Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BL9- week 4- Lady In Red

Flub of the week: Jillian called Sam "Sionne" (a contestant from another season that kind of looks like him) during Ziplock plug.

Mike's headband color this week: White
How much Daris' hair weighs: 7 pounds
Weirdest commercial: Mascara ad that claims skinny lashes are bad- was this targeted at the audience that sees skinny as good?
Quote of the Week: "With great power comes great responsibility." -Ali
Number of times she said it: 4 1/2

Is it really ONLY week 4? I feel like there has been so much drama that we are much much further into this season than just week 4. I have to remind myself that this show is about weight LOSS, not throwing weigh ins or lying or Gossip Girl.

A pop challenge starts the episode. Ali tells the contestants that they have to run around the ranch's presidential mile, grab a key card from a display of key cards, run back, and put the key card in a reader. The reader will then give a green check and the team will get a point, or the reader will give a red X and the team will get no points. Whichever team gets three green checks first wins immunity.

Guess who wins? Yup. The Red team. Once again we have to watch them dance around and hug each other and we know that they are stuck here another week. ANOTHER WEEK. Blurgh.

With their win comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY: they have three different handicaps to hand three different teams.

1.) No access to gym: Goes to John, who spends most of his time in the pool anyway.
2.) No elimination vote: Goes to Mike, who might be angry at everyone for telling him he is lazy.
3.) 2-pound disadvantage: Goes to Green Miggy and Migdalia, because. . .they had a really bad week last week and the Red team has a death wish.

You can tell by the Green team's warm smiles and open arms that they are totally cool with this decision.

Bob and Jillian are let in on the immunity issue, and Bob feels he needs to clear the air. So, he goes and talks to Lance and Melissa together and they like totally mad at each other and then Bob says let's try to be friends and Lance and Melissa are like okay and then Bob takes Melissa to lunge and then yoga so Lance goes with Jillian and Jillian talks to him about Melissa and Lance is like I totally hate you right now and Jillian is like fine and Lance is like whatever we aren't going to work out with you anymore and Jillian's like cool that and then Jillian goes and talks to Bob and says guess what the red team is your deal now and Bob is like what and then he tells Melissa to go talk to Jillian and Melissa is like you called me a liar and Jillian is like you are and Melissa is like I swear to Buddha and my third grade teacher that I didn't lie and Jillian is like let's agree to disagree. And then Brenda and Dylan FINALLY break up for good.

BREATHE. I think that covers it all. In a shockingly creepy plug for the Biggest Loser swap book, Melissa and Lance decide in bed that they should quit trying to fool everyone on the planet and they should work out with both Jillian and Bob. How this ties into them being in bed is still a mystery.

Then it's challenge time! Ali in her Tool Time Pam Anderson get up tells the team that they have to pull their window washer carts 120 feet in the air. Whoever gets there first wins calls to home for themselves and three other teams.

Red ALMOST wins this one, but the graycious Gray team wins, and then gives calls to the Red team (WHAT?), the Green team (WHAT?), and the Brown team. I guess Grey is protecting themselves from Green's switchblades and Red's craziness. Brown is just cool, I guess.

Bob then takes the players to a romantic lunch at Subway, and then it is on to the last chance workout, which starts across the street from Subway on a hill on the side of the road. The teams huff and puff their way up and down the hill, where Jill is waiting with not a pail of water, but wheelbarrows, kettlebells, and rocks for the second half of the last chance workout. I'm shocked that no one put an eye out.

"Let there be no yelling tonight," decrees Red team Melissa as they head into the FINAL WEIGH IN. Since they had immunity, will Melissa try to be sneaky and hold on to her weight for another week?

Melissa and Lance: 11 pounds lost and 6 pounds lost
"I can't game play!" she exclaims. BARF.
Mike: 15 pounds lost
Andrea and Darrell: 5 pounds lost and 10 pounds lost
Cheryl and Daris: 6 pounds lost and 6 pounds lost
Ashley and Sherry: 7 pounds lost and 4 pounds lost
John: 10 pounds lost
Sam and Koli: 14 pounds lost and 12 pounds lost
Stephanie: 6 pounds lost
Migdalia and Miggy: 4 pounds lost and 1 pound lost (and the 2 pound disadvantage)

Melissa smiles and says, "Hey Ali. Just so we're emphatically clear, 2 pounds didn't mean BLEEP tonight." Wow. She has death wish! Green gets all no you didn't, and Miggy tells Migdalia not to cry (of course) and at the dance for your life portion of the show, Migdalia tells everyone she wants to go home. Miggy wins! She gets to stay and Migdalia doesn't have to pretend she wants to be on the ranch anymore.

At the reveal, we see that Migdalia is still pretty heavy. But she is smiling a little more. And maybe without her mom around she will learn to open up and accept the help that is being offered to her. We'll check at the finale if she makes it to 140. . .

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