Friday, February 19, 2010

Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp- week 2- "Trust me. I'm a life guard."

The "celebrities" are back on the bus and heading to another exciting weekend at Boot Camp! I think it is interesting that this show chooses to let the participants live their regular lives off the camera during the week and then only tape them for about 48 hours. What's going on the rest of the time? The down time is the naughty time! And judging from some of their behaviors on camera during the "good" time, I can only imagine in horror what's going on at home.

Are you listening Bobby Brown? Bobby B!?!

This weekend's activities start with some water activities, much to Bad Girl Taneesha's dismay. Number 1, she can't swim and number 2, she is wearing a weave and can't get it wet. The challenge is as follows: the teams must paddle across a lake to a wooden raft. The raft has a military guy that is preventing the teams from rescuing a dummy that is attached to a chair. They have to get the dummy into the raft and get back to the shore. Then they have to drag the raft across the beach while drill Sergeant Harvey blasts them with a high power water cannon.

Sounds easy enough.

Sebastian pulled his groin during last week's gut checker and Shar is still suffering from falling on her back during the obstacle course, so they get to sit out. Since the red team won last week, team captain Jay decides that their team will go second so they can strategize during the blue team's turn. Jay is confident that they will rock this challenge because Nicole has a lot of water experience from being on Baywatch. I can't tell if he is kidding or not.

The blue team's Taneesha, Kevin, and Kaycee paddle out to the raft with little issue. Taneesha stays in the raft because she is afraid of the water, and Kevin and Kaycee are left to wrestle with the military guy and the dummy. When they get back to the shore, Harvey turns the water cannon on them and Kevin loses his pants and exposes his butt while Taneesha wails, "I'm from Brooklyn! I'm from Brooklyn!" to try and get Harvey to turn down the juice.

Then the red team's Bobby, Jay, and Nicole race their dingie out to the raft quickly. You think they have the advantage: they conspired to put the entire chair and dummy into the raft and then throw the chair overboard. What they forgot to do was untie the chair from the dummy, and dragged the chair through the water while Jay repeatedly hit Nicole in the head with his oar. When it is their turn to get the water cannon, Bobby's pants fall off instead.

Harvey reveals the results: red team beat the blue team by 25 seconds. Taneesha votes herself the dead weight since she wouldn't get out of the raft, and Harvey puts her to work. She has to build 50 sandbags and then carry them across the beach. The other team members get to sit and relax while she works. It is funny.

That evening, the teams gather round the old bonfire with their life coach Rhonda. She has asked each team member to bring something from their past that they are going to leave behind.

Kevin: size 40 inch Dickies that he bought because it was easier to buy a larger size than to lose the weight.
Nicole: a tabloid that has photos of her being heavy in a bikini. She wants to not give them any more cannon fodder.
Bobby: some crazy sequined "unhealthy" pants. He says they represent the time in his life when he was an addict. "You know I had to be high to buy these." He states that he is three years sober. Really.
Taneesha: a chain that she was wearing when she was arrested. She found out her boyfriend slept with her best friend and got her pregnant. She was arrested for freaking out on them- and to show how unstable she truly is, she starts screaming like a crazy person and running down the beach.
Jay: a really long black scarf. He says this item represents him hiding from life. He is not comfortable being gay, or masculine. He is hiding behind glasses, scarves, and his fat. And he doesn't want to hide anymore.
Kaycee: a pair a gym shorts. They were the shorts she was wearing when she found out she weighed 200 pounds.
Sebastian: a pair of jeans. He calls them his lazy jeans.
Shar: a waist cincher. She says she has been using it for all the stuff she has been holding in- and she doesn't want to hold anything in any more.

The next day the "celebrities" get to work out with Sensei Peter, a samurai expert who teaches them how to cut up watermelons with swords instead of smashing them like Gallager.

That night at dinner, Bobby Brown starts drinking and gets SMASHED. Like Gallager? Not sure. But apparently sober means sober from crack. Not from alcohol.

Then it is time for the week 2 weigh in. How have these "celebs" been doing? Dr. Ian has instructed the "celebrities" to keep a food journal during their time away. Some followed it to the letter and the results show that. And others?

Bobby: Last week: 199 lbs Today: 198 lbs Goal: 3 lbs Total Loss: 1 lb Next week's goal: 5 lbs

Kaycee: Last week: 196 lbs Today: 193 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 3 Next week's goal: 4 lbs

Nicole: Last week: 130 lbs Today: 127 lbs Goal: 3 lbs Total Loss: 3 lbs Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Taneesha: Last week: 240 lbs Today: 236 lbs Goal: 5 lbs Total Loss: 4 lbs Next week's goal: 5 lbs

Jay: Last week: 258 lbs Today: 251 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 7 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs

Sebastian: Last week: 223 lbs Today: 219 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 4 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs
Shar: Last week: 146 lbs Today: 143 lbs Goal: 3 lbs. Total Loss: 3 lbs. Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Kevin: Last week: 232 lbs Today: 226 lbs Goal: 5 lbs Total Loss: 6 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs

This week's winners were Jay, Taneesha, Shar, and Kevin. They kept excellent food journals and were making some positive break throughs. Bobby, Sebastian, and Nicole were all admonished for drinking too much. Kaycee was coached on not trying to lose weight the unhealthy way- she had weighed 165 when she got married and gained 50 pounds in 9 months. Bobby isn't keeping a food journal and is in clear denial about his alcohol abuse.

Team Jay wins again! Will the blue team kick it into high gear? Next week promises more melt downs, malt liquor, and madness! Let's tune in!


  1. I like Celebrity Fit Club but, alas, I don't have cable. :(

    The last time that I watched it was at the gym and Sommore, Toccara and Tina Yothers were on there.

    Hopefully, I can catch up while I'm working out...

  2. YES! I am not the only one who is watching this!!!!

    I remember them going to their homes at times in past seasons...I wonder if they will do that this season...hmmmmmm

    For some reason, I feel like Kevin gained weight JUST to be on the show...what do you think??