Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 36: Insanity Challenge- MONTH 2!

I had an amazing Valentine's Day filled with delicious homemade foods lovingly prepared by my boyfriend who rocks my world. AND he bought me tickets to go see my second favorite Stephen Sondheim musical A Little Night Music starring Angela Landsbury and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Have I mentioned I am very blessed? I AM!

Today marked the beginning of month 2 in the Insanity rotation. I had to complete my third Fit Test and then do a new workout, Max Interval Circuit. Folks, I don't think I have ever worked out so hard in my life. It was twice as long as month 1's workouts and there were some combinations in there I didn't think I could do.

For example. . .one exercise was ski ab jumps in plank, followed by jumping push ups, followed by in and outs, followed by oblique push ups. I didn't even know I could do an oblique push up!

Here are the results of my Fit Test:

Switch Kicks: Day 1- 120 Day 15- 118 Day 36- 148

Power Jacks: Day 1- 56 Day 15- 53 Day 36- 62

Power Knees: Day 1- 102 Day 15- 110 Day 36- 114

Power Jumps: Day 1- 35 Day 15- 32 Day 36- 40

Globe Jumps: Day 1- 10 Day 15- 11 Day 36- 13

Suicide Jumps: Day 1- 18 Day 15- 19 Day 36- 22

Push-Up Jacks: Day 1- 30 Day 15- 34 Day 36- 45

Low Plank Oblique: Day 1- 55 Day 15- 74 Day 36- 78

I was amazed at how my progress has jumped! I will take photos tomorrow and make sure to show you what I'm seeing in the mirror. It is really blowing my mind. I'm also going to start up the C25K program again. I had to quit because of starting intenSati at the same time as Insanity- I'm crazy, but I'm not that crazy.

Let's get it on!


  1. I was supposed to start yesterday as well but I have gotten ill and so I'm postponing it until Mar 1st. My boyfriend thinks I'm just a punk. 1 hr? Be afraid, be very afraid. But the results are insane too so I definitely gotta jump in. You go girl!

  2. Congrats on your progress! I bet you'll find the c25k program easier now that you are so much stronger! :)