Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Fitness Gift Ideas, aka Don't Buy Me a Sweater

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Need ideas for the Black Friday shopping rush? The gift of health and fitness is something that everyone needs! Here are some hot items to pick up for the ones you love.

Kettlebells: Although they've been around for years, the kettlebell trend is picking up speed in health clubs and at home fitness. These weighted wonders provide a way to work the muscles with a fuller range of motion than traditional free weights. The Body Solid Kettlebell set from Sears offers 6 Kettlebells in 5 pound increments (up to 30 pounds) for $199.50. Target is offering the GoFit Kettlebell set: A 10 pound kettlebell in fashionable yellow with a companion Core DVD for $29.99.

If you already own kettlebells, there are many DVDs that feature the tool. offers 8 different videos for all different fitness levels. My favorites are Amy Bento's Kettlebell Dynamics and Kettlebell Bootcamp with Angie Miller.

Heart Rate Monitors: Nothing says, "I care for your heart!" like a great heart rate monitor. There are many varieties on the market: Wireless, chest straps, time tellers, and calorie calculators. The most basic version is the Polar Fs1, which comes with a chest strap and tells time in addition to having stopwatch functions. On, it is $49.99. If you are pulling out all the bells and whistles, the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS wirelessly tracks heart rate, speed, distance, pace, and calories burned. It also tracks your run with built in GPS. At Saks Fifth Avenue, it is $289.00.

Yoga Equipment: Escape the stress of the holiday season and start the new year in nirvana with yoga. offers beautiful yoga mats in a rainbow of colors and designs. offers a beginners yoga kit from Spri that has a mat, yoga blocks, strap, and DVD for $37.99. is featuring yoga pants, tops, and tunics with free shipping during the holiday season.

Nintendo Wii: This game console is sure to be a winner with every member of the family. Not only for traditional video games, the Wii offers many fitness titles, from the hugely popular Wii Fit and newly released Wii Fit Plus, to EA Sports Active Personal Trainer and The Biggest Loser. The Wii console has a new lower price of $199.99, and the Wii Fit Plus with balance board costs $89.99 at

Jump ropes, resistance bands, and food diaries are small, inexpensive, and fantastic stocking stuffers. If all else fails, remember that a pair of walking shoes are all you need to get your holidays off on the right foot!

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