Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Malibu Barbie, Less Snookie. . .

There are many things you can do to make yourself feel great BESIDES exercise. Get a massage, download new songs to your Ipod, and buying new workout clothes are some of my favorite things (besides brown paper packages tied up with string). But how do I look IN the clothes? And could I look better?
I was offered to try a complimentary spray tan from Brazil Bronze through my friends at Spa Sally. This Tuesday, Spa Sally is offering a $25 full body spray tan through their site and they needed a guinea pig. I have never had a spray tan, and I have tried self tanning creams and lotions without great result (orange elbows!), so I was eager to try it out. I am a big advocate of wearing sunscreen and avoiding tanning beds, so I wanted to see if spray tanning was for me.

Brazil Bronze is located in Soho on Broadway between Houston and Prince (awesome shopping!) in a really nice studio. It is very lushly decorated and smelled like a tropical beach. I liked it! I met with co-owner Joy, who is not only a spray tanning goddess, but also a personal trainer and karate expert with over twenty years of experience. She knows how to make your body look gorgeous!

We discussed what color I wanted to be, and then she took me into a changing room where I put on a shower cap, opted for the disposable thong, and put sticky pads on the soles of my feet. Joy then applied Vaseline to my finger and toe nails and began to spray. The spray is light and cool (it feels great in the summer!) and had a very light odor. Joy put my in a variety of different poses to insure my color would be even.

Joy also offers services to minimize the appearance of cellulite (CELLULITE ANNIHILATOR- I think it's a Terminator movie) and spray tan muscle sculpting. She can give the illusion of Michelle Obama arms and a whittled waist- just ask to add this service! If anyone reading this is a fit model or needs six pack abs "enhanced", this service is for you.

After the spray, I was set in front of a fan to dry and couldn't help but notice the tons of magazines Brazil Bronze has been featured in: Allure, Cosmo, Vogue, just to name a few. This place is too legit to quit. I was given an after care sheet and followed all the instructions to a tee (no hand washing or face washing!) and this morning when I got out of the shower I was perfectly tanned from head to toe! Not an orange spot in site!

This is a great idea to look super cute in your gym shorts without the damage to your skin or the time it takes to develop a regular tan. In 15 minutes or less you will look like you went on a mini vacay. For $25? Deal of the century.

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