Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Biggest Loser- week 9- Tim and Tabitha Take Over Make Over

Normally my BL recaps are filled with all the dish that's fit to print. This week was make over week, and with the help of my Bravo TV faves Tim Gunn and Tabitha Coffey, the BLers made their outsides match their newly shaped insides. Pictures speak volumes, so I will let them. Bloggers note: I searched high and low over the Internet to find after pictures for this season's contestants and they are not out there. I am assuming because the results show is so close NBC is keeping a lid on it. So these are the pics I found!

Rebecca before and Rebecca after:

Amanda before and Amanda after:

Allen before and Allen after:

Country Liz before and Country Liz after:

Rudy before and Rudy after:

Danny before and Danny after:

Favorite show moments:
  • Danny's daughter saying she couldn't wait to start her journey.
  • Rudy trying to fend off Jillian's mind bullets and finally opening up about his sister who died of cancer when he was a teenager.
  • Liz pulling the age card when she is only 49.
  • Rebecca's face when she lost 3 pounds.
  • Amanda's face when she lost 9 pounds.
  • Danny pulling double digits 6 weeks in a row.
  • Rudy acting like he has a case of the crazies and accusing Rebecca of GAMEPLAY.

It was sad to see Rebecca go, but if you saw her on Leno, she looked ridiculously hot and sexy. Watch out Dan.

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