finished a chapter in my workbook! YAY! I also did some heavy weight lifting with a new DVD, Jari Love's Extremely Ripped. It was awesome, and I think with all the cardio I'm ding the muscles that start to show under the flab will be amazing!

Day 9: I wrote my blog up to the first hour of the BL. I also talked myself into working out- I almost didn't do it and started to think of a slew of reasons why not-but then I talked myself into it instead. Did the Lotte Berk Method Muscle Eats Fat DVD and relaxed with some tea.

Day 10: Today's goal was rest. And I did.

Day 11: After resting yesterday, I knew I needed to pick up the pace. My goal today was just to workout. I did Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickbox.

Day 12: Today's goal was to get out of the apartment and to walk around town, and then I came home and did Stott Pilates On a Roll.

Day 13: Today's goal was to get in some cardio before going over to friend's house for dinner. Did Jillian Michaels Boost Your Metabolism. I feel boosted.

Day 14: One of today's goals was to FINALLY finish my BL recap blog. Also other goal was to do an hour of cardio. Dusted off some old Firm DVDs and proceeded to have my butt handed to me by some very pleasant and fit southern women. Aye yai yai!

Still kicking goal's butts and taking names. Trying to eek more time out of my day! Lesson learned: even if I can't physically check in, as long as I am actually meeting my goals that is good enough.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Apartment Fitness: Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga

(Read the article on!)

There have been many media reports about Sting and his wife Trudie Styler and their love for all things yoga. According to a 2005 interview with the Times Online UK, Mrs. Sting does two hours of yoga daily: An amazing feat for any 52-year-old. It is no surprise then that Styler would pair up with leading yoga workout DVD producer Gaiam for her aptly titled "Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga" (Gaiam, $14.98).

Styler herself does not lead the video: It is instead led by her yoga instructor and fitness guru James D'Silva in voice over format. Styler and D'Silva perform the routine on the lawn of her "eco-friendly" estate in Italy. The scenery is lush and tranquil and really puts you in the mood to relax and exhale. To up the cool factor, the workout is underscored by Sting's own music: "Fields of Gold" and "Message in a Bottle" are slowed down to a yogic pace.

I found the routine to be really different from most yoga DVDs I own. There were fresh combinations: No boring sun salutations here. Although the selection is entitled "warrior", it is based on the warrior pose. It is not aggressive in the slightest.

The combination is performed all on one side of the body, and then again on the second side. There is not a lot of repetition. I find you do not have to have an advanced knowledge of yoga to perform the routine, but there is not a lot of explanation on D'Silva's part. Besides the 45 minute Warrior Workout, there is also a 25 minute express option which promises "a total-body strengthening workout and the mind-body connection you crave" in a shorter block of time.

Buying this DVD will not only make you feel good inside and out: This purchase also benefits the Unicef Ecuador water project. I would expect this from the couple who has championed so many eco-friendly causes. It would make a fabulous addition to any yogi's fitness routine.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Have I mentioned that I enjoy a reality based program entitled "The Biggest Loser"?

I do. Very much.

As my hero and secret agent girlfriend Jillian Michaels says, "It's not just a reality show. It's a movement." BL changes lives, for good or for bad, and the nation has been affected. I would like to think that the show shines a light on America's dirty "little" secret. We are a nation of ease and convenience. Food is bountiful. And so are our waistlines. But BL takes these normal folks, trains them like super human killing machines, and with the right ratio of food to exercise, the pounds seem to melt away and a new species is born, ready to speak motivationally to our country and the world.

Sometimes there is failure. Erik from season 3 was seen on the "Where are they now?" special almost at his regular weight. Season 2 winner Matt has gained a considerable amount back, but was still able to compete in the Kona Ironman. Surely, had he not been on the show he never would have thought to attempt this.

Pros and cons. Last night's finale of BL was filled with 'em.

Pro: Amanda beat out Country Liz for America's vote and made it into the final three to compete against Rudy and Danny. Liz didn't seem all that surprised. Maybe she had been watching the show and saw that she came off a little harsh. Or maybe she knew that her only fan was the girl writing this blog.

Con: Creepy 3-D cutouts of the contestants walking next to their thinner selves was really disturbing. Isn't it enough to burst through the life sized poster of yourself? Now you have to interact with them too. I liked that Liz sized herself up and Rudy patted himself on the tush.

Pro: Amanda looked really great in her hot pink number last night. She said it was the first time she had worn a dress since she was a kid. I didn't want to raise my hand and and be the one to say she wore a dress during the marathon. I don't think she would have heard me.

Con: Country Liz is 49 and has 9 grandchildren. WHAT? Remind me to never move to Tennessee. She did look like a sexy real estate agent, though.

Pro: The first eliminated players looked amazing. Antoine, Alexandra, Sean, and Julio paraded themselves like they knew what was up. I liked Julio's new addition of the mustache, and we learned that Sean had named his baby Jillian.

Con: We also learned that the baby's birth had been in a tub of Brita filtered water and catered by Subway.

Pro: Bob and Jillian looked AWESOME last night. Jillian looked like a sexy assassin. Bob looked like a sexy professor. It was a win for everyone.

Pro: Julio won the first round of weigh-ins, weighing in at 180 down from his starting weight of 407.

Then it was time for Coach Mo in his purple sweater, Dina, Abby (aooga! HOT!), and Trazy.

Pro: Abby looked so svelte and young in her sassy red dress.

Con: Trazy has to have starved herself. Her crazy eyes were more pronounced in her newly skeletal face. And her bangs were BAD. Sorry Trazy. FAIL. Unfortunately, she took the lead from Julio, losing an impressive 118 pounds. What kind of magic powers does this chick possess?

Then the last of the eliminated players came out: Shay, Dan, Rebecca, and Allen.

Pro: Dr. H tells Shay and Dan that they got rid of their diabetes and they did it without gastric bypass surgery. Scary fact: 1 in 10 young people who get gastric bypass die. *shiver*

Con: Rebecca's hair. WHAT DID YOU DO? "I'd like the Sandy Duncan, please."

Pro: Rebecca beat out Trazy for the lead AND beat out Country Liz to win the $100,000. Please take the winnings and go change your hair back.

Rebecca's startling transformation wasn't the only big surprise of the evening. Subway told Shay if she came back to the season 9 finale to weigh in, they would pay her $1,000 per pound she lost. WOW. Talk about some incentive to keep it up. Antoine asked Alexandra to marry him: A whirlwind courtship only eclipsed by the amount of weight they have lost.

Then it was the moment we had all been waiting for: THE FINAL WEIGH IN.

Rudy and Danny got their chance to walk out next to their cyber selves, and we marvel at how handsome they both have become. I mean, seriously, did you ever think those handsome men were hiding under the beer bellies and logger beards?

Danny chooses to weigh in last. Amanda goes first, losing an astonishing 87 pounds. She has gone from 250 pounds to 163 pounds. Rudy goes next, losing 234 pounds (!). A WHOLE PERSON! He now weighs 208.

And then it was home town favorite and the pride of Oklahoma, Danny. He has to lose more than Rudy did. Can he pull it off? YES! Danny goes from 430 pounds to 198, losing a whopping 239 pounds- over half of his body weight!

It was an amazing season with so many surprises. And if you can't wait for the next one, it starts in January. I'll be there!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Journey to the Center of Falling Off the Face of the Earth OR Don't Quit Your Day Job. . .Yet.

So. . .where have I been world?

I often don't let myself rest, and now that I have begun this bloggy endeavor and the tweeting and the fan page on Face Book, my time home hasn't felt like MY time. Don't get me wrong: I LOVE writing this blog, and I love connecting to people all over the world that have similar interests to mine that I can share what I have learned and I can learn from them. Starting Foster Fitness has by far been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

The problem is that I still have my day job, or night job really if you think about my hours. During the day I work out and I write articles and I tweet with my pals and then I have to get ready for a 7 to 8 hour shift at my restaurant gig. I am thankful that I have a job that pays me so well in these tough economic times. I realized at the end of last week that I am burning the candle at both ends, and I was starting to wear myself down.

Wednesday night I felt so tired, so I made sure to get plenty of sleep that night. All day Thursday I was utterly exhausted, but still managed to meet my daily 30 day goals.

I hit the wall Friday. Hard. I hit my nose and my kneecaps. It hurt.

I had to change my goal that day to REST. I needed to unplug the lap top and walk, not run, to the nearest exit and spend some time recharging my own batteries.

I knew I needed to change something because I wanted a cheeseburger for breakfast. My body was craving major protein, and a Shakeology was not going to cut it. I didn't work out: Instead, I went to the movies. I watched television. I went to work, and then slept until 11 the next morning.

I began to feel the fog clear. I worked out for 30 minutes (who doesn't need a little Jillian Michaels kickboxing for some motivation) and rested some more and went to work and by Sunday I felt like my old self again.

Everyone at my job has been getting ill and I knew that if I continued at my crazy pace I would be benched from the game of Life. Realizing that you aren't a super hero is hard! That taking care of yourself is just as important as lady guns and funny commentary on The Biggest Loser. That your readers will forgive you for not blogging for a couple of days and they will still be there when you get back from Wonderland.

It feels good to be back. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Biggest Loser- week 12- The Final Countdown

So. Allen is gone. There are four contestants left: Country Liz, Lumberjack Rudy, Superman Danny, and Angry Amanda.

The show started with a montage of before and after shots, and I am always amazed at how far everyone has gone with their transformations. Rudy and Danny together have lost another adult person who could compete on The Biggest Loser. Liz has gone from a tired, overweight country housewife to a thinner tired country housewife. Amanda's body continues to match her face (she is one of those skinny faces).

We then cut to the elimination room where Ali announces the contestants will be leaving the ranch (again) for 60 days and then they will return to the ranch for another weigh in. The contestants must get out into the world and prove that they can take all that they learned with them and apply it.

Danny heads back to Oklahoma, Rudy heads back to Connecticut, Liz to Tennessee (I'm surprised the limo could make it over those country roads), and Amanda to New Jersey. Family and friends abound, and there are many tears shed- this is the BL after all. True to form, Rudy's party is in a lob cabin, and Danny's party is in one of the many chain restaurants that my home state has to offer.

Then it is time for the nitty gritty. Will the contestants be able to get their acts together in the sixty days?

Danny goes on a trip (literally) down memory lane and reveals even more stock footage of him as a "rock star". Amanda tells us again how much she hates being the fat friend, and she is scared to be home and of the temptations she faces. Her best gay Brian goes to the gym with her and offers her support and extra liner. Rudy gets some psychotherapy from his wife (and sister lookalike) about eating all of his feelings. Clearly she has her act together as she just had a baby and looks GREAT. Liz turns into Vicki Gumble from "The Real Housewives of OC" and throws her Dr. Phil-esque husband under the bus with threats of divorce. WHOA. This show is getting real. Poor Jimmy. I don't think he is getting much of a second chance.

Each of the contestants get a video package delivered on their doorstep. It is Bob and Jillian speaking personally to each of them. We get to see them fat (again) and how far they have come. There is more crying. We see Rudy has an 8 inch television. He spends more time splitting logs than watching cable, apparently. Bob manages to slip in another Extra sugar free gum plug in with Amanda's video. The perfect time to pitch a product is when you are having a private moment. Really, NBC?

Then everyone gets THE CALL: all four will be competing in a marathon. A real, honest to God, 26.2 mile marathon. Everyone seems surprised, but if they have watched the show they should know what's up. Except Rudy, because he clearly can't be watching TV on that tiny cube.

Curtis Stone descends on Broken Arrow to visit Danny and his family for some cooking lessons. Curtis Stone in OKLAHOMA? He probably had a heart attack at the amount of fast food restaurants on every corner. He offers some healthful hints on dressing a baked potato- with turkey chili. I recreated this dish and it was both filling and sustaining through a 6 hour shift at work.

Bob and Jillian then go on a cross country expedition to surprise all the contestants in their hometowns. Bob hides in the bushes like an episode of "To Catch a Predator" to slip some gum into Amanda's pockets. Jillian pulls on her galoshes and helps Liz to slop some pigs.

Every contestant has the fear that their old lifestyle is going to encroach upon their new one and that they will fail. Families are falling apart left and right here. Jillian and Bob try to tag team them and give them some support, and we get a sneak peak of what Jillian's new show is probably going to be like- sitting around the kitchen table with the family and using her mind bullets on everyone. We run, we last chance workout, we prepare for the marathon.

After a Subway sandwich plug party and Fitness Ridge Resort mention, we have an inspirational montage with "Go get it!" music and the contestants checking off the days in marker on giant calendars (This is a commercial opportunity wasted, NBC! Who is sponsoring the markers?), counting down the days they train for the race.

The much thinner and stretched out contestants meet up to talk to Ali about second chances and the marathon- besides the satisfaction of finishing the race, the Biggest Loser Whey Protein will donate $10,000 to a charity of their choice. And the contestants get a protein shake! What a deal.

And they are off! Amanda in her t-shirt dress and Rudy take the lead, with Clark Kent-a-like Danny and Country Liz heading down the back country roads. Liz and Danny talk about their "special" bond with each other. The word marathon is thrown in a lot.

At mile 4 there is a fierce incline, and Rudy has the additional challenge of lugging a huge Brita water bottle. I would have said, "No thanks, NBC. I'll drink later."

Tara from season 7 is hiding in the bushes (what is it with the bushes!?!) and surprises Danny and Liz. They exchange breathy revelations as they jog.

At mile 13 Rudy's old partner Dina (remember, she was the jumper) meets up to run the last half of the marathon with him. No stopping at Chevy's, Dina!

Amanda gets to the mile 13 marker and her best gay Brian is there to help her get through the pain. The pain of being twenty years old. Oy.

Danny and Liz are in the wind swept plains of somewhere far off and distant (I think it's Middle Earth), and Danny starts complaining that he is hurting. Then Amanda starts crying in her neck of the woods. Tara magically appears out of no where to keep her from crying and offers encouragement. I don't remember Tara being much of a cryer. Maybe she should shake Amanda while they run. At mile 17 Amanda starts to walk, cry, and panic at the same time.

Mile 13 for Danny and Liz: they are met with Danny's wife, who gives him a big hug and kiss, and Liz's husband who gets passed and then run back to. Ouch, Liz. Really?

Dina and Rudy hit mile 22 still jogging, and Rudy starts to play mind games with himself.

Mile 15: Danny is still walking. He is in so much pain that he walks, not runs, to the medic station to get some relief.

Mile 22: Amanda is still walking, but Tara forces her to start running and stop being a baby. Her inner voice reaches out and speaks to her and tells her she can do it, and she picks up the pace.

Mile 25: Bob meets Rudy and Dina to run that last mile. They marvel at all they have accomplished in the past 6 months, and Rudy realizes the last mile is the first mile they ran on the first day of the show. And it is on SAND. What a punishment.

Rudy finishes in 5 hours and 12 minutes. Cue Helen and Mike from season 7 and Miley Cyrus music.

Mile 25: Bob meets Amanda and Brian and runs the last mile while resisting urge to talk about gum. Amanda marvels at how far she has come and how long her t-shirt dress has gotten. She finishes at 5 hours and 28 minutes.

Mile 16: Danny has hit the wall. His compression socks are soaked with sweat, he begins to walk, and hobbles over to the medic station for some super icing down. Liz tells him flat out that he doesn't get to quit. And when she says it, you believe her. After a quick orange break, they head back out.

Liz and Danny reverse their roles, and she begins to champion Danny to make sure that he can make it. Quick montage of them as fat partners and now thin partners and their own partners are mysteriously absent.

Mile 25: Jillian runs with Danny and Liz the last mile, and Liz makes her dream come true by becoming a real marathon runner. They run across the goal together, both finishing in 6 hours and 55 minutes.

Each contestant gets $10,000 to donate to their charity. I wonder which charity they will chose? I hope not the Ronald McDonald house. Just kidding.

Then it is time for the FINAL weigh in. The FINAL weigh in BEFORE the FINALE, that is. They haven't weighed in in 60 days. Will they lose enough to keep them above the yellow line and be spared America's vote? We won't know until the live finale, Ali tells us.

Liz weighs in first. She has gone from 267 to 182, losing 16 pounds in 60 days.

Amanda is next. She has gone from 250 to 170, also losing 16 pounds. Since she is used to pleading her case to America, she wonders if she'll have to do it again.

Then Danny heads up. He has gone from 430 pounds to an amazing 220, losing 59 pounds. That is almost one pound a day. As my friend Kris would say, "Holy Snack Packs." He has lost 201 pounds since he started: One of four people that have reached this goal.

Rudy is last, going from 442 to 253 and losing 43 pounds. With his 12 hour work day and cube sized television watching, he managed to make it into the final three.

America now has to choose between Amanda and Liz. I am pretty sure I know who everyone will pick, but I think everyone is a loser by this point. And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

30 Day Goal Challenge: Days 1-7

If you followed my blog during most of October and November, you saw that I was a part of a 30 day challenge that involved doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD every day for 30 days. The woman behind this challenge was my friend Paula, and she runs the site and the new forum.

She has now organized a new 30 Day Challenge- a challenge to set goals for yourself everyday and accomplish those goals. You can choose any goal you like- working out, doing housework, writing, drinking more water: Whatever you feel you need a little push to accomplish set the goal and do it. You log in daily to the forum and share your progress with the rest of the participants. It is a great way to meet new people and keep yourself honest and ACCOUNTABLE.

Here is a recap of my first week.

Goal. . . Accomplished?
Day 1:
Hey y'all! Today's goal was to write my blog YES!
post and my article for Cherie
Lily, the instructor who taught the
Powerstrike class I went to last week.

Day 2:
goals were 1.) yoga 2.) write article about YES!
Black Friday.

Day 3:
Today's goal- starting the hard core cardio YES!
to prepare for Insanity in January.
Completed Amy Bento's Kickbox Xtreme and
xtremely kicked my own butt.

Day 4:
Goal was to work out even though it is usually YES!
my day of rest. But ever since the 30 Day Shred
I realized I can keep working even when I think
I can't.So I did Jules Benson's Total Core Pilates
(review on the blog) and DID NOT order or eat
french fries at brunch. In fact, I just realized
that I haven't eaten fries in almost over a month.

Day 5:
Goal for today was to get some writing done. Went YES!
to Starbucks with the boyfriend and wrote a review
for The 30 Day Shred for my blog and for my Examiner
page. And I invited my friends to be my fans on
Facebook because now I feel comfortable enough for
them to know what it is I do besides singing and acting.

Day 6:
Today's goal was to continue with my hard core YES!
training for the Insanity track next year. I did
a new DVD I just got in the mail- Amy Bento's Hi-Lo
Xtreme which was so much fun! My heart rate was to
the max, but at least I was having fun doing it. ... treme-7771
I also FINALLY did my Biggest Loser recap from all the
shows last week.

Day 7:
Today's goal was to cardio workout- check. Did YES!
Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Step boxing DVD. ... meyer-7762
Still working on my homework for ACE- will get
some in before the live tweeting tonight.

Hope I can keep up all this productivity into the new week, the new month, and the new year!!