Tuesday, November 3, 2009

30 Day Shred Challenge: Day 14- Mid-Challenge Musings

Day 14 of the Shred. . .well, shredded! WOO!

I did Level 2 full out, all Natalie, all the time. I was super pleased that the thrusting has become easier (I can't think of any other way to word this) and I did the 5 pound weights again for all my shoulder work.

I rounded it out with Jillian's The Biggest Winner Shape Up Front that was such a challenge for me in the first week- I think I did it on day 2 or 3. Today, however, I was stronger, more confident, and able to bust through it with no issue! The format and exercises are similar to the Level 2 Shred- just on steroids. I can't tell you how many weighted jumping jacks I did, but it felt like a million. Actually, it was 60. But it FELT like a million.

The plan for tomorrow is to do Level 1 and Level 2 back to back and see how I've grown. And on Thursday, I am shooting for Level 3. Reaching for the stars, kids.

I wanted to take a second and write about the goals we have set for ourselves. Yes, we are all seeing the benefits of participating in this challenge in our endurance and strength and waistlines. The confidence factor is the most important thing I have been gaining through all of this. The ability to get out there, see a goal, and make it happen.

It is a wonderful feeling. And one I hope that you all are also getting.

It is important to reward your good deeds, and not just if you show positive numbers on the scale or with your tape measure. The fact that we are doing this at all deserves a reward!

And not food based.

My first week reward was a pair of "FUggs" from Payless. I don't have $130 to spend on a pair of yarn booties. But I do have $39! I rewarded myself with those and a new shirt from The Gap. Just a little way to say "I love you, Alison. You are awesome."

This weeks reward: 2 new Jillian Michael's DVDs to round out my collection and give me some extra motivation!

And I am keeping my eye on the prize. Isn't she beautiful? If I finish all 30 days with no excuses, she is ALL MINE!

Happy 14th, y'all! Hope you will be twittering and tweeting with us all during The Biggest Loser!

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  1. Ali, you are really something girl! :) Have I mentioned how happy I am that you joined up with us on the challenge? Your fitness level is inspiring for sure and you should be proud and well rewarded! lol Love your rewards - eye on the prize indeed! Here's to the second half my friend. AND I will be BL tweeting with your shortly. ;)