Friday, November 6, 2009

30 Day Shred Challenge: Day 17

It is Day 17, and I am certainly feeling it! It's nice to know that all the hard work I am putting in is getting results-and I think ramping up the Shred was just the extra motivation that I needed!

I did Level 3, feeling all the core muscles I worked yesterday groaning- you haven't lived until you've done some Supermans with Jillian- and I did Karen Voight's Sleek Essentials 20 minute Sweat. Never hurts to get in a little extra cardio!

Onwards to my single workout day- yay 18! I'm so proud of all of us for doing this together. I get so much inspiration from all of you, and it makes it easier to get up and accomplish what I need to accomplish.

On a side note, going to the doctor today to get my thyroid checked- keep your fingers crossed for me that nothing bad happens!

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