Monday, June 28, 2010

Losing It with Jillian!: Episode 4: "Mama, quit quittin'!"

Jillian's Losing It journey this week takes her to the cutely named town of Goodlettsville, TN to meet with the Northern Family. There is dad Patrick, mom Kim, and twin son and daughter Amir and Ameera. They are an all American family with some big American problems: Patrick lost his job, Kim is trying to be the bread winner and take care of the family, and the family has very poor eating habits.

When Jillian first sees the family, they are "cooking up a heart attack", making themselves a lunch consisting of deep fried chicken wings, mac and cheese, over 14,290 calories worth of food! Jillian is PISSED and calls the family, telling them to put the wings down and head to the doctor. The doctor has the usual disturbing news: Patrick should weigh 192 pounds and weighs 329 pounds, and Kim should weigh 139 pounds and weighs 283 pounds. She is 53% body fat! The kids start to cry because they want healthy parents that will be around for a long time.

Then it's time to meet Jillian in person for their beating. She is FIRED UP, and puts the family through planks, lifting logs, and karaokes- not the singing variety. Patrick gives up half way through the workout, and Ameera begins crying again. Jillian knows she needs to get out the mind bullet gun and do some investigating on why this family is in such dire straits.

Patrick keeps promising that tomorrow and someday things will get better and Kim is tired of shouldering the burden of the family herself. Jillian asks, "There is no tomorrow, why not now?" Patrick begins to realize that he can give the family many things, but unless he is giving them the gift of his health they have nothing.

The Northern family heads home with Jillian in tow and she heads right to the deep fried mess that is in the kitchen. She moans at the five gallon jug of cooking oil and gasps at Patrick's secret creme pie stashes all over the house. This family knows full well that their eating habits are bad, but they are not willing to change it.

At least the house is clean.

Later on when Jillian is speaking with Kim, Kim reveals a huge Ziplock bag (no plug here) of candy that she eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the weekends because she is trying to escape from all the responsibility she has during the week. She and Patrick aren't talking about their issues. Jillian has her work cut out for her.

The next day at the gym, Jillian pushes Kim and Patrick as hard as she can- Patrick manages to fall off the treadmill (I see Ashley from Biggest Loser every time) and Jillian yells at him for quitting. He finally breaks down, admitting he is afraid to fail. Jillian retorts, "The only way to fail is to give up." Sound advice.

We learn more about the family when Kim's sister stops by and tells Jillian that Kim cancelled her 40th birthday party because she wasn't thin enough. Patrick doesn't compete in his step dancing competitions because he doesn't feel good about how he looks. When Jillian accompanies the family to a step dancing event, Patrick walks out when she pushes a little too hard for him to participate. Jillian is tired of this family living on the sidelines, and she realizes that Patrick is the key to turning the family around.

The plan: to unravel Kim in front of Patrick. While walking on the treadmills, Jillian asks a couple of questions and Kim's flood gates open. Patrick doesn't want to see his wife sad, and he begins to truly listen to her concerns. The next day, Patrick wakes up with purpose. He does all the things on Kim's "honey do" list to make her smile and to let her know that he is apart of the family. Then Jillian has Patrick work Kim out at the gym- he has a light in his eyes and you can tell that he is truly motivated to change.

Then it is family activity time! Jillian goes with the family to a local skating rink, where Patrick does a little more falling then skating. The family is laughing and having a great time, which is really the reason for being together. After a quick trip to the capital to have the family take a literal trip up stairs to show the journey they have in store, it is time for the group hugs and Jillian to say goodbye.

Eight weeks later, Jillian comes back for a surprise belated 40th birthday party for Kim. Patrick reveals his new 61 pound lighter frame and Kim shows off that she has lost 41 pounds. And no surprise, Patrick does a little step dancing. Jillian gives them all $50,000 and heads off into the sunset to help another family in need of her special brand of tough love.

Next week: a 14-year-old boy who is over 300 pounds. A tear jerker- bring your tissues!

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  1. This family did a really great job...I was in shock when I saw their results...