Monday, June 21, 2010

Mind Over Madness Yoga: Solstice in Times Square 2010

I never dreamed I would be lying on my stomach in Times Square. I also never imagined I would be doing it at 7:30 am, but there I was this morning welcoming the beginning of summer with a bunch of other yoga practitioners at the 2010 Solstice in Times Square, produced by the Times Square Alliance, the same folks who put on the dropping of the ball every New Year's Eve. Their brochure summed it up the best:

So, in honor of the many cultures throughout history that have celebrated the Summer Solstice as a flowering of mind, body, and spirit and an outpouring of creative expression , we invite yoga enthusiasts; both experienced and beginners to find tranquility and transcendence in the midst of the urban energy of the world's most commercial and frenetic place.

I was invited as a member of the press by yoga company Manduka, one of the event sponsors and giver away of 100 eco-Lite yoga mats for the first 100 participants of each class. They also gifted me a beautiful "VIP" package (who me?) that I took some pics of further down in my photo essay. . .Thanks to Manduka for getting me into one of the coolest events ever!

Here I am with the background of the TKTS booth in Times Square. I am all smiles despite not having any coffee yet.

The waiting line for the 7:30 am class! I was lucky I got to bypass it and see the goodies at the Manduka tent in the yoga village.

The event opens and people start to trickle in. . .

. . .and it gets fuller. . .

. . . and then it was time for class to begin!

The little guy in the yellow shirt is instructor Douglass Stewart who co-founded the Solstice in Times Square event. He teaches at Yoga Works here in NYC, and was an amazingly motivational teacher. The class was inspiring-feeling the energy of the other students of all levels working together to create this amazing sense of peace and calm in the busiest place in New York City was a once in a lifetime feeling. I was so happy to be there!

We even had the class shown on the JUMBO TRON television. I saw the Tony's on this TV last week. Neato!

This is what Douglass looks like close up. I'm sporting my new Manduka yoga bag!

Here is the swag I received from Manduka: A pro-Lite yoga mat, yoga bag, and yoga towel. I can't wait to start using the mat for my practice! I do yoga about 2-3 times a week, and my old mat is looking a little ragged.
I feel like summer is officially kicked off in one of the most awesome ways possible. I can't wait to participate next year! If you are in town, you must must must check it out!!!


  1. Alison,

    I found your blog looking at pictures of the solstice today. I love that you have photos chronicling this morning's adventure (I'm also very amused to see myself in your pictures -- the one in a very hot pink tee shirt, hahaha!).

    Happy Solstice!
    - Liana-Marie

  2. Damn that sounds like a great event! and I love the free swag!