Monday, November 9, 2009

30 Day Shred Challenge: Day 20

20! 20 days of working out without interruption! Even when I did the P90x I got at least one day off a week. I'm feeling like a champ.

Actually, this morning, I felt like a chump for eating that popcorn. I think I had food poisoning because I felt AWFUL. Use your imagination, loves.

After the rain washed away the tears and all the pain, I did Level 3 of the Shred, increases my 3 pound weights to 5 pounds and my 5 pounds to 8 pounds. Shadow boxing with 5 pound weights is a challenge! And I like a good challenge.

I also incorporated Kickbox: Core Cross Train, a Gaiam workout DVD featuring my hero Patricia Moreno. It has a variety of different sections, each one about 15 to 20 minutes. I did the punching and kicking sections, and my core and booty are feeling it!!! If you want to learn proper form and Zen technique, and you don't have a ton of space, this video is for you.

Let's Shred these last 10 days, people!!!!

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  1. Yes, you do like a good challenge! :) WooHoo to you and Yay to us - rockin the last 10 days together! Fun times!