Friday, June 4, 2010

UPDATE! Us: 1 Urban Outfitters: 0

I am happy to announce the "Eat Less" tee that I wrote about yesterday has been removed from Urban Outfitters web site. There was enough outrage at the article that the company took it off!

We can make a difference! If you tell businesses that you don't like their irresponsible practices, sometimes they listen. I won't take full credit. . .but I am happy to help. :)

Let's get them to carry my "I Eat Healthy" tee, instead. And maybe remove their shirt from their stores, too?


  1. Swing and a hit Foster, swing and hit!

  2. I would never have worn it (especially since it looked to be a women's shirt), but I was one of the few who weren't offended by the "eat less" message. That's exactly what I tell myself, and those who visit my blog, just about every day. Our whole idea of a serving size has become so warped that it's little wonder that we're becoming such an obese nation. I agree that it's not a very clever shirt, and you can argue that it's mean-spirited for a thin person to wear it in public, but it's a message that (ahem) has a lot of meat to it. Just my two pennies...