Thursday, July 30, 2015

Operation Alison or Where the f@$k have you been!??

Oh, blogosphere! Is that what you are still called?

So, I said in 2013 I was going to blog MORE. Then I didn't write at all and now it's 2015. So much has happened! But, long story short. . .

I was a manager for Equinox West LA for two years and I got to conceive a baby via IVF. If you are familiar with any of those things you will know that those are time suckers. But I never forgot about my love of writing and all things fitness and pop culture.

This year, something amazing happened.

This kid! This is my daughter, Gemma. She was born in January. She is seriously awesome and my husband and I are so in love with her. 

She RUINED my body. Correction: IVF medications plus pregnancy ruined my body.

I've some weight to lose. Like the same amount that I lost when I became a fitness enthusiast. Like the weight I was for 10 years. 

Come on the journey with me! And let's have some fun along the way. And now I can talk about mummy stuff too!

With love and science,