Sunday, November 8, 2009

30 Day Shred Challenge: Day 19

I live in a five story brownstone on the third floor. During the weekdays, I am totally Natalie- full butt kicks, full rock star jumps, full double jump ropes. On the weekends, however, I am more Anita due to my downstairs neighbors! I would hate for them to hear my elephantine thuds shaking their chandeliers!

I did Level 3 of the Shred, and kept the strength moves with Natalie and kept the plyo moves with Anita. It was a tough day today because I ate movie popcorn (small, and I shared, but nevertheless) and I felt so GROSS afterwards. All bloated and puffy. The exercise actually helped me feel better, but I have made my boyfriend promise that he won't let me buy popcorn in the future even if I really want it because I always complain about feeling nauseous after I eat it.

I also did The Lotte Berk Method High Round Assets DVD. It is a combination of pilates, ballet, and Callanetics, and it is TOUGH! I thought it was going to be an easy stretching type workout. When you hold your leg out behind you at a 90 degree angle and do 30 small pulses? Not so easy.

The good news is that my high round ASSet should be on my shoulders by the holidays. :)

Hope every one's Sunday was great and onto day 20!

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  1. There's something in that movie popcorn, I just know it!!! Maybe it's the food coloring that gives it that strange yellow tint. It smells so darn good though...

    How does one dress the ASSet when it moves upstairs? Please promise me that you will not pull a Tom Selleck/Magnum and start wearing your pants up to your chin.