Thursday, June 3, 2010

EXCITING NEW EVENT! KBC Galanized 2010 in July

I LURVE exciting new events and classes, so needless to say I was thrilled to get a postcard in the mail for the KettleBell Concepts KBC GALVANIZED (in caps) 2010 Convention and Trade Show here in NYC July 9th-11th.

I am just getting into the kettlebell craze, but it isn't JUST kettlebells. There are so many fitness rock stars that will be presenting at the event and demonstrating all sorts of classes! Patrick Goudeau, Keli Roberts, Greg Sims, Angie Miller, and Paul Katami are names that I recognize from my DVD collection and I am most excited to see Lorna Kleidman who is a ladies kettlebell champ.

I will write more about KettleBell Concepts tomorrow and go in depth with the mission of the event. . .but I was so excited I wanted to start the buzz.

Get it!

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