Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Foster Fitness EXCLUSIVE!: Interview with Trainer Steve from VH1's Bridal Boot Camp!

I have been writing about the wacky weight loss program Bridal Boot Camp that premiered last week on reality mega station VH1 (remember when they used to have music on?). The best part of writing this blog? Getting to actually TALK to the people on the show! What? I KNOW.

Bridal Boot Camp's second episode airs today (on VH1 at 12 pm EST and 10 pm EST) and before you tune in, check out my interview with Bridal Team Blue's trainer extraordinaire Steve Pfiester. We talk about health, fitness, and why bears hate paparazzi.

FF: Bridal Boot Camps are ALL the rage. Why do you think women want you screaming at them?

SP: Boot Camps are the shizzle because the programs work. Many ladies are depended on for making important family and business decisions, taking care of the kids, and husbands while working full time- and boot camps allow for these ladies to just show up and shut their brains off. It gives them someone there to encourage them to do better and to show them the way to reach their goals. If that requires a little yelling. . .well, then we yell. If it requires a hug. . .well, then we still yell. Ha. We aren't gonna sit around and sing kumbaya, but we truly care and empower these brides-to-be.

FF: How were you chosen to work with Cynthia Conde (host of the show) and are her muscles really that huge in person?

SP: I was chosen because I am so ridiculously good looking- HA HA! (Total Zoolander moment) Seriously, I got a heads up from a friend of mine that they were casting for trainers. So, I went to Orlando for a casting and was chosen as the trainer for Team Blue. Hoorah! We (Bonnie [Steve's wife] and I) had already started working with the boot camp philosophy at our clubs and run a boot camp retreat, which was just in Fitness magazine, at Gloria Estefan's beach resort, Costa d'Este. . .We give a three day boot camp crash course on how to lose weight.
I also have first hand knowledge of Army basic training. I was trained as a combat engineer (12 bravo) in Fort Leonard Wood, MO in 1989. Dang I'm old. Anyhow, it seemed to be a great fit. And to your second question. . .yes! Jacked! She puts the G'sh in OMG'sh!

FF: Do you have a favorite off camera moment on the show that you would/would not like to have on the air?

SP: Totally. I was walking to mess (breakfast) about 5:00 AM. I see this large dog coming through the fog. Apprehensive, but yet a dog lover, I stop and face the animal. [I] noticed it had a strange gait for a K9. Once it got about 10 feet from me I realized this dog looks a heck of a lot like a bear. Okay, it's a bear. Literally walked right past me as if I wasn't there- and how flippin' cute! He was a little cub, but still a huge animal- just small for a bear. Anyway, he walks straight for the tree I was standing under. I thought he was cute as I watched him shimmy up the tree to nap- until I turned around and big a** Aunt Edna is staring me right in the face. She was huge compared to the cub. I yielded out of the way and let her up the tree. She seemed not to be interested in me until I started taking pictures of her little one. She made this snort scratch sound. . .you know, the one every mom makes from the choir loft when you are misbehaving in church. She startled me so much I jumped out of my skin and hauled butt outta there. As I'm running away like a little girl, I realize the whole Blue Team just witnessed their studly hard-butt boot camp trainer runnin' like a sissy from these cuddly little bears. Pretty happy that didn't make the air. . .

FF: If you had one fitness wish for the folks out there, what would it be?

SP: To just get started in any capacity to get, and stay, healthy - mentally, physically, and spiritually. Examine yourself on all three levels and decide if you are lacking. Just beginning the journey can be very healing.

FF: Has anyone ever told you you look an awful lot like Ty Pennington? You could do a partner show: Extreme Home Makeover, Body Edition.

SP: After "Fat March" aired on ABC people teased my about that. Pretty funny. Bonnie and I have talked about wanting to do a makeover show just like that. Hmmmmmm!

(Thanks to Bonnie Pfiester for hooking me up with Steve for this interview and for the great photos!)

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