Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Losing It with Jillian!: Episode 5- "I'm killing them and they are taking it all!"

This week's episode of Losing It may be the best one by far. I feel like Jillian shines when she is dealing with kids, and she shows her softer side when dealing with Elijah Vivio, a 14-year-old and youngest son of the Vivio family.

The Vivio's are ENORMOUS. Not fat, but a million feet tall. Most of their problems stem from the patriarch of the family, Mark, a proud southern man who loves football and thinks crying is for ladies. Elijah is the heaviest member of the family at 330 lbs, and he constantly degrades himself with negative comments. He is picked on at school for being heavy and walks with a slouch: He has zero confidence.

Jillian picks up on this family rift right away, and focuses her mind bullets on Mark to try and get him to open up and be more emotionally available. She also works with Elijah one on one to build his confidence. Mom Laverne also talks herself down all the time, and Jillian has to work with her, too. Which ends up with a MASSIVE face plant on the treadmill. OUCH.

There is more psychoanalysis and less physical analysis this episode. It proves what I am always saying: The mental component of weight loss is JUST as important as the physical. Watching Mark and Laverne open up as parents and realize that Elijah might not be a football star but he is very special and worthy of their love was one of the most rewarding transformations yet.

Also, it was nice to see Jillian comes to Elijah's school and talks to his leadership class about bullying. Turns out every kid, every shape and size, has been the victim of negative thoughts from others or themselves. It's important for kids to empower themselves and realize that hurtful words don't have to hurt and they can get past that to grow into strong, compassionate people.

When Jillian comes back eight weeks later, the physical and emotional transformations are stunning. Elijah has lost 50 pounds, Mark has lost 56 pounds, and Laverne has lost 31 pounds. You can feel that the family bond has gotten so much stronger and Elijah now walks with confidence and enthusiasm. The check for $50k was also pretty sweet.

Just another week in the life of Jillian Michaels.

Next week, Jillian goes on the reservation and gets rid of Indian tacos. NO! Not the fry bread!

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