Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 24 and 25: intenSati Insanity Challenge

I actually forgot to blog yesterday! Me, without something to say. Actually, I got all wrapped up in an episode of Big Love and then it was time to go to work. Nothing like polygamy to make you forget all your troubles.

Yesterday I did Plyometric Cardio Circuit and today I did Cardio Recovery in my Insanity rotation. And I drank all my water for my intenSati challenge.

What is hard is getting myself to do BOTH workouts on the same days. I never knew that intenSati was going to be such a tough cardio challenge, and then to add that on top of Insanity was going to be such a true physical challenge.

I am proud to be able to have the well being, health, and strength to do both activities. But I am really pushing myself as hard as I can and I am a little relieved that one of my challenges ends of Sunday so I don't completely burn out. Whew.

I've said my peace. Now off!

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