Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weight Loss CAN be Magic. . .

I just read an article on Yahoo about the new Wizarding World Of Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida not being able to be ridden by larger passengers. As a smaller person, I don't usually think about the weight restrictions on a ride, but I do have friends who this has affected.

As I read the article, I expected a litany of rants about Universal and how "unfair" they are to the plus size public. What I didn't expect to find was this:

Banks Lee and the Three Clicks: My Journey to Fit on an Enchanted Bench

Mr. Lee couldn't fit on the ride, and instead of just saying "Oh, well" he has taken up weight loss as a challenge. His goal is to fit on the ride and get the three clicks the seat requires for safety. And he is going to BLOG about his journey. I love that he decided to use something that could have been embarrassing and unmotivating as a stimulant for a healthy life.

GO FOR IT BANKS! I'll be supporting your journey, Hogwarts style. Now get all Expeliramus on that ride! And lay off the butter beer!

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