Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dance Your A** Off- season 2/episode 3- "Look at Me!"

I don't know why the episode was called this. I think it was because the dancers were supposed to show their true selves on stage through their dance. . .but I would have called the episode "So You Think You Can Dance Your Ass Off!" because of the cross reality show tie ins! The dancers are paired with their professional partners, and two of them (Jesus and Joshua) are previous contestants from SYTYCD, my fave reality dance show not dealing with weight loss.

After a quickie montage of last week's show, Mel B greets the contestants and tells them their styling tips for this week's show are located in some garment bags. I was hoping that there were cute and flattering costumes in there, but instead there were Cd's with music they were supposed to style their routines on.

Corey- Rapper's Delight
Stephanie- Imma Be (what? Imma be what?)
Meredith- Smile
Kiki- Beautiful
Sarah- My Life
LaToya- So Emotional
Michael- Ridin' Dirty (my fave!)
Katie- Evacuate the Dance Floor
Erica- No More Drama
Adamme- The Time of My Life
Briana- You Can't Touch This

The contestants meet their new pro partners and feel either excited, nervous, flustered, or sweaty. Then it's off to learn from nutritionist Rachel Bellen about portion control. Did you know that eating two sushi rolls is like eating three fish sandwiches? Me either. Then it's time to train with Lee. This week they are out of the gym and up Runyon Canyon, that hilly path I see on every weight loss show from Celebrity Fit Club to The Biggest Loser.

Quick inside peek: Michael lets us in on a secret: Kiki and Corey are having a love connection! Corey actual says that Kiki is "a little ball of adorableness". He's got it BAD. What guy says that?

Then it is the day of the show, y'all! Mel B introduces us to the judges and today's guest judge, Mayte Garcia. Who was a judge last year on the show. But now she is a guest. Where did she go?

Everyone had their opportunity to leave it on the dance floor, but then it was time to weigh in. (No time wasted on this show, ya hear NBC?)

Adamme (immune): From 289.5 lbs to 281.3 lbs- 8.2 lbs lost + dance score: 10.8
Stephanie: From 196.1 lbs to 188.2 lbs- 7.9 lbs lost + dance score: 11.7 WINNER!!!
Erica: From 224.8 lbs to 218.3 lbs- 5.8 lbs lost + dance score: 10.9
Michael: From 272.1 lbs to 263.2- 8.9 lbs lost + dance score: 10.0
Briana: From 275.3 lbs to 269.5 lbs- 5.8 lbs lost + dance score: 9.1
Corey: From 310.7 lbs to 303.4 lbs- 7.3 lbs lost + dance score: 8.6
LaToya: From 207.2 lbs to 206.3 lbs- 0.9 lbs + dance score: 8.4
Katie: From 207.3 lbs to 202.7 lbs- 4.6 lbs + dance score: 8.2
Kiki: From 212.0 lbs to 207.5 lbs- 4.5 lbs + dance score: 7.8
Sarah: From 208.9 lbs to 205.8 lbs- 3.1 lbs + dance score: 7.2
Meredith: From 205.6 lbs to 201.7 lbs- 3.9 lbs + dance score: 6.9

Meredith was PANNED on her dance (she got a 4 from one judge) and is sent home. But she is a classy lady. Pass the tissues.

I am happy to report that all the costumes were MUCH BETTER this week! No silver bike pants! And next week the dancers will be attempting salsa- muy caliente!

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