Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dance Your A** Off- season 2/episode 2- "Let's Get it Started!"

The auditions are over and it is time for the contestants to leave it all out on the dance floor! Oxygen promised us a "plus size" episode for the official premier, and live chatting with former Spice Girl and Dancing with the Stars contestant Mel B on the Oxygen website. I like my Twitter live chatting. . .sorry, Oxygen. It was a s*&t show over there, even if the fail whale came to the surface during our tweetfest. I must say, Mel B is a hotter host than last season's Winokur, and fellow journalist Stefan Pinto wrote an excellent article about why she is no longer hosting the weight loss competition. Reason number one: It's a weight loss competition.

So the show! The 12 contestants move into a large mansion together, complete with dance room and "cheat" cabinet filled with Twinkies. Kick the willpower into gear right off the bat. The 12 gather for a "last supper" (biblical references completely unintentional) of their favorite meals: Cheeseburgers, fries, fried chicken, and mac n' cheese, only to be shown the calories they consumed AFTER they ate. They were on the bottom of the plates. I think the calories should have been written out in the food. Bouncer Corey saw his meal was over 3,000 calories. The dancers are starting to figure out why they have been cast.

After a weigh in and health check by Dr. Geller (also sporting a longer 'do, like Dr. H from Biggest Loser- what's up with that?), the 12 head to the dance studio to find out what styles of dance they will be performing. 6 different styles are posted on the dance studio's mirrors, and the contestants scramble to grab their faves after choreographer Tiana gives a brief demo of each style. Contestants were paired with whoever chose the same style they chose. Then it was off to nutritionist Rachel Beller, self named "health police". Largest contestant Briana states, "I have never ate a vegetable," but is going to have to start. She eats a piece of broccoli and asks if there are any other options. Then it is off to train with Lee Wall, their personal trainer.

Busy, busy contestants.

3 days before the show, Mel B tells the contestants that their partners will now be their competitors, and each team will have a winner and a loser. The winners will be immune from elimination for the week, and the losers will have to depend on their weight loss percentage to keep them in the competition. Dramer.

It's the day of the show, y'all! This is my favorite part of the show. These people are big, but they can MOVE! We are greeted by a sexy Mel B, and are introduced to our judges Lisa Ann Walter, Danny Teeson, and Dave Scott. Dave Scott from So You Think You Can Dance! YAY! Reality show crossover!

Kiki vs. Briana: dance: Booty Crankin' winner: Briana
Michael vs. Latoya: dance: Pop-Jazz winner: Latoya
Erica vs. Katie: dance: Fierce Whacking winner: Katie
Stephanie vs. Caleb: dance: Thrashing winner: Stephanie
Meredith vs. Sarah: dance: Dirty Jazz winner: Sarah
Adamme vs. Corey: dance: Old Skool winner: Adamme

The winners headed to the winners bench and to the weigh in. The winner got immunity for next week.

Adamme: From 301.8 lbs to 289.5 lbs- 12.3 lbs lost + dance score: 13.4
Briana: From 289.6 lbs to 275.3 lbs- 14.3 lbs lost + dance score: 12.6
Latoya: From 217.0 lbs to 207.2 lbs- 9.8 lbs lost + dance score: 12.5
Stephanie: From 207.0 lbs to 196.1 lbs- 10.9 lbs lost + dance score: 12.0
Sarah: From 218.7 lbs to 208.9 lbs- 9.8 lbs lost + dance score: 11.8
Katie: From 215.9 lbs to 207.3 lbs- 8.6 lbs lost + dance score: 10.7
And the elimination bench hit the scale to find out who would be going home.

Corey: From 325.9 lbs to 310.7 lbs- 15.2 lbs lost + dance score: 12.4
Kiki: From 220.4 lbs to 212.0 lbs- 8.4 lbs lost + dance score: 11.1
Michael: From 285.6 lbs to 272.1 lbs- 13.5 lbs lost + dance score: 10.7
Meredith: From 214.5 lbs to 205.6 lbs- 8.9 lbs lost + dance score: 10.4
Erica: From 232.7 lbs to 224.8 lbs- 7.9 lbs lost + dance score: 9.7
Caleb: From 297.0 lbs to 282.6 lbs- 14.4 lbs lost + dance score: not enough to stay

Caleb and his eyebrows are sent back to Texas, but he handled it like a true gentleman.

The real losers? The people who design the HORRIBLE costumes for the dancers. They look like they went to Party Bazaar and bought the cheapest plus size costumes they could find.

Next week: partners! And more So You Think You Can Dance former contestants. Goodie goodie! *claps hands*

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