Tuesday, November 10, 2009

30 Day Shred Challenge: Day 21

One of the most challenging aspects of doing this 30 Day Shred Challenge is trying to make it every day. Not just for me, but for all of my teammates who are rooting me on and expecting me to be up to the challenge.

It's true that I was tired and a little grumpus magoo after I FINALLY finished putting away my summer clothes and vacuuming the apartment. I sat on my couch and sighed, "I'm too tired." But if I wanted to Shred during the daylight, I was going to need to act fast as the sun seems to set around 3 pm around here.

I put in the DVD, I hit play. Jillian yelled at me. And I completed another day- DAY 21!

To my Level 3 Shred I added Turbo Jam Fat Blaster. It's a great cardio workout in only 30 minutes, using the "turbos" (intense bursts of cardio) from the Turbo Jam videos. It piles them all together so you get four great bursts with moments of recovery in between.

Now I am worked out, scrubbed down, and ready to watch and tweet during The Biggest Loser!

Only 8 days left! What are you going to do to make you feel proud?

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