Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 28: intenSati Insanity Challenge- Last Day of intenSati!

I HAVE DONE IT! I have completed 4 weeks of intenSati with 3 classes (occasionally 4) a week with one leadership workshop and one writing workshop thrown in for good measure. It was a really amazing journey-one I will go into greater detail in tomorrow's post. But I must give you the website addresses for all things sati related: and

Check them out!

My present today for completing the challenge was this awesome shirt that says "If not now, when? 2010!" which was the chant that we said on the first day of the challenge.

It means a lot to have this shirt and the feeling that I was inducted into a little society of warriors! This challenge changed my whole outlook on what I was going to do this year. No more complaining, no more excuses, only saying yes! I am actually really really really excited about getting my ACE certification and being on my way in the fitness career I have always wanted. And eventually, I will make being an intenSati Leader apart of that journey.

But today is today, and after the close of the challenge I headed home and did my Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit with a new found sense of energy (where does it come from?) and said goodbye to Month ONE!

Recovery week this week and then onto month two! The warrior in me sees and bows to the warrior in you!

Namaste. . .


  1. Great meeting you! I must get my hands on some of the DVDs! I am going to miss it!

  2. You're a bad ass! Enjoy your recovery week, it sounds as if you have earned it.