Thursday, June 17, 2010

Simple Things, Simple Thanks

I was in a car accident last night. I take a cab home from work most nights, and as my cab was exiting a tunnel we were rear ended by a car going 40 mph. I was on the phone with my boyfriend, and luckily was relaxed and wearing my seat belt. Even with that, I still had the wind knocked out of me and I almost bit my tongue, and I am a little jangled but fine.

I wanted to thank God for making sure I was fine and that no one in the other car was injured. And I also wanted to extend thankfulness for my healthy body. I was able to walk away from a pretty nasty looking crash because my strong muscles held me, my flexible spine could sustain the impact.

I was grateful as a laced up my running shoes this morning, and felt blessed as I ran through the park. I am in one piece. I am happy, healthy, and proud that my body can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Thank you, body. Sorry I am mean to you sometimes. I appreciate that you kept me safe. I promise to keep taking good care of you so you can keep taking good care of me.


  1. Thank goodness you are ok!

  2. oh gosh! Thats rough! I'm glad you're okay and wow, props to you for wearing a seat belt in a cab, i never do that :X maybe i should think twice about popping that sucker on now.