Tuesday, December 1, 2009

30 Day Goal Challenge: Days 1-7

If you followed my blog during most of October and November, you saw that I was a part of a 30 day challenge that involved doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD every day for 30 days. The woman behind this challenge was my friend Paula, and she runs the site www.celebrateweightloss.com and the new forum.

She has now organized a new 30 Day Challenge- a challenge to set goals for yourself everyday and accomplish those goals. You can choose any goal you like- working out, doing housework, writing, drinking more water: Whatever you feel you need a little push to accomplish set the goal and do it. You log in daily to the forum and share your progress with the rest of the participants. It is a great way to meet new people and keep yourself honest and ACCOUNTABLE.

Here is a recap of my first week.

Goal. . . Accomplished?
Day 1:
Hey y'all! Today's goal was to write my blog YES!
post and my examiner.com article for Cherie
Lily, the instructor who taught the
Powerstrike class I went to last week.

Day 2:
goals were 1.) yoga 2.) write article about YES!
Black Friday.

Day 3:
Today's goal- starting the hard core cardio YES!
to prepare for Insanity in January.
Completed Amy Bento's Kickbox Xtreme and
xtremely kicked my own butt.

Day 4:
Goal was to work out even though it is usually YES!
my day of rest. But ever since the 30 Day Shred
I realized I can keep working even when I think
I can't.So I did Jules Benson's Total Core Pilates
(review on the blog) and DID NOT order or eat
french fries at brunch. In fact, I just realized
that I haven't eaten fries in almost over a month.

Day 5:
Goal for today was to get some writing done. Went YES!
to Starbucks with the boyfriend and wrote a review
for The 30 Day Shred for my blog and for my Examiner
page. And I invited my friends to be my fans on
Facebook because now I feel comfortable enough for
them to know what it is I do besides singing and acting.

Day 6:
Today's goal was to continue with my hard core YES!
training for the Insanity track next year. I did
a new DVD I just got in the mail- Amy Bento's Hi-Lo
Xtreme which was so much fun! My heart rate was to
the max, but at least I was having fun doing it.
http://www.collagevideo.com/workout-vid ... treme-7771
I also FINALLY did my Biggest Loser recap from all the
shows last week.

Day 7:
Today's goal was to cardio workout- check. Did YES!
Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Step boxing DVD.
http://www.collagevideo.com/workout-vid ... meyer-7762
Still working on my homework for ACE- will get
some in before the live tweeting tonight.

Hope I can keep up all this productivity into the new week, the new month, and the new year!!

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  1. You are doing great Allison. I am so glad that I met you through this challenge. It is going to be a great December!