Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BL9- week 5- Yellow and Blue makes GREEN

This week's show started with a bang, or really a burst. Miggy's emotions bottled up and her appendix actually exploded. I don't know if this is Dr. H's medical opinion, but it is my completely non-medical opinion that this is what occurred. And somehow, the loss of her daughter last week AND her appendix this week enabled her tear ducts to start flowing. Miggy cried a lot this week.

The teams are unplugged from their Top Gun breathing apparatus and told by Ali the news about Miggy. Then she takes them outside for some more news- the yellow and blue teams are back on the ranch.

As we all remember, Bob and Jillian hid in the bushes and told the yellow and blue teams that it wasn't over yet- they would return to the ranch in one month's time to weigh in. Whichever team loses the greatest amount of weight gets to stay and compete.

Yellow and Blue look great and eager and ready to weigh in. But first. . .they get a personal last chance workout with Bob and Jillian. It's a "rite of passage" for each contestant, according to Bob. It's super intense, and of course they push themselves way further than they ever did at home. And everyone is surprised that they could push themselves so hard! Then it is right to the scale.

TWIST: Ali informs the contestants that not only will the team with the greatest weight loss get to stay on the ranch, but they also get immunity AND they get the only vote at the elimination ceremony. PERKS.

"God bless this game,"Jillian sighs. The weigh in results:

Cherita and Vicky- 24 pounds lost and 39 pounds lost
Sunshine and O'Neal- 25 pounds lost and 51 pounds lost

Yellow team wins! The blue team is going home, but they are confident that they will be able to further continue their journey at home.

Workout time! Bob and Jillian load their mind bullets into their mind guns and get started on Melissa and Daris. Melissa and Bob work one on one, and Bob is making it HARD for her. She cries. And cries. And screams like she is giving birth. What she has given birth to is Bob's new found respect for her because she didn't throw last week's weigh in, even with immunity. Jillian focuses on why Daris isn't bringing in the high numbers he should be bringing in. He is having major esteem issues, still thinking of himself as the funny fat guy. Jillian suggests he call himself the guy who lost 51 pounds in four weeks guy. Not as catchy, but I think it's more fitting.

PLUG #1- Jenni-O Chili time! The yellow team is quickly inducted into the world of semi-scripted commercials. Sunshine gives a brief monologue about why she loves stew during the winter, and Bob suggests using Jenni-O turkey to make chili. "Aren't you comforted?" he asks.

Then it is time for the CHALLENGE! In honor of the Superbowl, the contestants will choose one member of their team to hit tackle dummies back and forth until they reach 1,000. The winner will receive immunity, and the loser will receive a 2 pound disadvantage.

White Knight Mike gets into an Olivia Newton John groove, and uses his disco skills and massive reach to win the challenge. Poor tiny Sherry from the pink team loses and earns the disadvantage.

Back at the ranch, Miggy returns from the hospital, filled with saline and a hole where her appendix once was. The only exercise she is approved to do is walking. She walks 13 miles the day AFTER she has surgery. This lady is a machine. Apparently losing your daughter and your appendix will not slow a sassy Latina down.

PLUG #2- Stephanie and Sam are hungry. What to eat? How about Yoplait smoothies? Bob hears a package being opened and like a dog with a bag of dog food pops into the kitchen to make sure that the plug is going "smoothie". HA! That was a good one. :)

LAST CHANCE WORKOUT is called jab jump and bounce! John is out of the pool and back in the gym, and Bob offers these prophetic words, "I have a feeling John's gonna blow up the scale this week!"

Jillian takes aim at Ashley and gets into her head when she catches her slowly walking on the treadmill even with the 2 pound disadvantage looming over her head. Turns out that Ashley has some serious daddy issues: her father, who was very negative about Ashley's weight, died of cancer and she wasn't there until it was too late. Jillian allows her to unburden herself, but will it be enough to turn things around at the weigh in?

Before the weigh in, O'Neal gives Sunshine a lesson in crushing the other opponents, and then it is time to see who will persevere for another week.

Sunshine and O'Neal: 5 pounds lost and 5 pounds lost
Mike: 13 pounds lost
Ashley and Sherry: 9 pounds lost and 6 pounds lost (2 pound disadvantage)
Melissa and Lance: 5 pounds lost and 4 pounds lost
"I am disappointed in Lance. I am!" Melissa exclaims.
Daris and Cheryl: 12 pounds lost and 3 pounds lost
Stephanie: 5 pounds lost
Sam and Koli: 10 pounds lost and 6 pounds lost
Andrea and Darrell: 5 pounds lost and 8 pounds lost
Miggy: 5 pounds lost
John: 6 pounds lost

Unfortunately, John needed to lose 7 pounds to stay in the game. And since he is not in a team, the yellow team didn't need to have a vote. John is gone, and so is the brown team.

At the reveal, John has lost a total of 104 pounds, and has discovered that he loves Ji Jitsu. He is kicking ass and he is taking names.

Next episode is about the Olympics- timely!- and 2 contestants will be eliminated. BUM BUM BUM.


  1. great blog and recap of the biggest loser - this is the first season i am trying to exercise along with them - in the past i sat and ate ice cream while they suffered - now i am feeling their pain

  2. aww, thanks so much for the recap - you do a great job! i am so sorry i haven't been checkin in here! i need to step up my game a little with the ol' blogs!

  3. I wanted Green to go home...they are making latinas look so BAD! grrrrr lol